Thursday, March 8, 2012

Secrets Before Your Eyes

This has never been a simple story. It has been complicated by many factors since the very beginning. Those who seek easy, simple answers will never be rewarded with the truth. The massive pile of victims, lies, con artists, and shills is more enormous than anything we have experienced in modern America. Quite likely this is the only blog you read on the subject written by a lifelong Democrat. I am the only one who has never voted for a Republican, even for local dog catcher. There are of course a few other Democratic bloggers mining the same vein, but if you look closely you will see that these were all late to the party. They are hangers on, who have come and gone with the prevailing winds. Examine the bloggers with any real power in numbers and you will discover that none were voting Democrats when Reagan, Bush, or even Clinton were elected. Most of them were Republicans all the way up until Bush and Cheney made them all mad by starting a war with Iraq. Oh, I see. These are the people you really trust. You are pleased with the progress we have made over the past four years. Then you don't need to read any further. Just sit back and watch the movie Saturday, content in your notion that Sarah Palin will be declared a historical monument to madness in American politics on the Sunday morning talk shows and you will never have to hear her screech and growl at our President ever again.

Arianna Huffington is a shill for the CNP and her many other Republican pals. So is Markos Moulitsas. Geoffrey Dunn is a shill for Arianna Huffington. Jesse Griffin is a shill for Queen Audrey and Geoffrey Dunn. They are all con artists of a strange and unusual sort, and you are their marks. Patrick, Kathleen, and Litman are in on it, too. They have all been consistently keeping the truth from you. Kathleen, in paticular, is scared silly that I will blab everything I know. Hi, Kathleen! Yes, I know that it is never coincidence that you seem to suddenly pop up whenever you fear that I am exposing a truth you so desperately want to keep quiet. Just keep on worrying. I have amassed enough data on all you con artists to fill a book. You claim you are just an innocent victim? Prove it. Tell your readers the whole truth of what you know, and while you're at it, explain to them why you hide behind anonymity way over there in Germany. Tell them why you have been using your henchwomen as shills to control the message. And don't forget to mention exactly how long you have been aware of the details of the con.

Hide and watch, kids! The best movie of 2012 is about to come and go. Yes, it will be an outstanding show to watch, and absolutely nothing will change after it is over. That's why Dunn has been sent in to set up the storyline. Let's see now, the first HP article in eleven months, check; a follow-up article six days later, check; a copycat article of the first one at IM, check; copycat article of the first one at PoliticalGates, check; copycat article of the second one at IM, check; and finally, a copycat article by Kathleen of the second one, check. Gryphen so aptly ponders why Dunn is reinforcing the impression that Steve Schmidt was solely responsible for the spur of the moment VP selection. Could it be that that message is the whole intent of Dunn's resurrection at The Huffington Post? All together now, kids, recite after me: "Sarah Palin is an incompetent moron who was thrown into the deep end of the pool. The end."

Yes, Gryphen did ask the right question in this case, but he has not told you more than a portion of the truth over these past four years. Maybe you forgot to read the part about his voting record in the past, or the fact that he posted over a hundred times (and that's a conservative figure) before ever acquiring more than a tiny handful of commenters. Maybe you didn't notice that he officially endorsed Palin for Governor. Maybe you didn't read the post about the birth of Trig. (He congratulated Sarah and did not question the birth in any way.) The first time, after several years of blogging, that Gryphen received any degree of attention was after August 2008, when all of us were seeking more information concerning this farce. He quickly discovered that posts concerning Babygate brought boatloads of attention to his blog.

Since by all rights this should be Shailey Tripp's week, let's focus on someone you think is a heroine for her efforts to aid Shailey in exposing whatever truths she knows. You would never know this by looking at all the Limbaugh rants at Malia Litman's blog this week, would you? She has time to copy and paste horseshit from all over the net, as usual, but suddenly she has no time to even mention Shailey's book, Boys Will Be Boys, in a blog post? Give me a break! Do you remember when she said she could not afford to visit Alaska for more than 24 hours? She followed the exact same path as The Wild Ride, met with Gryphen, and signed her two pamphlets at Border's, but she did not even go look at Wasilla? Give me a break on that one, too! Do you even have a clue how rich this woman is? Let's just say that she easily fits into the 1%, but she does not want you to know this because if you did, you might question a few of her motives. Oops!

Let's bring up Me Again. Like many of the aforementioned, she had an opportunity to make the right decision, but she chickened out. She gave her pertinent information to Gryphen, and as one of the smart ones of you out there so aptly stated, he buried it in his backyard! Me Again, the offer is always open. Come on over to the light from the dark side. Step away from the cons. I am always here to listen to whatever you have to tell me. Unlike all the rest, I am right here, out in the open. Anyone can read my books or blogs. I never write anything except under my own real name.

Maybe a few of you will finally wake up this time. Although I know that the story told by Shailey Tripp probably contains many technical and artistic flaws, most likely there is at least some fire under all that smoke. Yes, she is misguided in trying to focus on Todd because no one cares. They want to know if that twit was pregnant when she got a massage! Whether or not you can honestly answer that question, Shailey, is clearly up to you, and I seriously doubt that your books reflect the detailed professionalism or educational level that mine do. However, these con artists have done you wrong, and I do not mean Sarah or Todd. I mean Gryphen, Kathleen, and Litman. All three of them should have stampeded to see who could be the first one to publish a review of your book, and I don't mean those fawning sycophants at Amazon, either. I mean real reviews. Whatever information is contained in your book should have been discussed on the major blogs the day it was released! I am not saying this because all your secrets should be exposed for free. I am saying it because this is the way book promotion works. If these buttheads don't promote the book's existence, and its qualities both pro and con, just who do you think will?

As of this moment, Boys Will Be Boys has sold twenty copies since its second day at Amazon. Whatever sales occurred on the first day could not be tracked until the ranking numbers kicked in. If you add the direct CreateSpace sales and those of the first day with the twenty, you might be able to double that figure for total sales. Congratulations! You have tied the sales of Bristol's book over the same time period, and Going Rogue has sold the same amount in the same period, and that refers to the original hardback version only! First of all, Shailey, you can wise up and get that book out on Kindle as promptly as possible. Secondly, get it up at Smashwords. That will send it to B&N and other online e-book sources. Be sure to price the Kindle version within the right range to get a 70% royalty. Don't expect any big-name media sources to give it a moment's notice, even with Todd Palin's name on it. They won't. Do you wonder where all the used copies of a book on Amazon come from? Now you know. Your best chances, quite unfortunately, are with the very bloggers who are currently ignoring you and your book. Don't kid yourself; they know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. Remember, you had a chance to work with me from the beginning, Shailey, and you chose not to do so. I know more about publishing than you can imagine. I am on your side. I hope your story explodes all over the cable news, but I am not holding my breath.

