Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Trigs Ready for Prime Time

Okay, let's see if at least most of us can agree on something. The Trig being held by Willow at the 2008 VP Debate on October 2 in the left photo is not the same baby as Willow is holding in this shot taken only twenty-nine days earlier at the Minneapolis airport on September 3, 2008. Do we agree that the baby on the left is larger and older than the baby on the right? The Trig on the left has been nicknamed either Batwing or Elfie, depending purely upon personal taste in names, and the baby on the right is usually referred to as Round Ear. Let's take this concept a step further and say that if the baby known as Airplane Baby happens to actually be the same as either of these, he is the same as the baby on the right, Round Ear. If you subscribe to the theory that Airplane Baby is actually Tripp, then he cannot also be Round Ear, too. Round Ear is also the Trig who is shown in the blue outfit in the many photos from the 2008 RNC. Are we in agreement so far?

Let us leave the other theories involving Tripp for just a moment. If this is the big secret, that there were two Trigs publicly displayed slightly over a month apart, the next question is whether or not they both have Down syndrome. I have always felt that the larger Trig on the left absolutely does, but I am not so certain of the younger Trig on the right. Where this issue gets complicated is that I have seen many photos of Trig with both DS and round ears. Now ask yourself again: does Airplane Baby have Downs? I have a problem answering that question, but let's assume that both Airplane and Round Ear are the same, and they both have Downs. How did the hillbillies secure TWO DS babies of about the same age to use as political props at the RNC and the VP Debate? The next question concerns how they managed to control the entire backstage area and all the many people who could have inadvertently seen the two babies together or noticed the differences between the babies at the two events? Why was such a risk worth taking and why has this been the biggest political secret in America since JFK did The Funky Monkey with Marilyn Monroe?

If there were two Downs babies at the RNC and the VP Debate, how many were birthed by Bristol? There are only two ways in which it could have been both: either there is at least most of a year's difference in the ages of the two Trigs or they are twins. For the life of me, I have never been able to think of a motive for the hiding of the secret of twins! In addition to this, my research has shown that DS twins are very rare. Watch out ladies, here comes Tripp! What if the larger Trig on the left was the first Tripp, and he really is old enough to be the baby on the right's older brother? I am not saying I believe this. I am just throwing it out there. Remember, this is what I do. Psychology and economics are my specialties, not photo analysis. From a probability standpoint, I would say the probability of Bristol giving birth to sequential DS boys is next to zero. That takes us back to DS twins (also very rare) or Round Ear does not have Downs. As I said earlier, I do not think this is a likely variable; HOWEVER, I want to postulate something new here (at least to me). Maybe most or all of the photos I have been staring at that I have labeled as Round Ear in which the pictured baby clearly has Downs are actually mislabeled, mostly due to the angle of the baby's head in the photos in question? When I browse through my photo collection with this concept in mind, it makes me go, Hmmmm. Maybe some of you who are more adept with photo analysis could take this ball and run with it. What if the political team actually had the gall to publicly display a baby at the RNC who was not only younger and smaller, but did not even have Down syndrome? In other words, maybe Round Ear has never been a Downs baby.

Now I know many of you are frustrated when I do this, but I have to speak the truth as I see it. What if all that last paragraph is nothing but a mistaken distraction? What if Round Ear does indeed have Downs. Where does that theory take us? First of all, we circle back to the great unlikelihood that Bristol birthed either sequential DS boys or DS twins. Then we are back to my old favorite theory, that of an acquired baby. I still think this is the most likely scenario overall, and I still think that the part of PARADIGM SHIFT that keeps Sarah awake at night is the concept of Ruffles and FAS. Let's return to the motive. Why would Mercede's hard drive be wiped of all photos? Would they not want the public seeing those shots of teenage Palinbrats drinking alcohol and partaking of illegal, recreational drugs? Would they not want us to see photos of Ruffles? Why would they remove photos from the State of Alaska's website? My best guess would be to remove revealing shots of the non-pregnancy, and possibly additional pictures of Ruffles. I am not positively convinced that Ruffles has or had Downs or FAS, but I think either is a distinct possibility. Now we are back to the motive. FAS would be one hell of a reason to hide photos of Ruffles. Why would that be true of a Downs Ruffles? I am not saying that Ruffles positively did not have Downs, but I am saying there would have to be another motivational variable present. FAS offers its own motive.

I am not swayed in the least by any official paperwork that states the birth date of Tripp as December 2008. If that was the date selected as a public statement of his birth by The Palins, why would they later offer up any proof, or even a clue, that the originally stated date was incorrect? Hell, no! Never mind whenever Tripp's publicly stated birth date was, the original release of that particular bit of information was so screwy it would give a corkscrew a heart attack. Where is that grain of salt when we need it? Tripp may be exactly the age as stated, he may have been born a little earlier or later than stated, or he may even be exactly one year older than stated. Let's wrap up the Trigonometry.

