Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me & Destiny

This is a photo of the author of this blog and the books touted on it, standing in front of the Carnival Destiny, the biggest fun-boat in the world at the time of its launch, a few months before this stupid picture was taken. I remember when it was because it's tough to forget your one and only honeymoon. I don't remember where it was. Obviously the boat stopped somewhere on a Caribbean island and I got off to have my picture taken by my wife, who was new at the time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Few Unusual Corvette Facts

1. Malibu has been building this Corvette ski boat for a number of years. Pictured here is the 2008 model.

2. The cars had to be shoved out of the showrooms with a lot of effort from desperate salesmen in 1953, the first model year. They built only 300 and had a devil of a time selling even that many!

3. There were no factory black Corvettes in 1970.

4. There is no 1983 model.

5. The standard engine in 1975 produced only 165 horsepower.

6. The 1968 Corvette does not have the Stingray name on it. This model was originally designed to replace the Sting Ray as a Mako Shark featuring a delicate dark gray to white (top to bottom) paint pattern, just like a shark. The exotic paint pattern proved too difficult to manufacture, so the Corvette reverted to the Stingray name using one word in 1969.

7. The '68-'82 Stingray body, with its sloped radiator under a plastic nose, proved repeatedly to be the most radar resistant car according to contemporary Car and Driver tests.

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