Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Anniversary

Valentine's Day 2009 is also the first anniversary of this blog. In honor of this special occasion, this post will be a Cat of the Day (featuring a photo by Dr. Al Past of his cat April) and a Top Ten List that covers most of the subject matter of the blog. I have three other blogs in other genres. This is my catch-all site for the stuff I want to say that doesn't belong on one of the other three. Since the others concern my books and officially published stuff, motorcycles, and book reviews, this seems to leave a lot of everything else. Basically, I should have been a columnist or commentator in print journalism long before blogs were invented, but I wasn't, so now I'm taking it out on you with this blog!

The look on April's face shows how I feel about things most of the time. I cannot believe the citizens have not yet taken back our country from the marriage made in hell between Wall Street and the evangelicals. If we don't accomplish this very soon, we are all swirling down the drain.

The Top Ten Things America Must Do to Save Itself:

10. Let the bad megabanks and other institutions too big to fail fail.

9. Legalize marijuana and retool the entire concept of The War on Drugs.

8. Severely limit the imperialistic efforts to control the economies of other countries.

7. Reduce the number and sizes of American military bases abroad.

6. Severely restrict illegal immigration and increase restrictions on legal immigration.

5. Rebuild our infrastructure with jobs that benefit American citizens.

4. Set up a proper health care plan for all citizens.

3. Halt the race to the bottom, retract globalization efforts, and reduce income inequality.

2. Tell the Wall Street Evangelicals to sit down and shut up or get out.

1. Begin a totally open and government sponsored discussion and promotion of a national and worldwide birth control and population control movement for the future good of us all.

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