Friday, November 28, 2008

Ker-Splash! Press Release

April 20, 2002

Buying a boat? You need to read Ker-SPLASH! Recreational Power Boaters Guide!

Ker-SPLASH! Recreational Power Boaters Guide by Floyd M. Orr (ISBN: 0-595-21431-2. Writers Club Press. 276 pages. $17.95)

Ker-SPLASH! is the author's second book of Nonfiction in a Fictional Style. It is a comprehensive reference guide for the family boating and water skiing hobbyist. Floyd M. Orr has released his second book in the series he calls Nonfiction in a Fictional Style. The author's approach to his subject matter is uniquely his own. He combines the imagination of Kurt Vonnegut with the nostalgic humor of Jean Shepherd and the topical essence of Thomas Wolfe. His first book, Plastic Ozone Daydream: The Corvette Chronicles, was a deep view of modern American car culture. Ker-SPLASH! is a comprehensive, up-to-date look at powerboating in 2002. The book is jam-packed with facts and figures on the boats available from both the new and used markets. Several how-to issues, such as How to Water Ski and How to Teach to Water Ski, are included. With its entertaining-but-true stories of boating mishaps and unsponsored analysis of all the brands of both boats and equipment, there is not another book like it! Ker-SPLASH! Recreational Power Boaters Guide, by Floyd M. Orr, Writers Club Press, ISBN: 0-595-21431-2, 276 pages, $17.95.

The photo above is a 1960 Lone Star Capri. (Click the photo for a larger view.) The author of Ker-Splash! spent a lot of quality time behind one of these, riding an Olympic Competition slalom and what we used to call a flying saucer or disc. He ordered the ski from Sears for the best $13.69 plus shipping and tax he ever spent. This is the sort of water sports nostalgia lovingly described in Ker-Splash: Recreational Power Boaters Guide.

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