Tuesday, May 31, 2011

96 Questions for the Cult Followers

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the Sixties cult band, Question Mark & the Mysterions; however, it has a lot to do with the blind allegiance of cults. When I was growing up, some of us learned to be true rebels and question all authority. Although I was rarely in trouble as a kid and I have no criminal record, I feel as if I learned a valuable lesson from The Sixties about questioning authority. Most of my heroes to this day are rebels, from Peter Fonda to Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix to Dennis Hopper to Doug Sahm, not to mention authors such as Robert Rimmer, Al Franken, and Kurt Vonnegut. Let's not forget the great stand-up rebels, either: Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Bill Hicks. We should all question everything! What have we got to lose by doing so? These questions concerning The Palin Matrix have been bugging me for a while, some for a very long while. I have been continually shocked that more of the followers of the development of the legendary fraud have not asked themselves these questions. What have they got to lose, other than their specific cult decoder ring? I wrote Paradigm Shift for the express purpose to make the readers think for themselves. Like Dylan said, I am younger than that now. I want my readers to read my opinions, question them, and make up their own minds. All my books are meant to entertain in a nerdy way, but I am not sure many prospective readers perceive that from my promotional blurbs. Here we go. Let the whines of indignant disapproval begin! To repeat, what have you got to lose?

Concerning Babygate in General:

(1) Where is Ruffles and what happened to him?
(2) Why not concentrate on the motive instead of the minute details of the case?
(3) When are you going to get tired of analyzing the same photos over and over?
(4) Okay, so you have proven that Sarah faked a pregnancy; now what?
(5) If you are so protective of the Palin kids, why do you find all the snark about them on the blogs to be acceptable?
(6) Why do we so rarely see the February '08 video of Sarah walking around Juneau?

Concerning Blind Allegiance:

(7) Why have you tolerated Ken Morris' tacky attacks on Joe McGinniss?
(8) Why have you not questioned Morris' relationship with Larry Kudlow?
(9) Why have you not questioned why Morris was involved in the project in the first place?
(10) Why have you tolerated all the snark against Joe McGinniss at Mudflats?
(11) Has it not occurred to you that BA would not be selling so well without the manuscript leak?
(12) Did those of you who read the leaked manuscript not notice the amateur writing style?
(13) Why have you never asked what happened to the original version called Renegade?
(14) Why did the original ghostwriters of Renegade back out of the deal?
(15) Could the e-mails have been published in the book without the previous leak?
(16) Bailey did not bail out of the inner circle until he was publicly thrown under the bus over Troopergate. What kind of repentant Christian is that?
(17) Why was Blind Allegiance released on a Christian imprint?

Concerning The Lies of Sarah Palin:

(18) Why was nothing heard from Geoffrey Dunn about Palin until he began to write articles for The Huffington Post?
(19) Has Dunn had any direct contact with Arianna Huffington?
(20) Did Arianna or one of her minions contact Dunn first, or did he contact them?
(21) When exactly did Dunn decide that he would never question the Babygate story?
(22) Why did Dunn reference Ochoa's Palin puff book and not The Palin Matrix, even though both were self-published and the latter contains far more new information?
(23) Why did Dunn reference Shushannah Walshe, an ex-Fox News employee and the co-author of a pro-Palin book, more than any other source?
(24) Why has Geoffrey Dunn made little effort outside his home town and the Babygate blogs to publicize his book?
(25) Why did Arianna withdraw her support from Dunn just days before the book's release?
(26) Why is Dunn's book little more than 98% regurgitation of known news stories, yet few acknowledge this fact?
(27) Why is at least a third of the page count just a reprint of familiar speeches and stories, yet no one acknowledges this, either?
(28) Do you not see that the great majority of the sales of the book have been directly spawned by its promotion on the Babygate blogs and briefly by Jack Cafferty on CNN?
(29) You can track the actual sales of the book at NovelRank.com. Have any of you actually done this and seen that the Amazon hardcover sales for April and May total only 322?
(30) Have you seen that the book has sold only 192 copies in the U.S. in the Kindle format?
(31) Are you aware that about 90% of all online book sales are through Amazon, and B&N and all the rest total only about 10% of the online sales of most books?
(32) Did you know that B&N ordering only two copies for each store is a standard procedure?
(33) Did you know that any books you see displayed in volume on a prominent table is the result of the publisher paying a sizable price for that display space in the store?
(34) Has it occurred to you that maybe the publisher of The Lies of Sarah Palin never planned from the beginning for this book to be a big seller with a significant marketing push?
(35) Geoffrey Dunn never once claimed that his book would expose proof of Babygate, Troopergate, Dairygate, Housegate, or any other gate. Why did you think that it would?

