Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Cover Story

I do not often retract things I have said after thinking the issues through, but this is one of those rare instances in which I cannot remain quiet any longer. I recently told my wife and others that I had no intention of ever writing another word about politics. I tried to save the world and the world did not wish to be saved. This story will not be nearly as explicit as it could be because I am way beyond swatting the hornets' nest just to see what flies back out at me. I did plenty of that many months ago just to learn exactly who the real skunks are, and they did indeed poot their stink pointedly back in my direction. Maybe this will truly be my final political words so I can get back to doing what I do, writing books for people who are truly inquisitive about various subjects. First we shall cut to the chase with a brief opening statement and then follow up with a more detailed history of what has transpired among the so-called anti-Palin bloggers and various factions of the mainstream media over the past three years.

NOBODY with any large number of readers truly wishes to halt the career of The Queen. Each and every one of them places his or her own journalist/pundit/blogger/author career, whatever that goal may be, above all else, including the saving of the world from this monster unleashed by John McCain. As with Babygate itself, the circumstantial evidence supporting this issue is simply overwhelming.

Here are just a few of the many incidents involved in this travesty. Markos Moulitsas pulled the first Babygate story from The Daily Kos soon after it first appeared. Arianna Huffington has been supporting Palin religiously. The only anti-Palin writers allowed on The Huffington Post are also anti-Babygate, and this includes three of the key bloggers and one of the key authors. That same author has referenced the work of Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe as much or more than any other source. These two are the authors of a softball Palin book and the latter is a former employee of Fox News. This same Huffington Post author also references three little-known, self-published books, one of which is strongly pro-Palin-for-President, in his book. (The relevance of this will be clarified later in this post.) The reason this author's book is not displayed everywhere is that neither the author nor the publisher is more than minimally supporting it. There is no conspiracy or blackout by Barnes & Noble or Borders or the press. Even Jack Cafferty plugged the book on CNN! Now if you want to ask why they are not promoting it more, now that is a legitimate question. Could it be because it is boring? Every issue in Geoffrey Dunn's exquisitely, perfectly researched book has been compiled from previous journalistic sources. There is not one bit of it that is new material. There is not a single, seriously controversial issue detailed in that book. Anyone who says otherwise is just deliberately obfuscating the truth. Take note that I am not accusing Geoffrey Dunn of anything other than being chicken! Mr. Dunn has not once stated any untruth concerning the content of his book. These untruths emanate from his cultist fans and relentless anti-Palinites. From its public inception many months ago, Geoffrey Dunn has personally been completely honest about the content and purpose of his book. It has been the bloggers and their individual cults who have not. The only thing I would like to know is if the publisher of The Lies of Sarah Palin was expecting Arianna Huffington to provide the support for the book, and did she back out of the deal just days before the book's release, or was the whole project never meant to have much lasting effect on Sarah's career in the first place?

Those of you who are expecting Levi Johnston to tell the whole truth in his upcoming book are just deluding yourselves. The reason is not that you are stupid, or that Levi is, either, but that the prosecution of Levi's mom had the desired effect of shutting up both Levi and his mouthy little sister. None of us should blame Levi (or Mercede) for the result of this sinister plot to keep them quiet. The one part in which I do, however, think Levi has displayed incredible stupidity has been his choice of lawyer and bodyguard. I think if Levi had gotten out of Alaska and released a ghostwritten book the moment he sensed Sarah's betrayal of him in late 2008, things would have been very different. Of course his mom had already been detained by that point. The Palins have never been stupid. They are cunning, and that is precisely what makes them dangerous.

Joe McGinniss is of course quite correct when he says that no book is going to stop the monster. I have been saying the same thing for years, even in my own book. Look at Joe's bibliography; he certainly ought to know! The media stops the monster, then the book tells the whole sordid story of the investigation in detail, usually years after the fact. I have never in my life seen so many otherwise intelligent people act so hardheaded about such a subject! It is as if they will hang onto absolutely anything that could have even the remotest possibility of doing the dirty work for them. Are you hearing me, bloggers? What part don't you understand? How many times do you think you can publish the same damn photos repeatedly and yet never produce a different result? Do you really not know what echo chamber or preaching to the choir means? Has it not occurred to all you babbling, whining, relentlessly repetitive commenters that little has changed in the past three years, yet the cult leaders you so religiously worship keep asking for your money and attention? Are you going to be asking the same questions months or years from now that are seemingly never answered by your cult leaders? How much teasing and brainwashing are you going to take before you wake up and smell the scam?

