Thursday, July 25, 2013

Classic Honda Motorcycle Photos

The new book The Tiddler Invasion contains 430 photos of classic bikes from 1955-75. These include the Honda CB-92, CB-92R, Cubs, Dreams, Benlys, Scramblers, Super Sports, and Motosports. There are photos of classic Kawasakis, Yamahas, Suzukis, Bridgestones, Harley Hummers, Cushmans, Bultacos, Montesas, Triumph Tiger Cubs, Vespas, Lambrettas, BSA 441's, Allstate Twingles, BMW Singles, and many, many more! The Kawasaki Triples, early Singles, and '60's Twins are included. The Suzuki, Bridgestone, Yamaha, and Kawasaki chapters include many rare brochure photos of the earliest models to reach our shores. The Bridgestone 50's and 90's are shown in period advertising. There are also 180 charts of the models imported into the USA in the 1955-75 period. The Tiddler Invasion is over 600 pages of classic motorcycle history, nostalgia, and research on both common and rare models of the period. Available in B&W print and Color Kindle editions. Get yours from Amazon today!!

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Floyd, I don't think I've met a man who's more ignorant in the subjects he discusses.