I have not kept many of the photos from the Going Rogue book tour. If any of you have them, I suggest you go through them again and try to ascertain if BOTH Trigs shown clearly have Downs. We did not regularly refer to a Trig as Batwing or Elfie prior to that time period. It was on the book tour, when one of the Trigs was particularly gregarious in a video clip that we began to pay attention to this new concept. From what I remember, the friendly Trig definitely had DS. He was also walking about and he was the one to whom we applied the new name. In other words, that Trig was clearly the one on the left above. However, one element that may have been throwing us a bit is that the walkabout Trig seemed to be the one with darker hair. In some of the photo comparisons we have seen, such as the RNC and debate photos, this does not necessarily seem to be true. The more I look, the more I am convinced that maybe there is an older Trig who definitely has Downs and a younger Trig with rounder ears who may not. Regardless of who birthed these two babies, one big neon flash blinds my mental vision of that momentous event near Labor Day weekend of 2008: there are a number of political operatives, and maybe even a few backstage or hotel or airport workers who happened onto a revealing scene, who KNOW this political hoax is real!


curiouser11 said...

Floyd - The photo on the left was taken at the Oct 2 VP debate.  Trig would bigger.

Jane said...

One thing is for sure, whichever, Trig was at the VP debate, he was most certainly sedated. All the noise and being handed from person to person and he doesn't even open an eye.  You can see this in the photos from the link provided by curiouser11, which is obvious in still photos, let alone any video from the event.  I can't believe any parent would use an infant, any infant, like they did during the campaign and her book tour.  

I do believe we have seen enough photos and video footage to determine that there were multiple Trigs presented.  How many and who they belong to - I also believe will come out in time.  Somebody knows and they will speak someday...

77TA66 said...

Thank you for catching my error! I have corrected all the pertinent information to reflect the VP Debate date of 10/2/08, thirty-four days after introduction on 8/29/08. This does diminish the shock value of the issue a bit, but I am still of the opinion that a baby does not change that much in just over a single month.

curiouser11 said...

"Maybe most or all of the photos I have been staring at that I have
labeled as Round Ear in which the pictured baby clearly has Downs are
actually mislabeled, mostly due to the angle of the baby's head in the photos in question?"

Yes.  There are some shots of Trig at different angles on the same occasion with his ear looking round in one shot and not round in another.  I have a grandbaby whose ear looks perfect and round from some angles and is floppy in others. After spending far too much time looking at baby photos, I lean toward there being one baby during the campaign.

Angle may also come into play in comparing the size of the babies above.  The one on the right is distorted by foreshortening and his height isn't apparent.  The baby at the debate appears huge.  Could this be partly because his shirt is far too large and doesn't define his shape?  Or because he's wearing big boy pants and shoes? The photos of him wearing a onesie as Sarah carries him off the plane before the debate tells a different story.  (sorry I don't have a link)

Patg said...

The faces shown of the baby at the debate (Zimbio pictures) and the face of the baby in September look very much the same; perhaps the difference in size is due to the angle of how the baby is being held. That said, look at the size of the baby in comparison to Piper.  At the debate, I remember her carrying the baby and almost falling down some steps with him.  The baby in the September picture is one she seemingly would be more able to carry.  Babies can grow a lot in one month but this much change reportedly from 5 to 6 months old seems excessive if one doesn't discount for the angle of carrying. 

As to the baby's lack of reaction to the sounds and lights, I've read that Trig is almost or is deaf and the sounds would not bother him.  The lights are a different story.  He's being held in some pictures facing straight up into the lights and his eyes are always closed.  Perhaps he was sedated.  Trig as pictured currently seems much more alert and responsive.  The baby(s?) Trig always seemed very nonresponsive.

Holly said...

Sarah Palin seems to have no qualms about declaring that up is down, or black is white.  Why would she hesitate to tell the world that a baby with FAS has Downs Syndrome?

Palin Place said...

Floyd, I'm in the camp that says there's only ever been one Trig presented. They look the same to me from Ruffles to blue-sweater (summer 2008 airplane baby) to VP debate. Babies change very quickly, and growth spurts amaze even the parents. 

Jane, I do think they drug their infants, but Trig has severely impaired hearing. Gyphen interviewed Sarah at a basketball game after the election, Trig in her arms, and a very loud buzzer went off. The baby never flinched.

There is a hoax or two to uncover, though. Who birthed the baby known as Trig?  When was Trig born? When was Tripp Johnston really born?  Why can't Sarah tell the truth about these boys?

Thanks for letting me have some space here, Floyd. We may not see everything the same but I think we share 90%.  I'm glad you haven't quit the race. She might come roaring back anytime and we need to stay motivated.


B said...

Floyd, these babies can easily be the same.  Even the outfits affect our perception of age. The month younger baby wears baby clothes and booties. The older Trig on the left wears slacks and shirt. 

I had not seen this tarmac photo before. I wonder if that baby can be the same as the Trig Sarah carried around on the RNC stage a few days later, int the blue striped outfit, looking over her shoulder at his surroundings. To me, that looked like an older face, but that is impossible to tell from the photos. 

But even if these are two different babies, it doesn't go to whether there is still a baby around with at least one ruffled ear.

B said...

Also,  someone said three years ago that after the People Mag photo shoot the McCain campaign did not want Bristol to be the one holding Trig and furthering the rumors.  So here we see Willow holding him.