Sunday, November 16, 2008

What the Critics are Saying

No writer in recent memory has described sex by Americans for Americans like this! – Pamela Moorehead, San Jose Visionary Journal

His is the voice of a lost generation for this century. The Nonfiction-in-a-Fictional-Style books by new author Floyd Orr capture the heart and mind of the Baby Boomer culture for all time. – Lifestyle Editor for The Chicago Moon Times

Move over, Tom Wolfe! Plastic Ozone Daydream drives American car culture into the new millennium. – Cleetus Emmitt Wheelwhacker, The Southern Ohio Times

Men are not supposed to know the sexual secrets of women! Mr. Orr has let the cat out of the box in his book, The Last Horizon. What secrets will he expose next? – Mary Ellen Clididdlehopper, Women’s Secrets Magazine

He’s the Robin Williams of non-fictional parody of American culture. – Oliver Wendell Douglass, The Hooterville Gazette

The truth of our current existence has been explained – where we came from and how we got here. How could we all have been so blind? – Barney Fife, The Mayberry Messenger

Great horny toad! Plastic Ozone Daydream is the darn tootinest-pootinest story about Corvettes that’s ever been published for sissy-nerds! Yosemite Sam, The West Texas Examiner

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