Friday, July 6, 2012

Room Full of Mirrors

I had been planning to use this title from the classic Jimi Hendrix tune to describe the current state of television news media, but due to the recent posts and comments at Brad Scharlott's blog, I think it is time to explain a few issues. Many of the readers of other blogs have repeatedly attacked the messenger (me) every time I have tried to clarify the situation, so here I am sticking my neck out once again. Unlike most of my anonymous and pseudo-named accusers, I am who I am, as always. I never post or comment on other blogs anonymously. I am always either Floyd M. Orr or 77TA66 on any Disqus-equipped blogs. Anyone who has claimed that any comment by Anonymous on other blogs is me is mistaken. Let's get down to business.

The obvious big secret is that some bloggers, and you know who they are, have been surreptitiously trying to control the message, the issues, and whatever possible fame and fortune they can ensnare in their traps. This has been going on since 2008, and it was time years ago to stop this behavior that restrains the truth! Many of the commenters on the various blogs know a lot more than they indicate in their comments. Amy1 is one of these. She knows much more because I told her. She is absolutely right in her most recent comment on Brad's blog that we must stop this keeping of secrets! What do you think I have been screaming for years? As I have told you all repeatedly, I am not the one keeping secrets from you. Yes, there is a boatload of information that I know that I shall not publish because in order to present the documented evidence that Amy1 and others so dearly want, I would have to include a lot of personal information about some people who are particularly innocent of the entire affair. Why would I have to include this information? Some of the people who have been hiding secrets have been doing it professionally for many years and they have become very good at it. The only way to present the facts as many of you want to read is to include the personal information of people who have nothing to do with Babygate or its investigation. These ancillary people are necessary to paint the complete picture, filling in all the blanks of the story. I have tried several times to bluff some of the perpetrators into doing the right thing and make the necessary adjustments so that the Babygate investigation can proceed in a broader public forum. My conscience is clear. I have done everything I can ethically do to expose Babygate.

The problem with the publishing of any Babygate book is not the writing and publishing; it is the marketing of the book to a large audience. I figured out a long time ago that (a) any major publisher would stumble and falter in telling the whole truth, (b) the pressure from the CNP above and the Palinbots below was way too strong back when the subject was hot in 2008-09, and (c) there had to be some hidden reason why none of the obvious bloggers did not self-publish the story a long time ago. If you put these three together, you will see that you cannot add two and two and get five, which is precisely what certain unnamed bloggers have been trying to pull off. Let's say that each one wants a big payoff to publish the book. That would be fine except that the time to secure such success was two years ago or more. Very few people care now what the 2008 VP loser did or did not do to get that nomination. They care even less that the loser's husband did a little political pimping on the side. Aside from SP suddenly running for President, the only thing that would make anyone give a rat's ass right now is if she or one of her minions said something incriminating on TV that could not be ignored. I tried to help that concept along, but I have seemingly failed. Palin supposedly hates my book, but there have yet to be enough sales to make her mad and say something stupid.

Let's continue onward with the 2+2=5 scenario. I know that most of you really want to see certain photos released in a book, either Fred's or otherwise. As I have explained to you before, it ain't gonna happen. The law is very clear about the ownership and publishing of photos. Two of my books have featured photos and my next project includes many more. I know what I am talking about here. All Palin has to do is state that she does not approve of the use of any of those key photos. Maybe a license can be secured from the actual photographer for one or more of them, as was done with a particular cluster of pictures published on the blogs. If that happens, great! You have my blessing. The problem is that I am not holding my breath. How much are you going to pay for the photos and how many books are you going to sell? Do you see the dilemma?

The next issue deals with the Fred book specifically. The problem here is that Fred is a published author, but he did not write The Wild Ride. Since when has an actual author ever used a ghostwriter to write one of his or her own books? Both the ghostwriter and the named author need to step away from The Wild Ride. From the information I have, I doubt that Fred has any intention of going through with such a devious plan, anyway. When I have been speaking of behind the scenes deceptions in the past, this is a prime example of what I mean. I do not know why Gryphen has simply not written The Wild Ride and boldly put the name Jesse Griffin on the cover in the first place. You tell me the answer to that and then we'll both know, as we used to say as kids. There has been a related con going on about Levi publishing the story, too, but that is not the subject of this post. I have never expected Levi to tell any significant truth until his mom is free of her persecutors, and of course I knew that when I published my most recent post prior to this one. That whole idea was a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Recently an Anonymous that was either Morgan Rouch or the other Morgan or Audrey (and yes, I know her real name and tons of other personal information) posted an interesting comment or two at The Immoral Minority and Gryphen shut her up as promptly as he could. In so many words, he said that if anyone got too close to the truth, he would not release the comments. Remember Media Insider? Remember Me Again? What part don't you understand? Have I not tried numerous times to tell you that he censors the comments so that certain information is never shown to the readers? For the record one more time, I support most of Gryphen's Babygate theories, including the two babies, but I do feel that he harbors a personal agenda. For that matter, so do his competitors on the other side, and I think their theories are way too limiting to actually be the whole truth of Babygate.