I never dreamed four years ago what subject matter I would be writing about today. Even as I approached 2009 did I have a clue what tales of mystery and imagination I would be facing today. I love using these little hints of pleasant nostalgia. Of course that's the title of the first Alan Parsons album. This has been far more a tale of con artistry, backstabbing, and deceit. Although it is certainly a mystery, little imagination is involved. As I said, I have tons of material at my disposal. I would like to make one thing clear to all of you. The key is that there is so much information that has no paper trail, and this has been a deliberate conceit from the beginning. The concept applies to both Babygate and the Blog Wars. In some way or another, you have to make contacts with insiders to put the story together. There is no absolutely complete paper trail for either scam. That's the truth and that's the way it has all been designed from the very, very beginning.

Some people have questioned why I dare to attack my fellow bloggers. Unlike the subject we chase every day, the answer is very simple. The truth will set you free.


Conscious at last! said...

 Oh Dear --- more negativity and jealousy.   Of course you are doing precisely what you accuse others of doing - teasing us with small pieces of innuendo/information.

If you have something specific to share about babygate that  is new---

If you have something important to share about other bloggers that will shed light-- SPILL IT!

We don't need  political purity tests, we need information.

We are all able to read using our critical facilities.  We understand that most bloggers have their own individual agendas --- right FLOYD????

Ginger said...

Mr Orr, thank you.

I have been wondering why Ms Tripp's book has not been given the kind of attention that Bailey's, Dunn's and McGinniss's books were by the "major bloggers". 

Why do you think Ms Tripp declined to work with you?  Did she prefer a woman?    It would be sad if she is being victimized again.

77TA66 said...

Ginger, since Shailey has never replied to any e-mail message I have sent to her, I can only assume that, as you said, she wanted to work with another woman. Considering her viewpoint on the story, I can understand that. I would probably have been more demanding that she focus more on Sarah, the massage, and making the storyline more political and less personal. That does not seem to be Shailey's primary interest. Thank you for asking!

Holly said...

Thank you for another thought-provoking post.

To clarify: CNP is the Council for Nat'l Policy, or Center for Nat'l Policy?

Are the statements about bloggers fact known to you, or theorizing? If fact, why dance around the issue? At one time you were close enough to Kathleen that you would use her as an intermediary for those seeking to contact you.

Do you believe it is impossible for someone to change their opinions & beliefs as they grow, change and learn new information?

77TA66 said...

 You have asked pertinent, thoughtful questions, Holly. CNP stands for Council for National Policy. You can look them up at Wikipedia. Leah Burton at God's Own Party is well versed in their activities, too. Your last question is thought provoking and I am not sure I know the answer, or precisely to what issue you are referring.

I have loads of documentation verifying practically everything I have said about the bloggers and Blog Wars. There are only three issues in this concern that I cannot definitively answer. (1) Why? I do not know exactly why certain bloggers have taken the firm positions they have against each other, certain authors, or specific details of Babygate. (2) The exact dates and times that certain key events occurred to launch the Blog Wars are only known by the combatants. I have developed a detailed, fourteen-page timeline of all the significant events, most of which are noted by exact dates. (3) I do not know the sources of the actual monetary or more personal rewards involved. What I am certain of is that the key bloggers who have amassed large audiences have consistently and repeatedly blocked the demise of Sarah Palin's political career, mostly through deliberately missed opportunities, lying by omission to their readers, or hiding behind relentless anonymity.

At the close of the 2008 election, I knew there was something terribly amiss with the mainstream media's involvement in keeping Palin on stage and her career afloat. I received more blowback from my writing about that issue than from any other at the time. In early 2009, I began to suspect a similar problem with the key bloggers, and I have been gathering data and researching the issue ever since. Some people have suggested in the past that one or more of these bloggers is on the Palin payroll. I have consistently resisted this theory because I do not think the insidious behavior goes quite that far. I think the source of the madness lies within the Blog Wars. I think the Babygate investigation began on the wrong foot several years ago, and now some of the key players are trapped in an endless whirlpool. They are unable to go deeper, but they cannot escape from their early mistakes, either.

The reason I cannot seem to let this subject go is that I am truly obsessed with halting Palin's career. Anyone who thinks I am just trying to cash in by selling books could not be more wrong. I was working on my book about The Southern Strategy decades before I ever heard of Palin. If I was publishing for monetary reward, the book would have been solely focused on Babygate and half the word count. There are deliberately inserted gaping holes in the various paper trails of Babygate. We shall never expose the truth simply by searching for direct evidence. The whole plot has been much more insidious and lackadaisical than that. We have to use every tool we have to force her hand, or that of one of her minions. We are David and the MSM and CNP are the Goliath. Shailey and I have each handed a big rock to the bloggers who own a slingshot, and in both cases they have deliberately dropped it to the ground.

Allison said...

As I finish reading this I see two logins from Wasilla. Floyd, as usual, you worry the witch And mystify the masses. Thank you for keeping at it.

77TA66 said...

 That's a great way to describe it, Allison:

"Worry the Witch and Mystify the Masses".

Guest from Wasilla said...

Allison, it is not Sarah from Wasilla but a long term observer of many websites that offer Palin info.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

Guest said...

Malia is covering the book. 

77TA66 said...

 I saw that and I am very glad to see it! (I hope my rant waked a few people up!)

Nyah said...

Wow. I mean- WOW! You've got a brass pair bigger than tractor wheels, Floyd.

Although I am loathe to admit it in public due to what I've heard are vicious campaigns against people they don't like, I agree with you about Patrick and Kathleen. I have heard some things about them which if true pretty much make them the Carmela and Tony of Palin blogging.

Maila has given Shailey a ton of virtual ink. Don't you give her credit for the tireless campaign she waged to hold the APD accountable?

