Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ker-Splash: Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction – Historical & Autobiographical Insight
What This Book is About
The Author’s Credentials
An Embarrassing Moment in Boating History

Chapter 2: Getting Started – Whatever Floats Your Boat
The Big Picture - The KISS Principle
The Sunbrella Bimini Syndrome
Moby Dick & His Trailer - Speed is Expensive
You Meet the Nicest Dealers at a Show - Nevers and Miracles

Chapter 3: Sterndrive Runabouts – Unsung Heroes
Introduction to the Runabouts - Seating Choices - Power Choices
The Stern Drive Runabouts

Chapter 4: Learning & Teaching to Ski - The Hard Part is Getting Out of the Water
Learning to Ski - Teaching to Ski - Learning & Teaching to Slalom
Wakeboards - Kneeboards - What Flying Saucer? - Tubes

Chapter 5: Skis & Other Water Toys – Skinny Sticks to Wide Loads & Mindless Tubes

Chapter 6: Towing Technique – A Real Art & A Real Science

Chapter 7: The Mini-Jet Splash of the Mid-Nineties - Spyders on the Water

Chapter 8: Serious Ski Boats – Trading Big Bucks for The Sweet Ride

Chapter 9: Maintenance Issues - Charge the Battery & Keep the Carbs Clean!
Introduction - Saltwater - Winterizing - Summer Maintenance
Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Exxon is Not a Vintage Wine
A Piece of Steel Wool Goes a Long Way

Chapter 10: Safety Issues - Sober Life Vests and Other Obvious Boring Subjects
Let the Pirates Keep the Rum - All Sizes and Colors
Currents & Waves - Miss Sellaneous Common Cents
Boat Lights on Parade - Licensing Legality

Chapter 11: Those Other Boats on the Lake – Jet Skis to Scarabs
Introduction - Personal Watercraft - Sailboats - Bass Boats
Party Barges - Deck Boats - Cabin Cruisers - Canoes - Speedboats - Offshore Performance Boats

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