Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elizabeth Warren 2016

There is one thing the Democratic Party could do right now that would actually persuade me that they are something other than a bunch of Wall Street butt-kissing cowards. That one thing is to set in motion the process that will offer Elizabeth Warren exactly the same opportunity they presented to Barack Obama in 2004. Her political status as a yet to be elected Senator is the same as his was then, making this an excellent opportunity for lightning to strike twice. The time to wrench national power away from The Backward Party (and keep it that way for a while) is long overdue. Future Senator Warren should be chosen to give the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention this summer, and that should be followed by an organized process intended to make her the Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2016. Just as it was then, the time to set this plan in motion is now. If this choice was open at this time from the other side of reality, the Republican Wolf Pack would do nothing less.

I have set up a new blog site to carry forward this project:

Elizabeth Warren for President 2016

If I can muster any hope that the DNC is composed of anything other than total cowards, I shall continue to develop this site. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether or not there is hope beyond the despair of a potential Newtonian Presidency? Would Elizabeth not stand with the OWSers in a manner more fitting of a progressive leader? Who's with me in the support of this long-term plan?