Gryphen. What can I say? I adore the man! I feel like if it weren't for his efforts, babygate would be even further back in the dark ages. Yes, he is as obnoxious as ALL hell sometimes. But he really DOES seem to want babygate exposed. With Patrick and Kathleen, I totally see them only going a certain distance. Sure they are willing to SAY "we know as fact Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy!" and they even put in a decent showing with the recent emails. But it seems like they only did that because they "had" to or their dragging on of babygate exposure would have simply been TOO obvious.

It really is a shame the two of them are so slimy and sneaky as I truly admire many of their "regular" comment posters.

Gryphen knows more of course, but what he has seemed to convey all along is that he is protecting sources or doesn't have permission to spill. I believe the Johnston's must know- how could they not? And Jesse is protective of them because- well, because as much as I want babygate exposed (and at this point having endured ridicule and derision both at home and in the workplace, I DESPERATELY want it exposed) I feel someone should be looking out for the Johnstons. God knows their "attorney" won't do it.

So Floyd, if YOU know it all, aren't you doing the very thing you're accusing them of? Why on earth are you protecting Patrick and Kathleen if what you say is true? And based on what I have heard about them from multiple sources, I believe it IS true. So why protect a "con artist"? If you know something the rest of us should know, why won't you practice what you preach and tell? If you have a 14 page document providing insight concerning why we should believe what you say, why won't you share it?

Concerning Gryphen's congratulating Palin after the birth and only blogging about babygate later, isn't it POSSIBLE that like so many others, Gryphen simply did not know anything was amiss until someone enlightened him about what is and is not physiologically practical during pregnancy and birth? Isn't it possible he, like so many others including myself, didn't know the full extent of the birth hoax until after he'd researched it? I had seen an item in People magazine noting the birth of Trig to Sarah and had it not been for stumbling upon Bree Palin and others, including you, I would have never known anything was amiss.

Sorry for all the gab! But I can really narrow it down-

Why are you hiding relevant information if you do have it and it is accurate?


Are you TRULY being fair to Gryphen? After all, many thousands were "for" Palin due to her carefully crafted image before they realized she was an empty head atop an overpriced suit. In my own city (Houston) lots of people thought she was just the best thing ever- tough but feminine, loving mom, (Ha) hard worker (HA). And now most of them would wrinkle their nose in distaste if you mentioned her. Why is it possible for others to change their opinion of her and give babygate credence after first dismissing it- but GRYPHEN should have "known better"? Why?

I do have one last question- what do you think of Scharlott? I think he belongs with Patrick and Kathleen and that is saying enough right there.

Bobcat Logic said...


I've been away from the discussion for months (undergoing multiple surgeries), but am delighted to be recovering in time for this weekend on HBO.

I'm not so sure that "Game Change" is the end of the media discussion.  "Game Change" won't be the total revelation any of us wants, but it will lay the groundwork among the largely uninformed American public for more to come. 

I also have to dispute a bit of what you said about Geoffrey Dunn.  He DOES NOT lay the blame of the Palin choice on Schmidt, and, in fact, he is about to reveal the real story as he understands it.  

I suspect this will be about the blackmail of McCain by Paxson and the Fundies at CNP to induce McCain to accept Palin on the ticket.  Dunn very strongly hinted at all of this in his book, but stopped short of explicitly connecting the dots because of an abundance of legal caution on the part of his publishers, IMO,...but more is to come.

I frankly don't care all that much about the previous political positions of the people who ultimately bring the Palin hoax (and the dark forces behind it) to light.  There are motivated individuals on both the left and right with a strong axe to grind against Palin.  

But I DO keep track of previous affiliations and realize the complicated motivates that may inform how this info is released and  to what degree.  Are we looking at "modified limited hang-out"?  Probably, for the time being.

I'm also seeing many shoes out there waiting to drop -- on Murdoch, on the militias, on the shootings in AZ, and on a few other "black ops" and "false flag" operations perpetrated by the extreme right -- both here and abroad.  

I suspect the administration is waiting for the most opportune time to reveal this information, or that it is being used behind the scenes as a bargaining chip in one (or more) of major policy issues that confront us now.

I further suspect that the exposure of Palin and all that goes with her (and her loathsome husband, etc.) will be aided by Shailey Tripp's book.  I've just finished it.  I wish it had been better edited, but it still a bombshell.  And it's only Volume 1.  Everyone should read it, send it to friends and people of influence.

Shailey  needs help and protection.  I plan to do what I can.  There are certainly others out there with similar stories to tell. Stay tuned

And keep on keepin' on!

Your friend, life-long Dem and fellow Southerner from the 60s,

Allison said...

Sarah will credit you --there's no such thing as coincidence.

Nyah said...

Another question, Floyd-

Why do you think Gryphen (and politicalgates and anyone else who would obviously benefit from doing so) staunchly refused to post about the medical forms from Sarah Palin's massage? I have seen people ask Gryphen point blank in the comments "why aren't you talking about this?" Radio silence from Gryphen unless I missed something.

Photos are one thing- while personally I believe logic and reason dictate certain photos can be designated as "proof" Palin wasn't pregnant during 2008, these forms are black and white, solid evidence. Palin tried to discredit Shailey in an offhand manner, she has never said outright "those forms are forgeries. those are not my forms".

I believe she hasn't said this for the same reason she constantly refers to the babygate premise as "rumors that Trig is not my kid" or "rumors that I'm not Trig's mom" (as opposed to the more obvious "rumors I didn't GIVE BIRTH TO Trig") is because she knows eventually things will blow and the she can go back and say "I didn't lie! I AM Trig's mom!"

I really thought these forms would be the straw that broke it. Truly, I did. In your opinion, why do you think nobody picked up this torch? Do you think Gryphen felt slighted because Shailey gave the forms to "Blade" rather than him? (I'm assuming it was Shailey of course; I believe the official line is still "anonymous source")

I am truly interested to know your thoughts on this.

77TA66 said...

 I am thrilled to see you back, Bobcat! I admire you as much as any Babygator! I truly hope you are well and fully recovered. Let me try to answer your questions. First of all, I am sure you know that much of what I write is deliberate hyperbole to try to entertain while slapping people awake. Secondly, there were multiple issues to which I was referring in this post. The main issue that set me off was the obvious praise from multiple key sources for Rerun Dunn when Shailey's book had just hit the Innertubes.

