Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gramm Crackers

Today's scary image of October harks back a decade or so to the time when I realized that Phil Gramm is America's Marie Antoinette in pants. He was the original selfish butthead to tell America they could just lump it as far as our rampant job losses go. He might as well have said, "Let them eat dog food for breakfast", for all he cares about the health and financial well being of Americans.

McCain's #1 financial advisor has always been Mr. Gramm Crackers. Sure, McCranky has given Mr. Crackers a brief timeout from the public eye over his Americans are just a bunch of whiners comment, but who do you think he really has in mind to be his Secretary of the Treasury? It ain't Elmer Fudd, although Elmer would be an improvement!

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