Sunday, October 23, 2011

Motivational Babygate Questions

As many of you know, I generally try to stay out of most of the discussions of photo analysis. The analysis of psychological and political motives is much more my area of interest and expertise. Although I have often questioned Gryphen's modes of operation of his blog, particularly with respect to his relationship with certain other Alaskan bloggers, I have rarely questioned the authenticity of his hypotheses or other material, and this is still the case today. If anything, I would prefer to see him lay to waste some of the offenders like Alan Grayson going after Republicans. Alas for me, that does not seem to be Gryphen's style. He seemingly prefers to play nice in spite of the circumstances. I think more aggressive action is called for, but as you know, that seems to usually represent my style.

Yes, this is going to be another post full of more questions than answers, but this is what I do. I want everybody to think before firmly making up your mind about anything. Certain bloggers deliberately and secretly design their sites to control the message, but this isn't one of them. I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies and neither do you. Until a true insider kicks over the bean pot, spilling truth and scandal all over the Internet, none of us definitively knows the whole truth. The following questions are presented roughly in chronological order, at least as best as I can ascertain, and they all address the motives for the whole stinking mess. Slip on your hip boots and start wading.

1. Why did Chuck Heath move his family from Sandpoint ID to Alaska?

2. Why did Sally Heath shift her religion away from traditional Catholicism soon after the move?

3. How much influence politically did Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll really have over Sarah?

4. Who was the next significant person Sarah told she wanted to be President someday after she mentioned this to her campaign manager in late 1996?

5. How could SP claim to be a simple hockey mom once she had hired a Washington lobbyist to bring funds to the City of Wasilla in 2000?

6. Did Sarah leave her evangelical church in 2002 so that her religious extremism would stay out of the spotlight when she ran for offices outside the limited realm of Wasilla?

7. Did her religious views change or mellow prior to or after this change of church?

8. Is there any doubt that Sarah knew she was being considered for national office by March 2007, after the launch of the Draft Palin blog?

9. Why did Sarah take Bristol with her on the New York City excursion in October 2007?

10. Why did Bristol transfer to West High School in Anchorage in December 2007?

11. Did CBJ tell Sarah that Trig would be born with Down syndrome on 12/4/07?

12. Upon what basis did Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson know this information?

13. Was Sarah's signing of the Safe Haven Bill on February 11, 2008, a coincidence?

14. Why did Sarah specifically in February 2008 tell reporters to squelch the rumor that Bristol was pregnant?

15. If Sarah was pregnant on 2/13/08, why did she prance around Juneau in high-heeled boots on icy sidewalks in Juneau, allowing the whole event to be videotaped?

16. Maybe Sarah had no idea that she was pregnant on 2/13/08, even though she had already been told that someone was carrying a Downs child on 12/4/07?

17. Maybe the fact that she did not know she was pregnant also explains all the airline trips she took in early 2008?

18. If Sarah was still only a hockey mom with no national political ambitions, why was she sitting only five seats over from President Shrub on 2/25/08?

19. Why was she giving a speech to a large audience in Washington the next day?

20. Why did Todd fly back to Alaska during this week of meetings and speeches in Washington days before his six-months-pregnant wife?

21. Why did the Palin organization need a special strategy for any public discussion of Palin's pregnancy, as mentioned in an inter-office e-mail message of 3/4/07?

22. Why did Sarah announce her pregnancy the day after she received a phone call from McCain that he had secured the nomination?

23. Why was Sarah's staff so shocked at her pregnancy announcement?

24. Why did Bristol stop accompanying Sarah and Piper on many flights after this point?

25. Why was the Alaska state security detail released from the responsibility of accompanying Sarah and Todd to Grapevine TX?

26. Why did Todd not mention the soon inevitable birth in his message back to Alaska when Todd and Sarah began their return trip?

27. Why did Sarah and Todd bypass better-equipped hospitals on the way to Wasilla/Palmer?

28. Why did Sarah take her premature newborn to work with her repeatedly?

29. Why did she take a premature newborn to two official Governor events in Anchorage on 5/3/08?

30. Was that traveling baby really born on 4/18/08?

31. Could the photos of a baby in the Palin kitchen from Levi's birthday on 5/3/08 actually have been taken on Sarah's birthday on 2/11/08?