I expect Game Change to be the best movie of the year, but I do not expect anything to change. I think the plan is to paint Palin as simply incompetent and continue on with the status quo. The CNP and her puppeteers will remain unchallenged. The next time they will choose a candidate who is not such an idiot. The problem is not Palin; it is the voters in MS and AL who will choose Santorum and/or Gingrich Tuesday. It is the machine that is controlling those voting clowns that is the problem, and that machine will not just wither away when Palin is shown as simply incompetent.

Of course I have read every word of Dunn's book, and I seem to be the only one declaring that the emperor has no clothes. There is not a single story or issue in that book that had not been previously covered in a news story or another book. Yes, he elaborated a bit with a few more details on a few of them, and yes, the book is quite academically composed. Compared to Joe McGinniss, though, Dunn is something of a coward. Gryphen defends Dunn to the death, but he let McGinniss get crucified by the media when the crucial moment arrived.

You have a somewhat optimistic attitude about the actions of the administration or other politicians. I think they will protect the CNP and related pals until the end of time, or at such point the media and public have forgotten about Sarah Palin, whichever comes first. Keep up the intelligent comments. I want to hear your thoughtful voice continue to challenge us all with passion and reason. Thank you for all you do!

77TA66 said...

 Nyah, let me first give you a brief answer to your questions. Maybe later I shall provide a more detailed account. You have obviously taken Gryphen's side in the Blog Wars. Over the past three years, I have heard accounts that say you are right and just as many that indicate you are wrong. I do not know the correct answer. I do know that Morgan Rouch was the first shill for Audrey. She began commenting at PD from its inception as if she did not have personal history with Audrey. Patrick and Kathleen were the next to discover the truth by working behind the scenes with Morgan at PD. I do not know at exactly what point Gryphen joined the keepers of secrets, but I assure you that he is keeping a boatload of them. P&K swear as adamantly as any that they are not the villains in the story. At this point, I literally do not know who to believe, so as far as I am concerned, they are all villains and con artists. If I had proof that one or the other was NOT practicing deception, I would clearly say so. The truth is not mine to reveal. It belongs to both of these parties. They are all in it up to their necks.

Brad Scharlott entered the public arena late, but he had a good start. Then he blew it, big time. Anyone who fiercely claims to know the whole truth of Babygate without actually being in the inner circle is either lying or kidding himself. I think Scarlott, Allison, and others are doing the latter. They so desperately want the story to be simple and easily provable with photos and paperwork that they have led themselves and their readers into an unresolved oblivion.

77TA66 said...

 This is a good question, Nyah, and a good example of the issues I continue to rant about. This is why I included Me Again in this article. Gryphen is either a jealous child or a greedy con artist when he deals with such issues. I do not know which. The part I am certain of is that the origins of PD that led to the Blog Wars hold the answer to this and many similar questions. (Be sure to read my response to your earlier questions below.)

If nothing else, Gryphen is guilty as hell of ignoring the many pleas of his readers and commenters whenever more information concerning a critical topic becomes desperately necessary. For instance, Gryphen did acknowledge the release of Shailey's book in a post. He spoke about it briefly at 2 a.m. on a Sunday night and then he pushed that post down the page at 4:30 a.m., even before most of his readers awakened. He has since plugged the daylights out of Dunn's Rerun TWICE, with no additional mention of Shailey's book. Notice the repeated pleas by the commenters for him to do so.  I think Shailey sent him a free pre-release copy and he responded with the minimum courtesy he deemed appropriate.

As I explain to you in the comment below, I have encountered just as many followers and just as much contrary evidence that P&K are innocent victims and Gryphen is the scoundrel. I do not know which is the truth. What I do know is that you cannot build a house on quicksand and that is precisely, in an allegorical manner of course, what the presumed leaders of the Babygate movement have tried to do. I am not the builder. I am just the building inspector. Until this house has been rebuilt on a solid foundation, it has no chance of standing tall with the truth.

Bobcat Logic said...

Yes, the Dunn book was a bit of a disappointment to those of us who've long ago seen through the hoax(es). But on re-read, I found a lot of interesting details scattered throughout.  Same with Bailey's book, same with McGinniss' book.  But you are the only one who has been truly "out there" and  has given the back story (the Southern Dominionist strategy) -- though McGinniss does mention this as well as militia ties in his book.
I find on re-reading all the books that an index (which Dunn has provided) is extremely helpful.  I hope you will consider one for further printings of your book.  I hope McGinniss does likewise.

Dunn and McGinniss know pretty much everything that we know, but they are dealing with balky lawyers who work for paranoid publishers.  I think we should cut them all some slack (as well as the "Game Changers"), while admiring you all the more for sticking your neck out!

But I hold out hope for the future.  In the recent interview with Gryphen (yesterday) Dunn says  explicitly that Schmidt is taking the fall for others on the Palin "vetting,"specifically Rick Davis.  But then he goes on to say that he will be writing soon about the true story of how McCain ended up with Palin.  Given the clues he has already given in his book, I suspect it to be interesting.

Yes, McGinniss got totally trashed by the liberal media for reasons I can't entirely explain.  I hope to see him vindicated, or at least hear a credible explanation of why this happened to him.

And yes it is the machine that controls the mob-mentality types in AL and MS.  Did you see the interviews filmed by Pelosi's daughter of the voters in MS that was featured on Keith Olbermann last night?

Nyah said...

Thanks for responding, Floyd. Forgive me but I have still more questions, the answers to which are very important to me. I am not trying to trip you up or point out a seeming inconsistemcy; it's just that I TRULY desire the truth and I feel all of us who have invested YEARS in the babygate saga are OWED the truth. After all, the players you mention would not have a seat at the game table were it not for us, their readers.

So how does this:
"Kathleen, in paticular, is scared silly that I will blab everything I know. Hi, Kathleen! Yes, I know that it is never coincidence that you seem to suddenly pop up whenever you fear that I am exposing a truth you so desperately want to keep quiet. Just keep on worrying. I have amassed enough data on all you con artists to fill a book"

Coexist in your mind with this and the many statements similar to it:
"P&K swear as adamantly as any they are not the villains. At this point I literally do not know who to believe"

It seems to me you DO know that P&K are villains or at least you seem to say that in your original post here.

