Friday, August 27, 2010

Hidden Body

Let's cut to the chase. There is precisely one, and only one, reason why any of us gives a rat's ass about Levi Johnston or any of his Palinbrat pals: he knows where the bodies are buried. Whether there is only one Trig or one separate Tripp or several of each, Levi knows enough to stop the madness, even if he is honestly ignorant about some of the details. His recantation this morning was about as surprising as a snowfall in Alaska, just as the news breaks of his girlfriend's new gig as an exciting new prime time celebrity. Wow! I have never seen this movie before. Who would have ever dreamed that the circus had kept its tent up for an extended engagement? We have to keep Joy Behar's millions coming in on the most provocative channel on cable! We wouldn't want her to actually have to tell the truth that the public really wants to hear. We have to all pretend that we care so deeply about the Palinbrat Circus that we watch it every day just for its unlimited excitement. Blow it out your millionaire ass, Joy, I'm sick of being provoked. If you cannot give us real news that matters, we'll be glad to change the channel.

I pick on Joy Behar because she used to be one of the good people, like Whoreanna Fuckington, Gloria Borger, Jay Leno, Barbara Wa-wa, and Oprah. Jay owns many of the exact models of sports cars and motorcycles that I can only worship from afar, but after decades of watching him and listening to his humor, he has been permanently placed on my no watch, no listen list. Since the day he interviewed Sarah Palin without asking a single question relevant to any pertinent scope of reality, Jay has been off my television screen. I refuse to watch even a single minute of his show. The same goes for the others I named, and more such interviewers with terminal amnesia whose names, only for the sake of brevity, I have not listed here. In my household, if you, Mr. or Ms. Millionaire A-hole Interviewer, talks on TV with Sarah Palin without asking a single tough question of the consistently lying and obfuscating witch, you are no longer welcome on my TV screen, and I mean forever.

If only we could all make this choice, maybe we could encourage some of the corporate news media to pay attention. Don't bring up that Maddow and Olbermann nonsense, either. Since when has either of them told the truth about Babygate? Do you think they were somehow excused from the meetings with the boss? Anyone who feels the same way I do about these truths should personally boycott any and all of these talking heads immediately. Yes, I understand if you want to give M & O a pass on a total boycott, but you could at least throw a pillow at the screen every time one of them is presented with a golden opportunity to mention Babygate and doesn't. Even if you make these choices within your own homes, at least your nerves could settle down a bit. If there is no decent news on television at the time, just as it seems in my house more and more these days, you could at least read a book. There are a number of these out there that will tell you the truth about SP, even if none yet specifically tell you the tale of Babygate that you yearn so deeply to read.

Whether it is a deceased Ruffles, an acquired Trig, or a Tripp born in early 2008, Levi knows the truth that will stop her. If we did not think this fact was at least more than a little likely, he could do a striptease on the news and most of us would go, Eeewww! and change the channel. Well, the male viewers would, anyway. We could care less who is the next Mayor of Wasilla or the dancing partner of a has-been star. We are all weary of counting babies and examining baby faces, ears, and toes. How many more newscasters, interviewers, and talk show hosts can we tune out? We are running out of viable news channels on our remote controls. Just tell us where the bodies are buried, take the media payoff or book deal, and run like hell to a warmer climate, Levi.


daisydem said...

Good post. And I agree ... either tell the whole truth Levi or just go away.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin says she takes baths with Trig:

After a long day, if the weather's good, I like to take a long, hot run to unwind. Otherwise, lately, I take a bath with Trig.

Isn't that a little creepy?

Heidi1 said...

I'm with you on this one, Floyd. Levi's lack of action has made me angry with him. I want to kick him in the ass! He can't seem to see what his 'handlers' Rex and Tank are doing to him, or haven't done for him.

However, I actually like Levi, though I think he is a confused young man, getting pulled hither and yon by two incompetant yokels. If Levi has actually 'gone Hollywood', that might be a good thing. It should give him greater exposure, and the shark agents and handlers in L.A. can smell money like hound dogs. Hopefully, some better lawyers and agents can 'entice' him to engage their services.

Wouldn't we all love to see him spill everything he knows in a ghost-written book? Whatever 'contracts' he has with Rex & Tank could probably be easily unraveled by a sharp attorney. And the same thing goes for $arah's Van Flea attorney. I've always considered him an incompetant lightweight yes-man. I'm glad to see Levi refute his manipulated 'apology' to $arah...he's on the right track. The more he distances himself from small-town Alaska, the better off he'll be.

Disparaged said...

