Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blows Against the Empire

I do not think it has ever been a coincidence that the state maddest about illegal immigration has been Arizona. I also think the Republicans probably did it to themselves with the explosive level of suburban sprawl during the housing bubble, much of it probably built by underpaid immigrant labor. Of course, like Sarah Palin, they will never admit to any culpability whatsoever. They whine and scream how they have been victimized by the newly arrived Hispanic population that they were all too happy to employ during the blowing of the bubble, as long as the wages were low enough.

Everything I have read about the infamous new Tucson assassin indicates that he has been a follower of Glenn Beck, aka Chipmunk. I do not think he is a specific fan of Palin, although he probably does not hate her guts, either. Chipmunk obviously had the boy all riled up about the price of gold in the New World Order, any Democratic support of immigrants whatsoever probably pushed him over the edge, and he just had to shoot somebody over it. Of course he was aiming deliberately at a Democrat. Why he had to take out a harmless little girl, I shall never know. Yes, he is a nut; yes, he is an a-hole; no, I would not execute him. Throw him in the clink for life without parole, fine, but I have always been against the death penalty.

Sarah Palin has bought it this time. I was still quite concerned for our nation, even after the tragedy of last Saturday, but the latest video presentation from the Wicked Witch of Wasilla has left me breathing a sigh of relief. Remember Rick Sanchez? He used to work for CNN. Sarah' s going to make a lot of powerful people with big money mad with her latest anti-Semitic comment. Up to some relative point, you can get away with bad-mouthing liberals, hippies, Communists, atheists, African-Americans, and Hispanics in this country, but don't mess around with that concept called anti-Semitism. If you dare to do that publicly, Ruh-roh! Somebody with a very big stick is going to whup up on yo ass!

The Palin Matrix is actually something a lot bigger than Sarah Palin. The phrase represents the selling out of America by its own media. Our citizens need to find an effective way to combat the Paradigm Shift and put our nation back on the right track. The hate-mongering must stop. The lying must stop. We must realize how fully the right wing owns all the major media and the degree to which they are utilizing this media to brainwash the many low-information voters. We have to face the simple human condition that the right wing have been using bully tactics to bluff everybody who opposes them into a wimpy level of submission. Before we can ever progress beyond this partisan madness, we must step up and punch the bully in the nose. Bullies have no interest in intellectual discussion or debate. Why do we keep acting as if they do? We must step up to the plate and swing that big bat! Every intelligent American should read The Progressive Left Strikes Back! It's our turn at bat.


karenkristin said...

Floyd, I would like a signed copy of your copy, saw your note at Palingates. How could I pay for it? Thanks, Karen

77TA66 said...

Send an e-mail to Kathleen at Palingates and she will send your direct e-mail address to me. Thank you for your interest!