Concerning the Mainstream Media:

(36) Did you not notice that CNN has been giving a lot of time to The Tea Party since it began?
(37) Do you not realize that Gloria Borger is paid a lot more money at CNN than at PBS?
(38) Have you not noticed how many rabid right-wing pundits have been added to the CNN payroll?
(39) If you thought Kathleen Parker was ever going to tell the truth about Palin, maybe you did not see the special soliloquy she gave about her infamous earlier statement concerning Palin?
(40) Do you not understand why Shushannah Walshe is suddenly the new expert on Palin?
(41) Have you not noticed that Walshe and Scott Conroy are as wet behind the ears as that obnoxious little twerp, Ed Henry?
(42) Did you notice that CNN gave Candy Crowley her own show after she made her appearance on the tarmac in Anchorage AK to view the returning VP loser?
(43) Have you noticed that Joy Behar has wimped out on Babygate discussions countless times since getting her own show on HLN?
(44) Have you not noticed that CNN has gone to hell since Ted Turner was forced out?
(45) Do you really think that Keith Olbermann went to a dinky network with a small audience because he chose to do so?
(46) Do you really think John King is not in the pockets of Palin and any other Republican?
(47) How can you feel that dissing Trump and deleting his candidacy was a smart move, when he could have effectively blocked Sarah's plans for the nomination?
(48) Have you not noticed that Shepard Smith and Carl Cameron at Fox are probably more fair and balanced than John King, Gloria Borger, E. D. Hill, Bill Bennett, and others at CNN?
(49) Why does the vaunted Rachel Maddow never mention Babygate?
(50) Have you noticed that inquisitive hosts happen to be absent the days key guests appear, such as Whoopi not on the episode of The View with Frank Bailey?

Concerning Miscellaneous Bloggers:

(51) How many ways can Laura Novak and Dr. Brad Scharlott analyze the same old photos?
(52) Are Laura Novak and others going to still cling to the Trignostic meme until the inauguration?
(53) What do you really expect to accomplish by proving that Sarah faked a pregnancy, while ignoring all the ramifications, details, and motives?
(54) Exactly why are these bloggers choosing the Trignostic, coward's way out?
(55) If you are writing a book about Babygate, why do you not tell this truth to your readers?
(56) Why do you believe a book will stop the madness in the first place?
(57) Do you believe that your extensively detailed comments on these blogs will change the minds of more than a few voters who might actually read the blogs?
(58) Have you not figured out that the whole political blog phenomenon is little different than the contract jobs of the '80's or the internships of the '90's, working for the corporations for free?
(59) Do you really believe that Dr. Scharlott's Spiral of Silence is anything more than The Blockade I described in an innovative manner in The Palin Matrix?
(60) Why can you not see that all these bloggers and commenters are doing nothing more than preaching to the choir, and the corporations in control could care less?
(61) How exactly is one more detail of Babygate exposed on a blog going to reach the millions of low-information voters who only watch the news on TV?
(62) Why would you trust some new blogger who has recently jumped on the bandwagon after seeing the easy attention he or she can receive from discussing the fake pregnancy?

Concerning the Infamous Devon and Moore:

(63) Why would you trust Mudflats as a key source of anti-Palin truth when IM was not only established much earlier, but Gryphen helped Devon just like Breitbart helped Huffington?
(64) Did you not read the blog establishment dates in Paradigm Shift that clearly show that Shannyn Moore simply jumped on the Palin bandwagon after McCain's announcement?
(65) Are you aware that Shannyn Moore was a beauty contestant, just like Sarah?
(66) Are you aware that without actions taken by Devon and Moore, most of America would not even know who Joe Miller is?
(67) How can you call Jeanne Devon a professional writer after reading the childish attacks on Joe McGinniss posted at Mudflats?
(68) Have you asked yourself exactly why Devon needed to be involved in Blind Allegiance?
(69) Why have Devon and Moore so consistently denigrated the Babygate theorists?
(70) Why have the Mudflats cult members so righteously defended Devon against McGinniss?

Concerning the Mysterious Patrick:

(71) Where is he, really, and why does he have to remain so totally anonymous?
(72) How exactly did he get involved with Audrey's Palin's Deceptions?
(73) Why do we never hear a peep out of Audrey after the demise of her blogging career?
(74) Exactly what expenses are so necessary to run a free blog that Patrick must ask for money?
(75) How much tax-free cash has Patrick actually taken in from his cult followers?
(76) What is the truth behind his ongoing feud with Gryphen?
(77) What is the real reason Regina threw him off of Palingates?
(78) Why does Gryphen repeatedly imply that Patrick is not all aboveboard?
(79) Is Patrick writing a book, and if so, why has he not released it already?
(80) Patrick insists that the upcoming Babygate book he is promoting is not the same as the one by Fred promoted by Gryphen. Is this the whole truth?
(81) If Patrick really is in Germany, why does he care so much about American politics?
(82) Do any or some of the regular commenters at PoliticalGates know Patrick's identity?
(83) Why have none of the right-wingers attacked Patrick to expose his identity?
(84) Why does Patrick insist on suppressing any Babygate theory other than that of Bristol giving birth to Trig in early '08 and Bristol birthing Tripp in December '08?
(85) Does he really have proof of this or is he just scamming us all for some personal reason?