OMG Floyd, our household is exactly like yours. We NEVER put the TV on any 'news' stations anymore as they are only interested in ratings and much of what they say is BS; thank you very much because we can read a boatload of newspapers daily to find out anything pertinent going on for that day. We NEVER [we would each have to pay a $.25 fine] turn the channel to Faux for any reason whatsoever - that's an absolute no-no! We don't watch M & O anymore because they are little more than a rehash of whatever ridiculous claims the GOP have made for the day or week. We don't watch any of the Joy Behar, the View, etc. type shows because they are stupid and boring. We certainly don't watch Dancing with the Has-Beens and refuse to watch or listen to anything to do with circus Paylin. We have had enough BS to last us a lifetime. At my advanced age, I only want my family [husband], daughter when possible and granddaughter [6 y/o] anytime at all to be with me because we have respectful, wonderful, real and loving relationships that bring joy to each of us. I would rather live my 'boring and wonderful' life than spend one second on any of the above BS UNREALITY.

I'm like you in that I don't give a damn what happens to any of the Paylins or Levi, but I would like to hear Levi state the 'truth' about those pitiful Paylin second generation kids. Those older kids are rotten to the core and I could care less what happens to them. They are media whores just like their rotten mother. I have no sympathy for them because they are old enough to know better and yet they continue to follow her path despite 'knowing/seeing' the disgust 'most' of America emphatically feels about her.

Even though most people will look at Levi as a 'liar' now that he apologized to Scarah [and stated today that he wishes he hadn't], I will believe him when and if he ever decides to tell us about those second generation kids because I believe he [who is possibly the 'only outsider'] knows the truth about them and in particular, who 'ruffles' really belongs to and how long he was used as a 'Trig'. Like you, I only want to know the origin of those babies and then he can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. He also made his bed, so let him lie in the filth he and Bristol produced. But those little kids have no voice in their reality, so no one can stand up for them as they are left to fend for themselves [this will absolutely occur if it hasn't already happened]. Once we know where the bodies are buried, they can all take a flying leap and hopefully land 12 stories face down [no net] never to move again. They make me physically sick and nothing they do or say is surprising.

Thanks for your wonderful posts; they have become addictive!

physicsmom said...

Just curious Floyd, when did Joy Behar interview Sarah?

fashionplate said...

Hi. Just came on over from "Sarah's Scandals." I have studied almost all the Babygate theories, including one I just read about at "Sarah's Scandals."
Take a look at Amber's baby Jeremiah--the resemblance to Tripp is uncanny.

Floyd, I too have not watched Leno, Barbara Walters, nor Oprah since their softball interviews w/ Palin. I was especially disappointed in Oprah. But at least one reason for Oprah's softball interview became clear to me when I read a week or so ago that Discovery Communications is putting in millions of dollars into the Oprah Network. (Apparently the original deal between Oprah and Discovery Communications was announced in January of 2008). Of course, like a lot of people in Jan. 2008, we blessedly knew nothing about Sarah Palin.

77TA66 said...

That's a very legitimate question. I was taking a bit of poetic license in my description, but my intent was very clear. Behar has never directly interviewed SP, as you have stated. Neither has Gloria Borger, also mentioned. These are two ladies who I previously had a lot of respect for as I listened to what they have had to say for many years; however, after Ted Turner was forced out of control of CNN, many disgusting events have been foisted upon the viewers. Gloria Borger worked for PBS for years before joining CNN. Joy Behar was a comedienne who made many television appearances before being given her own show on HLN. My point is that they both, along with the interviewers mentioned, have clearly sold out to corporate interests, directly at the expense of the viewers, particularly with respect to all things Palin. Behar has done many stories on Levi, Bristol, and many other trivial issues based on The Palin Phenomenon without once saying a word that would actually stop the nightmare for all of us. If you pay attention, you might be surprised at just how obviously she knows about Babygate but is refusing to say so for her own monetary motives. I hope this answers your question.

Amy1 said...

So if Levi shows no signs of selling that story, then do we have hopes that Dunn or McGinniss will do it? I just read several of McGiniss's books, and it seems like he might do it. But why so slow? Why is this taking so long?

Heidi1 said...

I watched that Leno show, on purpose, as a special occasion. Sh**t - Leno might as well have shined $arah's naughty-monkey pumps with his tongue. Palin's embarrassing stand-up was beefed with a laughtrack, as reported in a blog by a sound engineer who was in the live audience, and knew the truth.

In our house, we have a monster plasma TV, and guess what we pay a $75/month cable bill for? The Weather Channel on soft mute, to keep the dog happy when we leave the house. Period.