Saturday, April 24, 2010

Palin Babygate

I want to especially thank Kellygirl, LisaBeth, and the others from Palingates and The Immoral Minority for responding to my rallying cry in But Seriously, Folks.... I have been working for several months on a detailed timeline of Babygate and some of SP's related shenanigans. (Update: This timeline was posted in a private blog entitled Palin Babygate. That blog was closed a long time ago. All the pertinent information contained therein, including a final edit of The Babygate Timeline, was included in the book Paradigm Shift.) Much of the material in this timeline is inflammatory and unsubstantiated. That is why I have kept it private. Until now, only Palingates and my wife have had access to it, but the time has come to release the hounds a bit.

The creation of this timeline has several purposes, but the most important one is to allow a forum in which all the anti-Palin tribe can participate in a somewhat different manner. Right now the blog contains only one very long post. Anyone who has more accurate information, or even somewhat speculative information, can comment on the many details contained in the timeline. Whenever comments are shown to be relevant, and at least more accurate than what has been noted, I can update the timeline with the new information.

The purpose of the blog is to expose SP as the fraudulent candidate and celebrity that she is, in all her incarnations. Like many others, I have felt for nearly two years now that Babygate is the string that will unravel the Plastic Public Palin Persona. Of course I would like to think that the proprietors of Palingates are correct, and that they will become the Woodward & Bernstein of this millennium, but I have my doubts. They are, after all, across the pond, while I live in the heart of Palin Country. For all the people who want to wave the racist flag at the Tea Baggers, I lived very close to the hot spots of the Civil Rights movement of the '60's, so I am familiar with that scenario as well. The foundation of how an attractive American can rise to an unforeseen level of sociopolitical power was described in my third book, so I have been studying this angle for a long time, too.

I am not sure what my next move with the Palin Babygate blog will be yet, but for now, I am opening it up to public access for two hours only. It will be returned to its private access at midnight tonight. You may comment only with a Blogger username (Google account) on any of my blogs. If I use my real name, you can at least make up an alias. Anyone who wants to study this material at length is encouraged to copy and paste the current status of the timeline into a Word document. As I said, I am uncertain what the future of this project holds. Thank you.