Thursday, February 14, 2008

The New Blog of Floyd M. Orr

Welcome to the new blog of author, book critic, and commentator Floyd M. Orr. The old website, originally created using FrontPage 98 on a Windows 98 computer, has now been split into four blogs. Feel free to link to the other three blogs from the lower left column of this one. The new Nonfiction in a Fictional Style blog is the author's site for his books and other compositions in which American nostalgia is the underlying subject matter. Tiddlerosis is his site for enthusiasts of small motorcycles and scooters of the '60's. POD Book Reviews & More (PODBRAM) is the book critic's site managed by Floyd M. Orr as the editor of a team of book reviewers. This Floyd M. Orr blog is the author's political commentary site, as well as a place for posting miscellaneous articles of humor and other genres. Thank you for coming!