I also wonder why you seem to think or imply Jesse is dragging out babygate for financial purposes? Unlike the televangelistic pleas for cash ("moneyblasts") P&K have helmed at their site, Jesse has never asked for money- at least not that I have seen. Even when he paid $400 for the newly discovered photos which were from the same event as the "nail in coffin" photo, he did not ask for money. I am the one who asked people to donate to him on the same day that Joe's book came out and he posted a very sincere, thorough thank you which also included a list of what blog generated monies had purchased- something he certainly did not owe anyone.

I guess the reason I am quick to believe the horrible things I've heard about P&K (which if true would make them thugs on par with Palin herself) is because of their associations. First Audrey parted ways with them. Then Jesse removed palingates from his blog roll despite his admiration and respect for Regina, something that told me it was only because of P&K he did that. Then Regina, in public, severed ties with P&K- Regina- someone I viewed as SO fair minded and genuine I absolutely believe her account of their power trip bannings and middle of the night demands for money. (Why would a working attorney need a woman on a fixed income to wire money IMMEDIATELY?) Then Laura Novak had them on her blog roll- until abruptly she did not; a move which seemed to accompany a change in tone that to me signified Laura seemed deeply upset by something in these "blog wars" as you call them.

After a point, one must conclude it HAS to be Patrick and Kathleen rather than "everyone else". I truly wish it was not the case because as I said last night I really enjoy many of their regular comment posters.

Last item- what is your feeling on Gryphen's post concerning Tank's statement about transporting Levi and a toddler with dark hair, called "Tripp", long before it would have been possible for the "official" Tripp to be a toddler? Again I thought this was something which would gain a lot of traction in other blogs and possibly even other media but- nothing. And what do you think of Scharlott's "proof" that only one Trig exists? This is my main reason for disliking him- how arrogant to say you've "proved" something because two little babies have the same ear shapes. MOST humans have the same general shapes to our ears! I was glad when someone posted a similar graphic showing Trig and Tripp have identical ears- obviously the dark haired child with DS and the blond, blue eyed one are not the same person.

Thanks for letting me pose all my questions and thoughts!

77TA66 said...

I saw them on Real Time with Bill Maher. Coming from there, I found them to be more realistically chilling than amusing. In case you didn't know, Gryphen let McGinniss be crucified by the media while he was protecting his pals Devon and/or Moore (I think it was Devon, but I have been told it was Moore) who leaked the otherwise professional and innocent e-mail message from McGinniss.

Bobcat Logic said...

You are right!  It was Maher, and yes, very chilling.  Reminded me of my high school reunion.

I have avoided the details on the blog wars and book wars, so, no, I was not aware of this about Gryphen.
But I'm not sure that Gryphen could have stopped the media's disdain and disinterest of McGinniss all on his own.

I tend to visit IM because it is easy to post there more or less anonymously, and, because of all the trolling that goes on.  

The trolls are irritating as are the some of the sillier anti-Palin insults, and their insulting back-and-forth does keep the discussion at a very low level much of the time, detracting from the much larger issues. But, under this relentless barrage of insults, that the Palins can't seem to ignore, the trolls (read: S.Palin and Bristol),  reveal a lot.  They are now more or less conceding that Trig is not Palin's biological child.   That is a step forward.

77TA66 said...

 Both Patrick and Gryphen have claimed that two separate, other books about Babygate are being published. Have you heard another peep about these books from either one of them lately?

I tend to believe most of what Gryphen postulates about the Babygate hoax, including the story of the older Tripp. What I do not believe is that Gryphen is telling his readers the whole truth. I am not talking about Babygate. I am talking about the Blog Wars and his personal motives.

As I have stated repeatedly, I think anyone who states they KNOW the true and actual details of Babygate is either lying or the victim of self-deception.

If you have read my book, you know that I do not attack either side of the Blog Wars in it. In fact, I give them all full credit for the research and publication of that research on their blogs. I cover all the theories in the book, stating however that I lean toward Gryphen's theories as more likely accurate. I feel that Patrick has mostly wanted to "just stick to the facts, ma'am" (like a lawyer). Gryphen puts more faith in what his sources tell him and the personal observations he has made while living close to the source.

Neither Patrick nor Gryphen has EVER taken me into his confidence or discussed the Babygate issues with me personally in any form. I have actually had more direct contact with Kathleen than the other two. Her contact with me has not been extensive, and she has often given herself away by either "talking down to me" or suddenly wanting to communicate whenever I post something close to the truth of the Blog Wars. I truly cannot determine who is the villain and who is not, but the issue is the exposure of Babygate. The problem is that the Blog Wars are stifling that exposure, and everyone who knows even parts of what I know surely understands this code!

For all you people who consistently ask, no, I am not going to tell you the story without the code. There are many reasons for this, and anyone who knows, understands these reasons implicitly. I have put together the general gist of the full story, but I do not know every date or detail. The probability that Gryphen and P&K, and maybe even Regina, know all the dates and details is sky high! The only person who knows absolutely everything is Audrey, your Queen.

There are many reasons it is not proper for me to tell you exactly what you want to know. My research is gathered into a hundred-page document that I have condensed into the fourteen-page timeline. There are many gaps in the paper trail, but not the logistical development of how we got to this point. There are many readers of the blogs out there who simply do not want to see the truth. I have repeatedly published samples of this truth on a number of blogs over the last couple of years, and in every case, some smartmouth has come after me, rather than search for more evidence of the truth herself. I have no problem with the Palinbots. All my grief has come from the Babygators!

77TA66 said...

I am quite surprised that no one has commented on the picture of Sarah!

eclecticsandra said...

Didn't recognize her. I don't think she ever liked hunting much.

eclecticsandra said...

 I didn't want to interrupt your conversation, but nyah should be aware that Gryphen makes some money off of the advertising. He was having great difficulties financing the blog before he did that.

nancydrewed said...

I was going to mention it. This photo and the one you used back in October fill in some blanks. 'Disturbance in the field' is the expression I'd use to describe them.

Malia now has part 2 up on the prostitution ring accusations re Todd. She's gone pretty far out there. Won't it be ironic if it turns out to be Todd who brings the whole house of shabby cards down in the end?

77TA66 said...