32. Could these photos have actually been taken a year earlier, on 2/11/07 or 5/3/07?

33. How can anyone be certain that these photos are of a premature baby, a Downs baby, an FAS baby, or a normal, healthy baby if you were not actually present when the photos were taken?

34. How do you know exactly when the B&W photo of the baby on the invitation was taken?

35. How do you know for certain the identity of the baby at the baby shower?

36. How do you know the date of the 5/4/08 baby shower is correct?

37. When did Sarah decide to send photos taken at the baby shower to magazines?

38. Did Sarah intentionally see that the magazines received no photos showing the baby's ears?

39. Do you know for certain that the baby photographed with a ruffled ear and published in Blind Allegiance is the same baby as the one at the baby shower?

40. How can you be sure that the baby held by Sarah's parents in the hospital is or is not the same baby as Ruffles?

41. How can you be certain of the date of any photos showing Levi holding a baby?

42. Why is Levi really mixed up in Babygate in the first place?

43. How do you know that Levi's involvement is not just an orchestrated smokescreen for the whole scam?

44. Why are so (relatively) few pictures of Levi, Bristol, Willow, Sarah, Todd, and Trig during the summer of 2008 publicly available?

45. Why was the Babygate story released to the Daily Kos at the end of August 2008 and removed from the site so quickly?

46. Why does the Trig displayed at the 2008 RNC seem so much smaller than the Trig displayed only a month later?

47. Why are this Trig's ears so perfectly round and those of the later Trig are not?

48. Why does everyone on stage at the RNC seem to care about Trig while Sarah does not?

49. Why does the Trig shown at the October debate seem so elevated in size and age?

50. If these two publicly displayed Trigs are different babies, why would the Palin organization take such a risk of exposure of the hoax?

51. If Ruffles is a different Trig from one or both of these, where is he?

52. If there has never been but one Trig, why has Sarah not taken one of the many public and political opportunities to confess that she has simply been protecting her daughter's reputation?

53. What would Sarah have to lose by making such a sympathetic announcement?

54. If Bristol is the mother of the sole Trig, were Sadie Johnston's computer and web pages scrubbed just to delete photos of the Palinbrats' drug and alcohol use?

55. If this was the case, does this not red flag the possibility of FAS?

56. Why were many photos of Sarah in early 2008 removed from the State of Alaska's website, or at least removed from convenient online access?

57. Why were none of these computers or websites scrubbed until after the VP selection?

58. Why was Sherry Johnston arrested at the precise time that she was?

59. Did Bristol's cell phone have any relevance to Sherry's arrest?

60. Why was Levi shut out of The Palin Family soon after Sarah lost the VP election?

61. Why was the official statement of Tripp's birth so difficult to confirm when it occurred?

62. Why did Bristol try to rid herself of Levi's involvement as soon as the baby was born?

63. Why have there been so many questions about the apparent age of Tripp practically since he was born?

64. If the fires in Wasilla had nothing to do with Palin, why were the investigations of them so obviously obfuscated in various ways?

65. If the evangelicals do not care if Sarah publicly sticks her tongue out as if she is practicing for a blow job, why would they care if her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock?

66. If Sarah has probably smoked dope and snorted cocaine, and so most likely has Bristol, why would the evangelicals care very much if Bristol birthed a baby as a teenager?

67. If Sarah has most likely had an affair outside her marriage, and so has Todd, why would the evangelicals care if Bristol had found herself pregnant before marriage, just like her mother and grandmother?

68. If Sarah confessed that she was just being a good parent and protecting her daughter from scandal, why would she not be forgiven as a good Christian mom?

69. Why would the entire mainstream media in all its many formats and ramifications protect such an inconsequential political secret so relentlessly?

70. If by some chance the little girl shown in the photo above had been molested in some manner, would a common result not be for the same person as an adult to view sex as a perpetual weapon to be exploited, rather than as a communication of love?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Trigs Ready for Prime Time

Okay, let's see if at least most of us can agree on something. The Trig being held by Willow at the 2008 VP Debate on October 2 in the left photo is not the same baby as Willow is holding in this shot taken only twenty-nine days earlier at the Minneapolis airport on September 3, 2008. Do we agree that the baby on the left is larger and older than the baby on the right? The Trig on the left has been nicknamed either Batwing or Elfie, depending purely upon personal taste in names, and the baby on the right is usually referred to as Round Ear. Let's take this concept a step further and say that if the baby known as Airplane Baby happens to actually be the same as either of these, he is the same as the baby on the right, Round Ear. If you subscribe to the theory that Airplane Baby is actually Tripp, then he cannot also be Round Ear, too. Round Ear is also the Trig who is shown in the blue outfit in the many photos from the 2008 RNC. Are we in agreement so far?

