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The Last Horizon

The Last Horizon: Feminine Sexuality & The Class System

by Floyd M. Orr

(Writers Club Press / 0-595-24472-6 / 978-0-595-24472-0 / August 2002 / 271 pages / $17.95)

A Detailed Analysis of the Obvious

Everyone knows that women have always been the gatekeepers of sex in our society. The Last Horizon presents the history, psychological descriptions, and sociological mores of this phenomenon from a perspective never before analyzed. Introduce yourself to the controversial psychosocial theory of The Class System. Consider yourself classified.

For women: This book will help you weed out the jerks, jackasses, gays, and narcissists from the more desirable men you can see on your horizon. Just use The Man Test to order one up to your specifications. Your prescription man is waiting for you to find him.

For men: Get a better understanding of the difficult modern culture in which you are expected to survive with little help from the current state of American leadership. Learn what women really want in a man and how to speak and understand the exotic language of the modern American woman.

The Last Horizon offers you a new way to face the rest of your life. The Class System offers a description of American society that you have encountered every day of your life, but the explanation has remained invisible to your eyes until now. You are being offered a detailed analysis of those elements of your personality and those of everyone around you. These issues may have been affecting every decision you have made throughout your life. Now you have the opportunity to better understand those choices.

A Personal Note from the Author

A complete description of The Last Horizon has to include a lot more detail than the information above. This is simply the text blurb reprinted from the back cover of the book. The real story behind The Last Horizon is that this book spills the beans on modern American society. We have become a nation obsessed with money, celebrity, and the arrogant abuse of power in ways that would make our founding fathers disown us. We relax our scruples to dive for the bottom line in one manner after another. Year after year the situation worsens. We have sold out our own citizenry in ways unparalleled in human history. The Last Horizon is a lot more than just the listing of those details: it is an explanation of how the nefarious deeds are carried out right under the noses of Americans!

The more you are able to blend into the fabric of Beaver Cleaver America, the less likely you are to have ever learned what I have learned. The Class System was invented solely for the purpose of making life extraordinarily easy for the Barbies and Beavers of America. The problem is that such a society tends to entrap itself within its own web of ignorance and arrogance. The element that makes The Last Horizon so unique is that I am deeply and obviously such a total American of the Beaver Cleaver type, and yet I am not totally one of them. I am just outside the scenery enough to get an intensely clear perception of it.

Our culture does not honestly favor brains over braun or intellect over beauty. Technology marches forward like an unstoppable army while our social system has hardly stepped out of the caves we once inhabited. We have never completely been who we claim to be as Americans. We want our children to think they need a college degree to succeed in life, but we tell them this while watching Anna Nicole or the football game on television. We want our kids to be smart, but we continually treat nerds like dirt and pay jocks millions of dollars to entertain us. Whenever we feel cornered by our own idologies, we tend to find a scapegoat to bully. We never question our own beliefs. The Last Horizon questions the hell out of 'em!

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