Concerning Gryphen:

(86) Why does Gryphen insist on allowing Anonymous comments instead of installing Disqus?
(87) Why does he insist on moderating all the comments before posting them?
(88) How can Gryphen claim the high road when he curses in his posts and often goes relentlessly after the Palin kids, sometimes referring to them in an unkind manner?
(89) What happened to the Palin divorce issue?
(90) What happened to the Bristol is pregnant in 2010 issue?
(91) Why does Gryphen rarely report on easily noted issues in his vicinity, such as what is going on with the Palin family members and the compound?
(92) Why does he relentlessly protect the anti-Babygate meme as spewed by Devon and Moore?
(93) How many melting icebergs is it going to take before you see that Gryphen is just in it for his own benefit, and he will continue to string his readers along?
(94) Does Gryphen currently have a job, or is his income now derived completely from IM?
(95) Why is he supporting Ken Morris, who has repeatedly attacked Gryphen's supposed other friend, Joe McGinniss?
(96) What is in Paradigm Shift that Gryphen does not want you to read?


nancydrewed said...

Except for (47), (I have to give that one some more thought), it's a bullseye, Floyd. Congrats.

77TA66 said...

My feeling on the Trump issue is that he was never much of a real threat to The White House, but he certainly could have twisted Ms. Quittypants out of shape! I had hoped to see Trump give her a taste of her own celebrity medicine, while Bachmann attacked from the other side. I have always felt that in some way or another, Palin is relentlessly cunning as a politician, but Trump never would have escaped the primaries or debates without multiple mouthfuls of shoe leather!

BScharlott said...

Very astute questions, Floyd!

Brad Scharlott

77TA66 said...

Hey, it's Dr. Brad Scharlott, everybody! Thank you for checking in, Brad. You are always welcome here. While I'm at it, let me put in a plug for Malia Litman, too. She showed true bravery in a post today that discusses several sensitive topics that I included in Paradigm Shift. These are the sort of questions we should all be asking!


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

Are the answers already posted at some URL (if so, please specify)?  Or will they be appearing here shortly?  And if not now, when?

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I should probably say that while I recognize that your 96 questions are NOT rhetorical, mine are - they are jocular in intent.

Amy1 said...

Hi Floyd -- Yes, good questions, most of them.  Good to ask them (really!), and it would be even better to answer any you think are both important and that you think you have answers for. You imply that  you DO have answers for some:  I'd like to hear your take on them.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I too am interested in the answers to these questions.  The "rhetorical" part is asking if they are going to be posted as a blog entry, when actually Floyd has written a long book on the topic which has recently been published, and which I ordered earlier today.  See his blog post at http://niafs.blogspot.com/2011/05/cover-story.html

Suelu814 said...

I'm off to order your book.  I also appreciate the need to answer these questions, all questions.
I suspect it has to do with our relationship to truth. Can we really handle the truth?  And if we expose the truth what will be our response.  Humans, IMO, are very adept at creating comfortable and sustainable realities...which at their core do not reflect truth.  Just thinking out loud...looking forward to reading your book, as the specualtion, emotional lather and consternation over Palin does not seem to move us any closer to the truth, or a point of closer.  I have recognized that more than a small dose of it accompolishes nothing for me personally other than a mental focus that enables and clouds my mind and my heart with darkness.

77TA66 said...

Thank you for the kind words and I hope you enjoy the book. I think your last sentence is especially poignant.

Little_Me said...

VERY good questions, and I would like to see them addressed/answered/discussed  in some way individually - maybe in a separate post.

Daron said...

It looks like all these questions have to do with ego's, self-interest and with all motives directed from that.  Everyone is out for their own self interests.   Truth(s) is dropped, relegated and denigrated in the process.   Its the "american way".  

P.S.  Sarah palin reminds me of the alien hybrid offspring in the "Alien" movies.  She brutally slaughtered its own mother (Alien Queen) and had to be blasted  into outer space by its other DNA contributor, Sigourney Weaver.  It destroyed its own and had to be destroyed by its own....

Margot Woodrough said...

Hi Floyd,  Margot here - excellent questions.  I assume you know the answers.  I have your book.  Will go through it again with the questions in mind.