One of your cult leaders has selected his thesis and presented only evidence that verifies that thesis. Any evidence that might point to a different result is derogatorily ignored. His thesis will not stop the monster. It might slow her down a little, but it will not stop her. The reason lies with the original motive of the Babygate scam. A significant part of the paradigm shift is that the CINO's (Christians In Name Only) do not give a rat's ass if Sarah's teenage daughter had a baby out of wedlock. What do you think this is, The Fifties? Do you really think that this has been the entire reason for the monstrous level of media cover-up? And even if by some wild chance in hell it was, why would a rabidly, relentlessly anonymous lawyer in Frankfurt, West Germany, give a gnat's butt what some ruthless U.S. politician planned to do to The Republican Party that other nutball candidates had already accomplished? The last time I watched Law & Order, it seemed that lawyers already had plenty to do to make themselves rich outside the silly blogosphere. A cult is a cult is a cult, whether we are speaking of Palinbots or Babygators.

Another famous blogger may as well install a stripper pole on his blog because he is one helluva teaser! We must certainly be experiencing global warming because those icebergs dripping down from Alaska seem to consistently melt before they reach the Good Ship Palin! Ask yourself, cult readers, why does the teasing never stop? How many times do you get to ogle the same obnoxious Palin faces and read the same old icebergian malarky before it all just runs together into a puddle? Don't try to tell me that the blog proprietor's relationships with certain anti-Babygate bloggers has nothing to do with this relentless travesty of cult wrangling. They have everything to do with it! You really want to know the truth? Ask yourself why so many issues are never mentioned or followed up on that dubious Alaskan blog. Why are your cultist questions never answered? Why are all the Anonymous comments encouraged and why are they relentlessly moderated? I know many of you have asked this very question of the cult leader and he never responds. Why is that? Obamabots are a cult, too.

One of your favorite bloggers is rich beyond your wildest dreams. Do you know who she is? Do you really think she cares about income inequality or the effect President Palin would have on your financial future? Here is a hint: this blogger cares only about the issues of feminism and political correctness, and the specific methodology she has employed to brainwash you into reading her blog and religiously singing her praises. She could have long ago hired an investigator to uncover Babygate using DNA or some other method and her bank account would hardly have noticed the hiccup. Who takes a twelve-hour journey to frozen Alaska in the middle of winter, doesn't even visit Wasilla while there, and returns twenty-four hours later, all seemingly for the purpose of selling a couple of minimally-sized books to her small cadre of fans?

We are now back at the end of our journey, you and me. To those of you who have read my own blog posts and comments on other blogs these past three years should realize that I have swatted this hornets' nest of bloggers several times before. Stand back while I just blurt it out. My book Paradigm Shift: The Palin Matrix has quite obviously been consistently suppressed by all the above referenced bloggers, journalists, and authors since its release on 1/1/11. None of them wants you to read the material in this book. For those few who have read it, I am sure you have noticed that all of these bloggers were given credit for their efforts and treated professionally throughout Paradigm Shift. Even many of the cultist commenters were mentioned in the opening pages of the book. The Bibliography of Paradigm Shift offers many significant clues to the reality. You can read about the other books, their authors, and the blogs in this bibliography. Any hornet swatting I may have done on my Palin Babyagte blog was deleted in the editing of Paradigm Shift. I took the high road all the way, even while knowing that this road was probably the only lie in the book. I had long ago figured out who the skunks of this scam are, and several months after the release of my extensively detailed story of all the Babygate theories, there is no question whatever that the stink I have been smelling is quite pungent and real. Paradigm Shift is still the only published book that honestly discusses Babygate in detail, and all the cult leaders you have been worshiping do not want you to read it. Have you ever seen one of them say otherwise in a blog post? I rest my case, and I am not even a lawyer.

The cover story is that the Babygate theorists are all wearing tinfoil hats. I know there are plenty of you out there in blogland who are certain there is something truly wrong with this cover story. You have a brain and you can think. The motives of Sarah Palin have been a lot more sinister from their origins than has been publicly presented. You know the story does not add up to the simple case of a mother protecting her daughter or a politician avoiding a minor scandal of gnat's butt proportion. It has been a very convenient and effective cover story from the beginning, folks. Sarah Palin is making a lot of people famous. If she is ever completely knocked off the public stage, all their repetitive blog posts, photo arrays and icebergs will be quickly forgotten. They will return to being the nobodies without a public voice that they were before August 2008. That is the last thing they want to happen, and that in a nutshell is the big secret.