 Although I don't have much hope that Todd will be the one to bring the house of cards down, I do think Shailey's story could be the first card removed from the structure. I was glad to see Malia get on the ball and promote the book, which showed a spike in sales just after she did so.

nancydrewed said...

The Todd stories should certainly make a lot of  waves though Floyd. It's thoroughly salacious stuff. As in 'who are these people that have been very recently lauded and reported on by the right?' The darlings of  down-home and real America.

Todd 'endorsed' Newt?  Ha, ha and ha. You go Todd. Take it away Fox.

Amy1 said...

 I click on an advertiser at IM each time I think of it.  Nothing wrong with that money going t IM in my view.

Amy1 said...

Floyd, after all the words here, I still don't understand why you can't say what you mean.  Speak plainly.  I am actually insulted by your saying " much of what I write is deliberate hyperbole to try to entertain while slapping people awake."  Deliberate hyperbole is a huge turnoff too me, I do not wish to be entertained by you, nor do I take kindly to being slapped, either literally or figuratively.

What do you lose by speaking clearly?  What do you gain by this prancing about? Your "stench" comments produced some ugly details on another blog, but those ugly details do not change the fact of discovery of the Palin Hoax.  Now you are implying something more. Only suggesting,  Coyly, mincingly. Just say it, so we can move on.

If the truth is supposed to set anyone free, why don't you tell it?

Nyah said...

Hi Sandra, I actually have heard that, but I was told by the same person that less than 1% of site's visitor's click on google ads. So I figured even with his readership, Gryphen MAYBE makes enough from the ads to support a light Starbucks habit. I could be dead wrong of course- I just figured most of his blog generated income must be from donations- which he has never once asked for.

Thanks for trying to make sure I'm playing with the full deck, though! I appreciate it.

Nyah said...

Floyd, I'm fresh off watching "game change" and just livid they basically closed the door on babygate by saying "given the timing of Bristol's pregnancy, it's impossible that Trig is her baby".

I traveled in the pouring rain from Houston to Austin for SXSW and actually missed a show I had tickets to in order to see the movie. I felt sure they wouldn't HELP babygate along but I definitely didn't think they'd set us back!

So I'm especially plaintive in this request of you:

Please tell me- how are you certain audrey knows "everything"? And what happened to her? Do you believe she was the elusive Fred? I read Audrey's blog but not too frequently and I don't even think I was aware at the time you could comment. By the time I realized Audrey was considered to be the point of reference and origin by many babygate believers, she was close to the time when she stopped blogging.

I heard she was threatened with having her physician husband's long ago DUI exposed to his employer. That seemed really light as far as being enough to silence someone completely and apparently for good. I always thought it must be something truly awful to quiet someone who seemed to have such a steely reserve. I really did have total faith she would re-emerge, victorious- but I guess at this point it's akin to Linus waiting for the great pumpkin.

Audrey, if you're out there- I hope you come back! Sometimes I think I recognize your tone in a comment somewhere but I never want to ask in case it IS you!

Floyd, I agree with you about Gryphen telling the truth. I think as much as Gryphen tells, Patrick and Kathleen hide. Why? You tell me! And why did they seem so willing to hate Gryphen so completely, SO quickly?

Did you answer about Shcarlott's insistence that only one Trig exists? His demeaning and public message toward Gryphen when he "unveiled" this theory was inexcusable.

One more! I feel 100%, bet my life on it certain that Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin both comment on blogs (especially IM) obsessively. I do not care in the least if an IP shows as Brooklyn, NY. I have access to fairly advanced linguistic diagnostic software through my lab and I know it's them. Do you agree? Do you think Sarah is afraid babygate will break, or by this point does she think she's gotten away with it, period?

eclecticsandra said...

You have my intentions wrong. I didn't realize that the ads produce so little. I am a very literal person, so I just wanted to point out a possible error.

77TA66 said...

 I am far from the only one who knows the truth, Nyah. Read through the comments:

Holly said...

As you can find by doing a little legwork after following he link Mr. Orr provided, Robert Stacy McCain made a persuasive case that Audrey is the purveyor of an erotica site. Most of Audrey's Palin site was running down the clues left by the infamous ArcXIX commenter on Slate. (I'd still love to know who that commenter is.).

Mr. Orr, Thank you for your response to my earlier questions.

Nyah said...

Holly and Floyd,

Whoa. Erotica? That is even less "bombshell" than a long ago DUI. I mean if it was erotica for adults BY an adult- ???

I'm not into erotica so maybe it's worse than it sounds to me.

I am going to read those comments. But Lord's SAKE, I wish someone would take pity on us all and tell everything at least in regard to the "blog wars". If I should not be trusting soemeone, I want to know about it.

Nyah said...

Well, I've read all 71 comments over there.

I didn't see anyone provide a concrete link that Audrey is Bethany. And I don't really want to venture into online porn if that's where the link is. Can someone please just SAY xyz is the truth and 123 is the proof?

Why won't Gryphen answer questions about Fred or the book? It'd be understandable that he got caught up in the initial excitement and now is really sad about there being no book. Why make it look weird by not answering any of the many questions asking about it?

Floyd, I adore the new comment system!

nancydrewed said...

Just read up on CNP. Most disturbing. You're onto something and if that's in your book, which I've not read straight through, I missed it. Another commenter mentioned how an index would be useful. Agreed.

Shadow politics makes one shudder. No matter the group. 

B said...

I would think that a blog war, such as between IM and PoGates,  would increase the motivation for each blogger to out-do the other and be the site to tell us more.  Other than being a distraction, how do blog wars keep Babygate from being revealed?

Nyah said...

Floyd, did you delete some comments? I just arrived home from a few days out of town and was looking forward to catching up on ths thread- I was surprised to see a couple of my comments gone.

And what gives with the regular "disqus" style comments? I really loved how it was a few days ago when the comments were in a column on the left and the comment box/options were on the right.

I hope I did not say anything to offend you but even if I had, I thought you were pretty thick skinned in that regard. Are there parameters I am not aware of concerning the discussion of babygate?

77TA66 said...