Let us leave the other theories involving Tripp for just a moment. If this is the big secret, that there were two Trigs publicly displayed slightly over a month apart, the next question is whether or not they both have Down syndrome. I have always felt that the larger Trig on the left absolutely does, but I am not so certain of the younger Trig on the right. Where this issue gets complicated is that I have seen many photos of Trig with both DS and round ears. Now ask yourself again: does Airplane Baby have Downs? I have a problem answering that question, but let's assume that both Airplane and Round Ear are the same, and they both have Downs. How did the hillbillies secure TWO DS babies of about the same age to use as political props at the RNC and the VP Debate? The next question concerns how they managed to control the entire backstage area and all the many people who could have inadvertently seen the two babies together or noticed the differences between the babies at the two events? Why was such a risk worth taking and why has this been the biggest political secret in America since JFK did The Funky Monkey with Marilyn Monroe?

If there were two Downs babies at the RNC and the VP Debate, how many were birthed by Bristol? There are only two ways in which it could have been both: either there is at least most of a year's difference in the ages of the two Trigs or they are twins. For the life of me, I have never been able to think of a motive for the hiding of the secret of twins! In addition to this, my research has shown that DS twins are very rare. Watch out ladies, here comes Tripp! What if the larger Trig on the left was the first Tripp, and he really is old enough to be the baby on the right's older brother? I am not saying I believe this. I am just throwing it out there. Remember, this is what I do. Psychology and economics are my specialties, not photo analysis. From a probability standpoint, I would say the probability of Bristol giving birth to sequential DS boys is next to zero. That takes us back to DS twins (also very rare) or Round Ear does not have Downs. As I said earlier, I do not think this is a likely variable; HOWEVER, I want to postulate something new here (at least to me). Maybe most or all of the photos I have been staring at that I have labeled as Round Ear in which the pictured baby clearly has Downs are actually mislabeled, mostly due to the angle of the baby's head in the photos in question? When I browse through my photo collection with this concept in mind, it makes me go, Hmmmm. Maybe some of you who are more adept with photo analysis could take this ball and run with it. What if the political team actually had the gall to publicly display a baby at the RNC who was not only younger and smaller, but did not even have Down syndrome? In other words, maybe Round Ear has never been a Downs baby.

Now I know many of you are frustrated when I do this, but I have to speak the truth as I see it. What if all that last paragraph is nothing but a mistaken distraction? What if Round Ear does indeed have Downs. Where does that theory take us? First of all, we circle back to the great unlikelihood that Bristol birthed either sequential DS boys or DS twins. Then we are back to my old favorite theory, that of an acquired baby. I still think this is the most likely scenario overall, and I still think that the part of PARADIGM SHIFT that keeps Sarah awake at night is the concept of Ruffles and FAS. Let's return to the motive. Why would Mercede's hard drive be wiped of all photos? Would they not want the public seeing those shots of teenage Palinbrats drinking alcohol and partaking of illegal, recreational drugs? Would they not want us to see photos of Ruffles? Why would they remove photos from the State of Alaska's website? My best guess would be to remove revealing shots of the non-pregnancy, and possibly additional pictures of Ruffles. I am not positively convinced that Ruffles has or had Downs or FAS, but I think either is a distinct possibility. Now we are back to the motive. FAS would be one hell of a reason to hide photos of Ruffles. Why would that be true of a Downs Ruffles? I am not saying that Ruffles positively did not have Downs, but I am saying there would have to be another motivational variable present. FAS offers its own motive.

I am not swayed in the least by any official paperwork that states the birth date of Tripp as December 2008. If that was the date selected as a public statement of his birth by The Palins, why would they later offer up any proof, or even a clue, that the originally stated date was incorrect? Hell, no! Never mind whenever Tripp's publicly stated birth date was, the original release of that particular bit of information was so screwy it would give a corkscrew a heart attack. Where is that grain of salt when we need it? Tripp may be exactly the age as stated, he may have been born a little earlier or later than stated, or he may even be exactly one year older than stated. Let's wrap up the Trigonometry.