Maybe now that Amy1 has said it, you will listen to me. The secrets need to stop!! We are all going to pass into oblivion before the hoax is revealed to the general public, and the keeping of these secrets and the stifling of information and the refusal of cooperation among the Power Bloggers is a key to this sad, sad failure. Now I return you to your regularly scheduled discussion of which e-mail or which photograph is the ultimate key to Babygate. I am going back to my newest book project, in which the readers outnumber the messenger annihilators. My conscience is clear because I have told the world practically everything I know about Babygate in The Palin Matrix. I cannot help it if few care to read it.


Realmalloy said...

But Floyd, doesn't it hurt everyone in this movement, if you will, when certain bloggers, namely the big two, LIE? I don't think it's the act of keeping secrets. I think it's simply , they hear a story from someone they trust and they report it. How would you explain all the lies out there, in your book, on the blogs?

Remember, these are people we're talking about. Not things to manipulate, as Gryphen as confessed to doing. The lies and the blog drama makes these people stronger and more confident that the more people bicker and go off on stupid tangents, usually via (self)hate and ignorance,  the more stupid said smallminded fools looks.

Realmalloy said...

I apologize for the double post. I don't really understand why Gryphen would refuse to approve remotely true comments when he himself writes wholly inaccurate information. I can see people keeping their readers in the dark for a bigger purpose but what's the point in leading them into a web of lies? I think deep down Gryphen knows Media Insider and Me Again were full of bull. Their words read like fiction and perfectly contradicted simple things. I personally think they're the same person, including "Wendy." Media insider's accounts of dwts drama held no water for one thing and came at opportune times. 

I think this business has made people stupid. Commenters at politicalgates contradict themselves daily. IM commenters are getting more juvenile but the minute. There are people who have actually lied on the record to once-reputable journalists. 

Therese said...

Well said, Realmalloy. I did not follow the Media Insider stuff, but I did look at the Me Again posts. After an initial moment of interest, I realised the tone of deferral - always some information was supposed to be revealed in the future - and the stuff produced was banal and based on existing internet rumours.

Ginger said...

Per your request, Floyd, I'm responding to you on your blog.  I couldn't find an e-mail address -- it just said, web page.

Yes, you are correct about Sherry Johnston being arrested "after" the election.  It was during the campaign that they were investigating her.  I should have looked this up before making that comment.  You must have found some merit to my theory.  What came to mind, to me, was how Charlie Sheen's father had him arrested for "using" drugs.  The judge made him go to rehab and that probably saved his life.  I guess you could call it an "intervention."  Rehab is very expensive and that's why I think Sarah had her arrested.  You know, let the State of Alaska pay for it (like everything else she screwed them out of).  I don't think Levi liked this, but that was the deal.

My theories are based on my own research.  I read the blogs but am not influenced by what the bloggers say.  Actually, I'm amazed at how gullible some commenters are.  They seem to hang on every word they are told. 

I'm sure you have read my comments about the e-mail from the State of Alaska, Benefits Div., that was sent to..."Gov. Sarah Palin."  Although some bloggers have posted the e-mail, no one will interpret it the way I have.  I think this e-mail is the key and, for me, solved the puzzle.  Of course, this e-mail debunks the all-time-theory that Bristol had a premature baby that was put in an NICU and then brought out on April 18, 2008.  It'll be four years in September this rumor has been going on.  Why people can't see McCain's team put this rumor out there so they could stop the fake pregnancy stories --  just to make room for Bristol to be five-months pregnant -- leaves me astounded!

Your plea to Levi to talk to you --  I don't think will ever happen.  I've never found any evidence he fathered any Palin child.  In my research, I came to the conclusion Bristol got pregnant the end of July, 2008, while Sarah was in Kuwait.  Levi was dating Lanesia Garcia and it wasn't until school started that fall, that Levi started taking Bristol out.  Remember, Lanesia's girlfriends were going to beat her up?  This is more speculation on my part but I think Bristol was already pregnant when she started going out with Levi. 

And, since I don't think Bristol was pregnant a second time (watch the Michael Carey video) -- and Tripp was the acquired baby -- how can Levi talk?  His career (or, so-called) depends on him being the father of this child. I mean, he even has this kid's
name tatooed on his arm.  And, Bristol has Tripp's name on her license plates.  Let me ask you, how much more proof do people need?  What a joke!  I think the Palin/Johnstons' M.O. is..."people who grift together, stay together."