 I was afraid that you would think that I deleted your previous comments, but I did not. I received them in my e-mail, but they never posted to the blog. Comments from others arrived as planned. I am guessing that this happened for one of two reasons. Either you sent those messages from some sort of mobile device that did not agree with the system or it could have been simply because we were conversing back and forth so much that the comments were already next to the right margin. I never did quite understand what you were referring to about the comments design. Nothing has changed on my end. All my blogs are on the Disqus system, and I have been very happy with it. (I gladly thank Patrick for finding Disqus for all of us!) One word of caution: if you do not use an adequately fast connection, Disqus might cause you a problem. Since I have a fast computer with a cable connection, I have no problems with Disqus whatsoever. You are also welcome to converse with me directly at ice9 at nctv dot com anytime you wish. Thank you for being a thoughtful commenter.

Anonymously yours said...

Gryphen  ≠ Fred.

77TA66 said...

 I'm glad to have you  back, Media Insider! You are more than welcome to comment here anytime you wish. As I am sure you have read, some people try to sling a lot of stuff at me, too, but it's not my fault that the truth sometimes hurts. Like you, I just want the complete truth of Babygate exposed to the mass market. If certain members of our team do not seem to be playing the game fairly or using all the tools for success at their disposal, I call them on it. I applaud your efforts!

Disgusted Reader said...

Floyd. I give you props for this post except for the MeAgain mention. I forever stand by that that person is either the master bullshitter Mediainsider (same writing style) or someone equally insane. No one of worth plays games like that. 

Also, a blog review of a book, especially a far left blog, means nothing. You give the very blog you criticized more power than they have in reality. 

And remember, Bristol's book on day 2 hit #156 on amazon's best sellers. I dont have actual numbers but it remained pretty high on the list for at least two weeks. Screenshots. Shailey's book never rose that high. And that was her hardback, not kindle sales. 

But your'e correct. Gryphen is an empty-suited shill for democrats, an opportunist and a gossip queen. 

Patrick and Kathleen play loose with facts by distorting and leaving out information.

Malia relies too much on gossip that she can't back up and I also know about her personally.

There's no one else worth mentioning because they're even worse then the above.

Like the NE plays people to say ANYTHING and make a story from nothing (again, I have proof through my own non-Palin dealings), Palin bloggers take one sentence or comment or picture and distort it beyond any semblance of truth.

Thank you for this post. My earliest dealings with Patrick completely turned me off of that blog, and Gryphen's always struck me as a hick on a highwire who really knows nothing. I do give Gryphen props for one thing though, one thing that few other bloggers can gloat about. He walked away from the "Trig is Bristol's baby" when it became apparent she is not.  That showed he at least possessed average intelligence. 

Disgusted Reader said...

P and K blame G for stating things as truth that they personally think are false. This is what I've determined and have been told by numerous people. Generally, both bloggers have told truths and both have told lies. JG relies too much on gossip, most of which never plays out, and P&K rely on poor sources and omission.

Disgusted Reader said...

Re: medical forms

Because the date and time on the forms conflict with some emails of Sarah's whereabouts and the timing of those emails. She emailed all day the 4th and said she was stuck in seattle and would be on milk runs. Now, obviously she could be lying but again, there were emails from her all day that day. All morning, afternoon and evening. The time on the intake form says 1:00pm something. That's what made me question the accuracy of that. I believe Sarah had a massage and that Shailey gave her one. But the form was odd.

Disgusted Reader said...

Well, Gryphen has admitted he's immature. No idea if he was serious or playing his part, but I sense he's probably a bit insecure and angry that the woman he once defended as a leader turned out to be someone he hates.

Disgusted Reader said...

The problem with Dunn is, the was led down the garden path by a couple of liars. Make no mistake, the important info is essentially accurate, but he worked with a classmate of Sarah's who told only lies. That is one example. Joe is also guilty of this, not that I blame HIM. Reliance on any one human is difficult. There are people who use the lies printed in each book to discredit it in entirety. 

Disgusted Reader said...

Good luck with telling the "truth story of how McCain was hooked up with Palin." Once something's in print and on the big screen, no one thinks differently. 

Disgusted Reader said...

Please dont lower yourself and is blog to mindless assumptions that Sarah or a family member are posters over at IM. We know who the trolls really are when all is said and done. They are the 3 or 4 radical Palin fans who are more obsessed with her every move than anti-Palin bloggers are, if that's possible. 

Disgusted Reader said...

Didnt the alleged child in Tank's story have a hat on and Tank didn't really see him, other than note his size? I think Tank just saw the actual Tripp with winter clothing on and felt in the moment in looked bigger. 

KatieAnnieOakley said...


Disgusted Reader said...

Kathleen and Patrick fully believe their opinions and knowledge is what is the most true; Therefore they believe everyone else who doesn't believe them is worthless. Concerning their relationship with IM, it's as simple as that. 

Nyah said...

You sound like the typical IM troll aka Bristol.

You always seethe at any mention of Me Again and this only gives her more credibility. She said many things which came to pass, not the least of which was the reality show featuring you and the Masseys had tanked with test audiences and would not be picked up by the Biography channel.

I also notice your constant "pivot" attempting to say Media Insider and Me Again are the same person. Anyone with basic observational skills can easily discern two completely different people.

You constantly attempt to rewrite history- and you're so transparent its actually comical.

Guest said...

If more would speak up, KAO, maybe we could claw our way out of this morass of inaction and misinformation.

heikobultmunnisadodgyprat said...

I'm deeply perplexed, Floyd.

That Audrey is a dirtbag was scarcely a secret. Pray tell, how is Kathleen's alleged withholding of said information meaningful in any way, shape or form? Methinks you've endowed a corpulent, intellectually-insecure Scotswoman with far too much power.

Holly said...

Nyah, you are very generous to Ms. Palin. DR's spelling and grammar are far better than Bristol's, and the comment is well written and coherent. Nancy French maybe?

Shaytripp said...

Mr. Orr, how are you? Have you read my book? Thank you for mentioning it. I do not understand the bloggers war that seems to be raging quietly behind the scenes but thebook seems to be selling at a steady rate and the fact that it is selling makes me happy. I do not want people to lose sight of the message. The message is human trafficking is taking place and many people in positions of power who are suppose to protect are engaging in it.  If nothing else happens I hope the people being turned into prostitution can get help. I am tempted to comment on other aspects but am choosing not to. If you want a pdf copy of the book email me and I will send it to you.

Shaytripp said...

I think if all the bloggers interested in getting the truth out would jointly blog about it in the same time frame and open up discussion, I believe it would generate a greater public interests. But it seems to get everyone to do that is difficult.