Of course I would like to sell more copies of Paradigm Shift. I would like to sell more copies of my other five books, too. The key to this angle, though, is that I could have spent a lot less years composing a lot less than 212,000 words and have easily sold a lot more books. I have never asked for money on any of my blogs and none of them have ever included advertising. The only fame or income I might possibly derive comes directly from my book royalties. I don't have a team of lawyers, editors, or agents helping me write my books, as do all the other authors critical of Palin. My book is more than fairly priced for its size in all formats. Like Joe McGinness, I am an author with a number of sizable, originally composed books under my keyboard. Unlike most of the Palin books discussed in this post, The Palin Matrix is not packed with reprints of the words of Sarah Palin or other writers. It is completely original material you will not read anywhere else. Many of you have expressed the concept that the truth cannot be suppressed forever. Why are you standing by and letting this happen to the many questions of Babygate?


nancydrewed said...

Floyd--fwiw. I reached the same conclusion quite some time ago, although you have certainly fleshed this out into an argument that goes beyond my creeping and reluctant conclusion that the circuses just plain old don't want to strike the tents. So thanks for this.

I've often wanted to scream into the comments sections "step away from your computers--stop blathering to one another". All of the talk of "us" bringing her down became just plain silly. "Us" are sitting down each morning to yack amongst ourselves. Feedjit indeed.Yesterday when the NYT ran its newsflash about the likelihood of a Palin run, the lightbulb went on and blew. My biggest fear is that the R field is so weak (and "unsexy"), that Palin stays on stage through mere attrition--and further enabled by our friends at Fox News/Welcome to Fascism Central. In such an event, my darkest fears (should we awaken to such a nightmare) are contemplating her irrationally extreme supporters, their guns, and our President's safety. 

So, now I'm off to order your book. I will read McGinniss' take because I think he's recognized a psychopath and will write what he concludes after thorough research. Also, fwiw, your willingness to post using your real name made some of the "regulars" suspicious. (I can't for professional reasons). Human beings on the internet….maybe you could write about that. :-)

77TA66 said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I have been mulling over this post for months. I don't want to sound like a petty, jealous whiner, but I DO want to stop this monster! I have always felt as if the big difference between my experience and those other bloggers is that I have lived practically my whole life in MS and TX, and I KNOW how pervasive these CINO's really are! I live in a county that voted 77% for Palin in 2008. I feel as if many people do not seem to realize that if the Repubs fielded the devil himself as a candidate, they would still carry the Southern states. I have seen Karl Rove several times mention the electoral map showing that most of the states are already solidly red, and the electoral votes are even more in the Repubs' favor than they were in '08. One of my biggest pet peeves is that the left wingers seem to ignore the demographics. The population has been moving southward for most of my lifetime, and the voting bloc that actually votes in a high percentage are the CINO's! Of course we may heavily outnumber them in the headcount, but minorities, poor people, lower class people, and culturally progressive people do not vote in the consistent numbers that authoritarian evangelicals do, and they have an organized meeting arrangement in the mega-churches!

nancydrewed said...

Don't know if you are familiar with this but Kevin Phillips" 2006 American Theocracy predicted all this too. But my husband, who has been re-reading it lately, says that even Phillips didn't foresee how bad this would all get. And he was a Nixon years guy. As they say, the Republicans have "lost the plot."

77TA66 said...

Yes, I read American Hypocrisy when it came out years ago. I included it in the Bibliography of Paradigm Shift and  I highly recommend that everyone read it, as it clearly shows how far back this madness goes.

nancydrewed said...

not American Hypocrisy--Theocracy. that's ok. we all do the mixology. for good reason, heh.

Grayrough said...

Floyd, you are losing your mind now.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

OK, you talked me into it. I've read the 96 Mysterious Questions, and this post (and I recognized the Big 3 Bad Bloggers whose names could not be mentioned in their respective paragraphs), and as soon as I get my copy from B&N I'll read Paradigm Shift as well, if circumstances do not prevent me from carrying out my intentions.

If you wanted to, YOU could read (and these are all short)

jcinco said...

ok, I recognize all but the blogger that is rich beyond our wildest dreams..can someone give me a hint?