These are just my opinions, Floyd, and the same "stuff" I've been telling people over-and-over.  There are so many clues to my story, I can't list them all.  Am I right?  Well, I don't know for sure but I think so. 

Ginger said...

Oh, Floyd, I don't know what happened to my comment.  Can you fix it?  Darn!

77TA66 said...

Your comment is posted. There was no problem with it. Anyone can reach me personally at ice9 at nctv dot com. Just click my face under About Me in the left column; then click E-mail in the upper left of the pop-up page.

77TA66 said...

 Of course I never expected a reply from Levi, but it was worth a shot. I do not agree with much of your theorized scenario, but opinions are always welcome here. My big slogan has always been that NOBODY KNOWS. When you (or anyone) acts as if you are totally certain that you have the answers, I tend to balk. This is basically how Scharlott has fallen off the turnip truck head first a few times. It lessens his credibility with each swan dive. By all means, contact me directly if you want. I am much more comfortable discussing sensitive details on a personal basis.

Media Insider said...

 Hi guys, just stopped by for a moment -- I'm not Me Again, and I personally really wanted Him/Her to post more info; didn't it all end very mysteriously, with her claiming she was going to send Gryphen a bunch of text messages or emails or something, and then she claimed her dad died? That's was it from Me Again, I think.  Don't know what to make of it all.

My info about Bristol on DWTS was always highly specific, about them calling her Magilla Gorilla behind her back, about costumers being in absolute disbelief that Bristol was still on the show and they were going to have to keep attempting to conceal her pregnancy weight gain; info about the special rehearsals with careful lighting and camera angles to add to the attempts to conceal the baby belly, the use of a stunt double in that E video which was said to be taken at Bristol's home after DWTS, and which, in one still frame, you can clearly see the REAL Bristol and how she's still big as a house. . . sorry if this wasn't "enough" for the skeptics or whatever, but I could only share the info I was getting, no more, no less! :)

Lately Gryphen has refrained from posting some info I had on Bristol's filming of her new shows, mostly my reports are from the LA one; my info wasn't very explosive, I don't think, just the expected tales of learning disability to the point of not being able to read or take simple instructions, acting out like a diva and people quitting in response, her use of diet pills and other illegal pharma, probably supplied by MOM, which only added to Bristol's bad attitude. But Gryphen didn't let my comments get through. Go figure. He let others go through in the past, but I guess I don't offer as much entertainment as "Kristy," his favorite troll; why does he post comments from her every five minutes around the clock?  It's all very odd!

Media Insider

Media Insider said...

 Oh, I did mention in one comment I tried to get through at Gryphen's that Bristol has had more plastic surgery than we might expect, including at least one attempt to fix the horrific "chinplant," some fillers injected into the cheeks which give that chipmunk look and did NOT end up distracting people from the chin. Not that any of that really matters, but given that her "reality" show contains so many jarring shots taken at different points of time, almost with different "Bristols," I thought it was pertinent. The same day I posted that was on one of his "bash Bristol" posts where he let hundreds of people post really negative and abusive stuff about Bristol; I was just trying to convey into, not bash her to death! :) 

At Lifetime I had a contact (who actually works for a different network but knows Lifetime people) who was telling me about how they couldn't find advertisers for the show and how at one point it looked like the show wouldn't air at all or they'd just do one episode with pieces of different episodes joined together. This didn't end up happening, but if you'll recall, "ads" are dismal during her show, they're spots paid for by the Army and what not, not true corporate sponsors. Also, they DID push her time slot way back so nobody will be watching it, basically concealing it from view as I predicted.

But, anyway, you keep keeping on, Floyd!  I always like your take on things and the unique light you shine on things.

Media Insider

77TA66 said...

You're always welcome here, MI. Tell us whatever you want. Your opinions and information will always be posted. I wish you were commenting on my blog every day!!

Spankie said...

Oh Floyd.  I know what you know about your deceptive "friends" labeled above, but I do wonder how you know?!  LOL... I know how I know, but it isn't the same way you know, I'm pretty sure.  So this means the information about the "girls" is all over the place.  That's some juicy information which will lend NO credibility to any book by "fred" or his cohorts.  My understanding is that Gryphen was given fair warning to be cautious of those with whom he was associating while  expecting a big payday.  Not gonna happen. (in my best George HW Bush voice)

77TA66 said...

 You are correct on all counts, Spankie. It is never going to happen. The wrong people were handed the ball, but either they fumbled it repeatedly to such a point that seems unlikely to be coincidence, or they never had any intention of carrying it over the goal line in the first place.

nico kensing said...

boy you and emrysa or whomever seriously ill with that BS; most of what MI has been saying has pretty much added up, she said that Bristol would get her own show and book at the beginning of last year ya know

nico kensing said...

which at this point (your very last point/theory), I wouldn't be too surprised if it was true, they know something about that whole family but of course that means "no more stringing along"