I have not kept many of the photos from the Going Rogue book tour. If any of you have them, I suggest you go through them again and try to ascertain if BOTH Trigs shown clearly have Downs. We did not regularly refer to a Trig as Batwing or Elfie prior to that time period. It was on the book tour, when one of the Trigs was particularly gregarious in a video clip that we began to pay attention to this new concept. From what I remember, the friendly Trig definitely had DS. He was also walking about and he was the one to whom we applied the new name. In other words, that Trig was clearly the one on the left above. However, one element that may have been throwing us a bit is that the walkabout Trig seemed to be the one with darker hair. In some of the photo comparisons we have seen, such as the RNC and debate photos, this does not necessarily seem to be true. The more I look, the more I am convinced that maybe there is an older Trig who definitely has Downs and a younger Trig with rounder ears who may not. Regardless of who birthed these two babies, one big neon flash blinds my mental vision of that momentous event near Labor Day weekend of 2008: there are a number of political operatives, and maybe even a few backstage or hotel or airport workers who happened onto a revealing scene, who KNOW this political hoax is real!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Babygate Answer Book

Thank you to Bandit Basheert, whom I have consistently held in high regard, for unlocking a puzzle by dating this photo of Willow and Trig, Tripp, or whomever as originating from sometime in the Fall of 2008. I have been sure of the identities of the two individuals in this picture for some time, although I have apparently and erroneously assumed the photo to have been taken at some point several months into 2009. Let's just say this explains the hemorrhoids both Sarah and Bristol had over the e-mail hacking case in which this shot was supposedly exposed to public view.

I have been wondering exactly why Paradigm Shift has never even once been mentioned by Gryphen at The Immoral Minority, since it was clearly the first honest attempt at exposing Babygate to an audience outside the blogosphere. It would seem that when someone has secretly spent $3500 to gather evidence, that person would insist on eventually becoming the first to profit from the exposure of that evidence. Furthermore, this explains his consistent protection, mostly from us, and we know who we are, the dedicated Trig Truthers, of his anti-Truth pals in Alaska. You know the ones, at least one of whom is the most likely suspect to have leaked the infamous e-mail. If the source of the leak was not actually someone who lives in Alaska, it most likely was a close associate of one of those same Alaskans. It is a relief to finally know the score: at least this scenario makes a bit of logical sense.

My best guess at this point would be that Levi would not cooperate, so now we have the upcoming release from Fred. Maybe that one will prove more successful and/or profitable for Gryphen, at least in some less direct manner than what he might have had in mind for Levi's project. It all makes sense now. He promoted everyone's book but mine because mine is the one that tells the complete story of Babygate, at least as far as I could surmise without the benefit of secret sources, close proximity, and the services of a private investigator. Was the P. I. a double agent? Only The Shadow knows....

Alas, Mr. Broomfield does not seem to be quite in the Michael Moore league when it comes to the marketing of documentary movies. So far he has grossed only a tiny fraction of the amount he took in for his Kurt & Courtney. According to IMDB, the take has been about $7000 versus approximately $441,000. That's quite a drop for the most truthful video yet about the Queen of Nasty. I hope it is more a reflection on her than on his storytelling ability, but from what I have read so far, the reviews are nothing for him to write back to England about. This comes in spite of all of Gryphen's glowing praise from his pre-release vantage point.

Do I think Tank Jones saw a big boy? Yes, I do. I think he probably saw the same little blue-eyed blond we have all known as Tripp. He just got a candid view of him at a time when his actual age was still an effectively kept secret. I hope Gryphen got his money's worth because I am still unsure how much I trust the word of Tank or his employer. So there really has been a big secret concerning Tripp all along, eh?

