Saturday, August 20, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Since 1967 Grace Slick has been one of my favorite heroines of the Up Yours attitude. I may never have had the stomach for the commercialized Starship, but I love the classic Airplane stuff such as "Somebody to Love", "Bear Melt", "Plastic Fantastic Lover", and of course "White Rabbit". Grace has always been what I call a Screaming SCI. If you have read Paradigm Shift or The Last Horizon, you know that means Second Class Independent, one of those who is a cultural innovator. Although Ms. Slick has always been an Upper Class girl in real life, it is her relentlessly intelligent and defiant attitude that I so admire. As we learned in the '60's, always question authority. I have been living by that code ever since. Like Grace, this rebellious attitude has brought me a bit of grief at times, but I have never once regretted holding true to my principles. When it comes to the material I have published in my books or on my blogs, I have no regrets about anything, and that includes Babygate.

Bloggers and authors have come and gone through the treacherous Babygate arena these past three years, and I am still here speaking my mind. Like Grace, I refuse to bow to the pressures of society or the media. I am over sixty and grouchy and you can just take me as I am. The one thing I shall never do is lie to you or try to obfuscate the truth. Question everyone and everything is my motto. Actually, if you don't buy it, they can't sell it is the way I have been phrasing it for decades, but this means the same thing. I guess that is why I often come across as being a bit disgusted with the blog readers and commenters who seem to be buying the bullshit being shoveled by some of the bloggers. My job is to slap you awake and encourage you to always question authority, even when that authority seems to be a blogger in whose words you have already invested months or years of your time.

As I have said many times before, if you want to read about the many causal factors driving Babygate, as well as the modus operandi of the perpetrators and the many speculative, detailed theories, you will have to read Paradigm Shift because I seriously doubt that you will ever get this information anywhere else outside the blogs. Prove me wrong. I dare you. As I have in the past, I plan to read any upcoming books on the subject, but I expect to read little new information.

The key difference between me and the other authors is that I am not expecting or planning to shift my future status in any manner because of whatever does or does not happen with Babygate. My next two books have nothing at all to do with politics and they have been in the planning stages for a long time. I simply want a wedge driven between the Christians and the Christians In Name Only. I want our nation and our political discourse returned to a state of sanity and normalcy. Many of us are currently living through the most bizarre weather patterns of our lifetimes. In the past two years, I have endured the longest, coldest winter, the most violent hailstorms, and now the most severe drought and the hottest summer of my lifetime. It's all Al Gore's fault and if we can just shut him up and discredit him, our weather will go back to normal! Of course I can pull a white rabbit out of a hat, but only Troy Kimmel can predict the weather, and all he can talk about is that high pressure area remaining consistently over Central Texas. All Americans should have been working on Al and Troy's problem years ago, but instead we are still slap-fighting in the streets and on cable news over irrelevant issues of far less potential destruction.

Watch out for the red herrings being slung about on a few of the blogs. It has been clear to me for a long time precisely what they are trying to suppress are the various theories and details of Babygate. Read my lips. More than one baby has been involved. Although the original impetus may have been the indiscretions of Bristol, the Christian Mafia has been involved in certain key elements of both the hoax and the cover-up. There was quite a bit of serendipity that influenced the unfolding of the scam and abetted the ease of the cover-up unashamedly, but the intent was most certainly deliberate and nefarious. The one thing the real Christians would not be able to choke down is the simple fact that Sarah lied to them to secure their votes, and utilized several innocent babies to carry out her scheme. The CINO's will not be taken aback by this fact. They don't care how unscrupulous she is or what lies she has told. The CINO's care only to support Wall Street and their bank accounts, but I know there are millions of genuine Christians out there in the heartland who really do want to do the right thing in their lives as often as possible. These Christians have been actively blocked from seeing or hearing the truth. Obviously the mainstream media moguls and their minions want to protect their ridiculously large paychecks, but there are reasons that the smaller bloggers and media people are supporting them in their blockade. Those reasons are dirt simple and equally obvious. You just have to question authority and think outside the box to see them.

These reasons are not all the same. In fact, each one is unique unto itself. That is why it is sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees obfuscating this delicate issue. At the highest level, we have the well-known cable news personalities, as described in The Blockade and other parts of Paradigm Shift. They have the most to lose by the exposure of the truth of Babygate and their motives and methods are the easiest to discern. The lower down the journalism scale you go, the trickier it becomes to see the deceptions, and in fact, I am not implying that the lowest level bloggers are guilty of any of this deception. Regina at Palingates, Blade at Sarah's Scandals, Palin's Q&A, PoliticusUSA, Leah Burton at God's Own Party, Palin's Peyton Place, and many other blogs, particularly from the lesser-known group, are as innocent of this obfuscating scam as the snow falling on the northern Alaska wilderness. Some of the hotter blogs... let's just say the snow melts really fast when it hits some of them. Do you really think one of these who has become legendary for anti-Palin blogging is just going to throw in the towel and get a regular day job after Palin has been dispensed, or would this person find it more desirable for the madness to never really end? Who has their hands waving in the air at the MSM, hoping to catch a train to the big time? Who is already there, but promises have already been made that the Palin cart will not be seriously rattled? Whose theme song should be "Promises, Promises" because we have already heard enough of them to choke a moose? As you mull over these questions, keep in mind that no two answers are exactly the same, but they all lead to the same dead end. Maybe Palin will be blocked from The White House, but the Christians will continue to hold a firm voting bloc with the CINO's until hell freezes over... or bakes us all under a relentless Texas son.


Conscious at last! said...

Ya know what Floyd- I have a serious suggestion for you.  I've been observing the whole Palin scene for the past few years, as you have.    Based on your comments over this period of time,  I am sure that your book, Paradigm Shift, has some very sharp ideas.  But Floyd, I want to know what your overall thesis or general theory is before I buy it.  I think it would be great if you did a post simply outlining this -- without giving away the farm. 

I understand that you may feel this would compromise your efforts... but I think it would do the opposite.  Especially now Floyd, with all the other books on Palin, babygate, etc. coming out shortly-- you could be part of that energy.  I know you could do a post that would have some shock value or at least be hard hitting-- a post that goes where others fear to tread  ; )).     I think that would sell some books-  think about it.   Cheers!

Heidi3 said...

Terrific idea, Conscious!  Floyd's is the first and ONLY book to address Babygate in its entirety, and the details are meticulous.  To whet your appetite, the Babygate chapter runs from pages 81 thru 150.  Let's hope he takes you up on your suggestion!