Shaytripp said...

As far as I know a woman was going to publish "Fred's" book. I am 100% sure it is not Gryphen's book. I beleive Fred is a female. I also think the mistake made was approaching a main stream publisher. I say that because when I did that they wanted to take everything I had and give it to the Palins first. That was not okay with me. So I self publsihed and took all the risk on myself. I bet they approached a publisher and the materials may have been presented to the Palins and they probably threatned to sue. I am basing that off my own experiences.

Shaytripp said...

There is a certain attention in the fact my book has recieved no attention from the Palins.

Shaytripp said...

Mr. Orr this is not true. But we would not have worked well together, i did not want my book to be political or have political associations. Personal choice. Also at the time I truly did not know who you were or what your accomplishments were. I just didn't know.

Shaytripp said...

I think what you all are speaking about concerns me and  my former good friend Richard. i think it is what made the already on going war worse  and I seem to incite that type of response. I truly don't mean to. PG was doing posts on me. I did not mind that but I think my friend Ricahrd did. Richard and Patrick got into it. Heabily. It made Patrick distrust me more, maybe even hate me. Gryphen and Patrick really got into it due to this, and then Patrick and Kathleen started their own blog and the original blogs from palingates were removed and palingates andI exchanged a few emails and she politely told me she needed to stay away from covering anything to do with me.  Now I like PG blog and read it often. At the very least i truly hoped they would research my book and maybe write about what their reseacrh turned up. It is their blog they can do what they like. Same here on this blog. It is Mr. Orr's blog and he chooses what he will write about. As for Dunn, I write about him in my book, he was really threatened by the Enquirer and he asked me to never contact him ever again. The person who put me in contact with Mr. Dunn , well it put stress on our relationship. I did call Mr. Dunn and apologise to him profusely. his feelings were very hurt. This is when i decided I would publish my book independent of all these relationships. It seemed I was stepping into soemthing toxic and I already had enough toxic. Anyway I hold zero animosity towards anyone except the NE. Sorry Mr. Orr I took so much blog space up.

Shaytripp said...

Those forms I ordered directly from the Massage Association I belonged to, and were preapproved by the medical staff in advanced, some of the forms were mandated by the Nurse practitioner and the chiropractor and had nothing to do with me.

Shaytripp said...

Too many comments ot read through. Mr. orr of you ever have any questions for me you can email me or post on my blog if you want to. You can always call my attorney's office. They do not mind.

CracklinCharlie said...

 I'll bite, but only if you would comment on what you think of this picture.

I find that picture above to be extremely disturbing. That family's kitchen table is covered with dead, dirty birds. Ewwww. If my husband came home and told me he wanted to put dead birds on my table, I would lock him out of the house. It's disgusting. Sarah looks like she is allergic to feathers, and is sticking her finger, which has probably just been in contact with a dead bird, into her eye. Yuck.

Where is their mother, who should have told Chuckles to take his birds outside? Where did you find this picture?

Susan said...

Floyd is correct. "Fred" has personal issues that would hurt his book. And it's not uncommon for mainstream publishers to approach the subject with books about them. Look how long it took the NE to finally realize that they need to start approaching their subjects with the material they print. Look at the BS from the past and compare it to today. Not saying they're 100% accurate because they're still like any tabloid and make a story from nothing. But, they've learned through their past legal proceedings obviously.
Too many people have sued in the past and there are way too many liars out there. When you're dealing with high-profile figures, better to be safe than sorry. I think that's why all the unauthorized biographies about the Palins have either been ignored or the author lambasted. People generally just don't trust things coming from other people, and it's their every right. Balanced people judge from personal experience and allow others to grow as individuals.

Susan said...

 Well, to be honest, the only books that Sarah referenced were Joe's and Frank's, because they did national interviews. From what I hear in Alaska from people who know the family, all the biographies have just angered people there, as people were interviewed who don't actually know what they're talking about. Not saying everyone, but I do know specifics and can personally verify this. That would be one reason for what has happened and why things haven't changed yet.

You wouldn't be the first person to write about the salacious behaviors of a well-known person and have it ignored and maybe quietly knocked off focus.

Susan said...

 Gryphen blatantly ignores things that doesn't fit within his belief system. I've sent him info from the horse's mouth and he's soon after written posts that perfectly contradict what I sent him. He won't retract things that he swears is true but turns out to be false.

Despite a few stumblings and problematic posts, I trust Patrick and Kathleen more than anyone. Though they can too be devious and too biased.

Susan said...

 So what are you saying? This seems random in response to the comment above.

Susan said...

 The bloggers are emotional beings with huge egos. I fully believe Floyd's account of them just from reading each blogger's posts. Both major blogs have their specific credibility issues, but they share some of the same sources - even the bad ones. It's entertaining to me that NO ONE has discovered pretty wellknown things, like who is the woman who sometimes watches Trig.  This little observation calls much into question for me in terms of blogger credibility. Heck, I don't know most of their sources and I know that and more. Should it be published? Of course not. But still, principle.

Blade Catz said...

Hi Susan - I won't put  a link to my blog here but I am sure you can figure out from my name, the blog to which I am referring.

Please send me any info that you would like to share. I won't dismiss it.

AnonByChoice said...

It's SO obvious you are the troll known as Kristy trying to plant lies and false information. Let's see how many times you posted here.
You found your home away from home finally.

Floyd. Your posts are frustrating. If you know secrets, then just tell them. Otherwise this sounds like game playing. And how do you know Malias financial status and who cares. It seems you have something bad to say about everyone and that destroys your credibility completely.

AnonByChoice said...

Kristy, this is our 100% BS!! You think you are so clever but you are not.
This is the I M troll.
So the only true biographies were written by the people themselves??
That is so untrue. There are libraries full of good biographies. And the books about Palin were all triple sourced. Stop spreading lies.
You would do anything to defend the Palins. You are an obsessed stalker!

Guest said...

After reading all your posts here, I think you are the same as Susan aka Kristy.
It's so obvious.

FuppDukk said...

 Hi Sarah.

Fuppdukk said...

 Gryphen "let" McGinniss be crucified? Please. How do you suggest Gryphen could have prevented a long-time famous, long-time controversial author like JM, an author who is published, by a major publisher with its huge publicity machine behind him, from being crucified?