As for Ruffles, I still think he is Ruffles, just as Gryphen discovered long ago. He is or was a baby without the affliction of Down syndrome and Sarah did take him to work a time or two and Frank Bailey took his picture. He also went to a baby shower and a birthday party for someone who may or may not be his dad. As described in detail in my book, I think he also took a little ride into Anchorage prior to the birthday party. That ride included two public events, one at a VFW post and the second at the Anchorage airport. It is possible that Round Ear took that ride for him, but my money has always been on Ruffles. As I have explained before, the person who you know as Bree Palin and I worked on that particular research extensively to verify if it was indeed Ruffles, but our research was inconclusive. Do I think Ruffles could be the same baby as Tripp? I also discussed this theory in detail in the book, but my best guess is that this is not possible. Gryphen has repeatedly insisted that ear surgery was not done on a very young Ruffles in time for him to appear as Tripp and I take Gryphen at his word on this issue. This has been discussed to death on the blogs, but I steadfastly remain with Gryphen's assessment.

I have also steadfastly said that Ruffles has never been a borrowed baby and I am sticking to that story. One of the reasons is that the likelihood of The Traveling Baby, as I like to call him, being Ruffles is very high, and I cannot imagine a mother letting someone, anyone, else take her newborn on such a trip fraught with germs and other dangers. On the other hand, Gryphen's latest revelation opens the door for the possibility, and even likelihood, that the infant first carried onto Greta van Twisted Mouth's show by Bristol was a borrowed baby. He could have been borrowed for a whole hour, or the baby's real mom could have been standing right there, just out of camera range. If the latter is true, then even GvTM is aware of this little secret! It has never been that I would not think The Mean Lady would borrow or rent a baby. It has always been that I cannot imagine a real mother, not Sarah Palin, would let her precious newborn go off with strangers to be attended by Piper!

Round Ear the RNC Lion King is an acquired baby of some sort and I am sticking to that story until it is proven to be otherwise. From the first night the hillbillies walked on stage at the RNC, I took note of who seemed to care for that baby and who didn't. I have never claimed to know who birthed Round Ear and I still don't. Like many of you, I am certain that the last baby Sarah Palin birthed was Piper. I was adopted and so were my sister and my wife, so I know adoption. Round Ear may have been legally adopted by The Palins or he may have been unofficially adopted by them. Either way, he is their child. Whenever one of them says that, he or she is not technically lying. Is the question we all want answered being answered completely and truthfully? Of course not. I have little doubt that Jeanne Devon and Shannyn Moore have known this at least as long as I have, too. I wrote a book about it with my real name on it. Has anyone else?

As Joe McGinniss has been saying, if you are going to trash his book in a review, at least read it first. In the same manner, if you are going to assume that my book is poorly written or of no use to readers, just because other bloggers have blatantly ignored its existence, you are missing out. Of course I know that Joe and I each may seem to be horribly egotistical and arrogant at times, but I read The Rogue and I thought it was considerably better than The Lies of Sarah Palin or Blind Allegiance. I recommend that all of you read all of these books. When you completely ignore a book that you or others may find entertaining or informative, you are passively doing yourself and everyone else a disservice. Trashing a book you have not actually read with a bad review may be as tacky as the actions of some Palinbots, but failing to fully inform yourself of a subject upon which you revel in expounding upon is not exactly a brilliant move, either. Deer in the Headlights is the one I have not read. Like many of you, I long ago lost most of the faith I once had in Levi telling the real story we all think he might have available to write.

How many babies are there? I honestly do not know. When I sent my book to press at the end of last year, I thought there were three and I still do. The only thing that might have changed today is my opinion as to the order of their births. Some people think there are additional babies involved. Some think Ruffles may actually be a girl. Some think there are twins or triplets. All of these theories are described in Paradigm Shift, but my best bets have changed little since Gryphen's famous Two Babies post of 2/22/10.

The commenter we know as Me Again made the following remark on 9/24/11:

FLOYD ORR, the man know if it weren't for Gryphen, I think Sarah would talk about you more than any other blogger or writer! Someone sent her a passage of your book and she took to her bed for the weekend. So I'm guessing you did a pretty good job!

My guess is that it is the Babygate material in the book that has upset The Queen. If nothing else, the one thing that Gryphen and I have agreed upon for a long time is that Babygate is the key to her undoing. In spite of any impression he may have, the purpose of my book was never to compete with Gryphen. You could even rightly say that he is hailed as the chief in the book. My purpose was, and always has been, to wake up the American voter to the root cause of the disease that ails our nation, not just a symptom from Wasilla. Thank you for your support.