Monday, September 12, 2011

Ice Towers

This is not a story about The Twin Towers of 9/11. This is the story of an Ice Queen who sought to bring down the twin peaks of rational government with a separation of church and state and a democracy empowered by its gigantic middle class. Out of a relentless drive for power, fame, and money, the Ice Queen showed us her true colors of icy green greed and flaming pink egotistical mania when she rushed to the mall to meet Ivana Trump in a time that seems so long ago.

Tonight the eight morons of the right will seek to debate each other while Wolf Blitzer slings his softballs. Yes, that's the same Blitzer who I respect considerably less than Bill O'Reilly. At least Billo has a bit of guts and integrity. Blitzer has none. He is only a shill for the Republican Party acting as if he is fair and balanced. I am continually amazed at how consistently Fox News gets blamed for everything, including stuff it has not done, such as being the leading supporter of the Tea Party from the very beginning. That, people, has been CNN, the network that is paying for this last debate of eight liars and obfuscaters of the truth. I say last because I predict that Fox will finally dump a few of the more ridiculous candidates for the debate Fox is sponsoring in the same state of Florida in only ten days. If nothing else, Fox will do so to distinguish its debate from the one tonight sponsored by its competitor. Look for the next debate on September 22 to allow more time to each of the candidates who have an ice sculpture's chance in hell of surviving the primary!

As for the Ice Queen, you can expect the silly, selfish blog wars to continue indefinitely. There will not be anything new of consequence released. I have continually explained this to my few readers since the beginning three years ago. There is a forest out there, and then there are a bunch of trees. You can see the images through the ice if you look carefully. The clues have been there since the beginning. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. The best thing you can do for yourself and your country is to look beyond the obvious. Quit staring at the details and envision The Big Picture.

There is only one book that is going to explain Babygate to the voters and I am not going to plug it or link to it in this post. You already know what it is, and it is not being released later this month. Just like the movie that premiered last night, the upcoming books will do a nice song and dance and say That's all, folks! like the end of a Looney Tune. You have the usual choice at that point. You can put the book on the shelf or walk out of the theater unsatisfied. When you get home to your television set, the same eight morons will be standing there, one of only two of whom has any chance of meeting The President in the general election.

There are hugely powerful forces who want to see that the Ice Queen slowly melts into oblivion without ever exposing their own complicity in the damage she has so obviously done to the sanity of our democratic process. These forces go from the tip of the power brokers of politics and the media down to some of the more influential bloggers. You can easily surmise exactly who these bloggers are because they are the ones at war with each other. The louder the war cries, the more evidently they have a hidden personal agenda.

I don't want to see the ice slowly melt into oblivion. I want to see it explode all over our television sets in an endless repetition of the same meme. The well-intentioned Christian voters of America have been duped! They were deliberately tricked by the spells cast by a witch from far beyond the realm of the Bible they so avidly read. Christ had nothing to do with it. The core values of Christianity had nothing to do with it. An insidiously secret group of right-wing power brokers planned it long ago. It began with the beginning, just as in that book I shall not mention. This nightmare began when the first slaves were brought kicking and screaming from their shackles in the hold of the first slave ship. When the slaves were truly freed from the restrictions of the Jim Crow laws and the Separate But Equal stance of George Wallace, the nation was living in its economic heyday. That glorious decade of freedom and progressive thought would soon be compromised by the rise of The Religious Right. Yes, we all know the moral of the story. When the revolution comes, it will be led by a cross and a flag, and yes, it will be televised! CNN has been doing its best to televise it already. The network loves the Tea Party so much that they are sponsoring a debate together tonight. Be sure to watch it.

The Ice Queen will not be present in the debate, and probably not in any other national debate, either. She is just plain chicken. As a voter, no matter how much you disagree with my political views, I sincerely hope that you feel as I do and would never vote for a coward. If Michael Moore was running with Stephanie Miller as his VP, just to name two of my favorite political voices, I would not support him if he was too chicken to face his opponents. How effectively could he defend our country from aggressive international leaders if he cannot face a fellow American on a debate stage?

I am not a Texan first. I am an American first, and that has always been my guiding force, both culturally and politically. I do not want to just halt Sarah Palin's national political career. I want my country back. I do not want to go back to the consistently repressive Fifties. I want to go back to the essence of The Sixties, that wonderful part of our culture that was at that magical time progressing forward in so many ways. I want our nation to pick up where it left off just before the power brokers learned how to brainwash our citizenry for profit and political gain. I want America to raise its hand once again as the world leader, this time in human rights, protection of the environment, and as the voice of the future of the world. It is time for the Ice Queen to explode instead of melt. If you wish to be well informed of the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you will just have to read the book.


nancydrewed said...

Floyd -- fwiw, I tweeted this post along with a reference to your book. All 12 of my followers should get it.    ;-)

Well, we do what we can.

77TA66 said...

Thank you, NancyDrewed. Every little bit helps spread the word!

couginportland said...

I've recommended your book, Floyd, everytime a conversation turns political.  My copy is dog-eared from "where did he say that?" moments.   Great job.

77TA66 said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!