Friday, December 24, 2010

The Palin Matrix

Paradigm Shift: The Palin Matrix has been sent to the publisher. The book should be available for the first pre-orders in about ten days to two weeks. The final price and page count is $17.95 and 382 pages. I managed to shrink the font one size and get it down below 400 pages. The reason for this was to try to get the retail price for its 212,000 words down as low as possible for readers in this tough economy. The book is quite an emotional roller coaster ride, with tall peaks of parody and hyperbole and fast downhill drops into Depression 2.0 and the crashing of the American Empire. The book's progress through the publishing system will be monitored on this site. I am quite proud of my magnum opus, although I am also psychologically exhausted. The poignancy of wrapping up such a project on Christmas Eve has not been lost on me. Paradigm Shift is a book for real Christians, not those holier-than-thou pretenders who go to church to be encouraged to vote Republican en masse while they economically crucify those who are less fortunate or different than themselves. Paradigm Shift may be a relentless humorous rant, but it is also a serious manifesto for those Americans who are the true followers of Jesus and the Christian religion, with sincere compassion for their fellow man. Merry Christmas, Sarah. This is my lump of coal gift to you.

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