Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elizabeth Warren 2016

There is one thing the Democratic Party could do right now that would actually persuade me that they are something other than a bunch of Wall Street butt-kissing cowards. That one thing is to set in motion the process that will offer Elizabeth Warren exactly the same opportunity they presented to Barack Obama in 2004. Her political status as a yet to be elected Senator is the same as his was then, making this an excellent opportunity for lightning to strike twice. The time to wrench national power away from The Backward Party (and keep it that way for a while) is long overdue. Future Senator Warren should be chosen to give the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention this summer, and that should be followed by an organized process intended to make her the Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2016. Just as it was then, the time to set this plan in motion is now. If this choice was open at this time from the other side of reality, the Republican Wolf Pack would do nothing less.

I have set up a new blog site to carry forward this project:

Elizabeth Warren for President 2016

If I can muster any hope that the DNC is composed of anything other than total cowards, I shall continue to develop this site. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether or not there is hope beyond the despair of a potential Newtonian Presidency? Would Elizabeth not stand with the OWSers in a manner more fitting of a progressive leader? Who's with me in the support of this long-term plan?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Motivational Babygate Questions

As many of you know, I generally try to stay out of most of the discussions of photo analysis. The analysis of psychological and political motives is much more my area of interest and expertise. Although I have often questioned Gryphen's modes of operation of his blog, particularly with respect to his relationship with certain other Alaskan bloggers, I have rarely questioned the authenticity of his hypotheses or other material, and this is still the case today. If anything, I would prefer to see him lay to waste some of the offenders like Alan Grayson going after Republicans. Alas for me, that does not seem to be Gryphen's style. He seemingly prefers to play nice in spite of the circumstances. I think more aggressive action is called for, but as you know, that seems to usually represent my style.

Yes, this is going to be another post full of more questions than answers, but this is what I do. I want everybody to think before firmly making up your mind about anything. Certain bloggers deliberately and secretly design their sites to control the message, but this isn't one of them. I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies and neither do you. Until a true insider kicks over the bean pot, spilling truth and scandal all over the Internet, none of us definitively knows the whole truth. The following questions are presented roughly in chronological order, at least as best as I can ascertain, and they all address the motives for the whole stinking mess. Slip on your hip boots and start wading.

1. Why did Chuck Heath move his family from Sandpoint ID to Alaska?

2. Why did Sally Heath shift her religion away from traditional Catholicism soon after the move?

3. How much influence politically did Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll really have over Sarah?

4. Who was the next significant person Sarah told she wanted to be President someday after she mentioned this to her campaign manager in late 1996?

5. How could SP claim to be a simple hockey mom once she had hired a Washington lobbyist to bring funds to the City of Wasilla in 2000?

6. Did Sarah leave her evangelical church in 2002 so that her religious extremism would stay out of the spotlight when she ran for offices outside the limited realm of Wasilla?

7. Did her religious views change or mellow prior to or after this change of church?

8. Is there any doubt that Sarah knew she was being considered for national office by March 2007, after the launch of the Draft Palin blog?

9. Why did Sarah take Bristol with her on the New York City excursion in October 2007?

10. Why did Bristol transfer to West High School in Anchorage in December 2007?

11. Did CBJ tell Sarah that Trig would be born with Down syndrome on 12/4/07?

12. Upon what basis did Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson know this information?

13. Was Sarah's signing of the Safe Haven Bill on February 11, 2008, a coincidence?

14. Why did Sarah specifically in February 2008 tell reporters to squelch the rumor that Bristol was pregnant?

15. If Sarah was pregnant on 2/13/08, why did she prance around Juneau in high-heeled boots on icy sidewalks in Juneau, allowing the whole event to be videotaped?

16. Maybe Sarah had no idea that she was pregnant on 2/13/08, even though she had already been told that someone was carrying a Downs child on 12/4/07?

17. Maybe the fact that she did not know she was pregnant also explains all the airline trips she took in early 2008?

18. If Sarah was still only a hockey mom with no national political ambitions, why was she sitting only five seats over from President Shrub on 2/25/08?

19. Why was she giving a speech to a large audience in Washington the next day?

20. Why did Todd fly back to Alaska during this week of meetings and speeches in Washington days before his six-months-pregnant wife?

21. Why did the Palin organization need a special strategy for any public discussion of Palin's pregnancy, as mentioned in an inter-office e-mail message of 3/4/07?

22. Why did Sarah announce her pregnancy the day after she received a phone call from McCain that he had secured the nomination?

23. Why was Sarah's staff so shocked at her pregnancy announcement?

24. Why did Bristol stop accompanying Sarah and Piper on many flights after this point?

25. Why was the Alaska state security detail released from the responsibility of accompanying Sarah and Todd to Grapevine TX?

26. Why did Todd not mention the soon inevitable birth in his message back to Alaska when Todd and Sarah began their return trip?

27. Why did Sarah and Todd bypass better-equipped hospitals on the way to Wasilla/Palmer?

28. Why did Sarah take her premature newborn to work with her repeatedly?

29. Why did she take a premature newborn to two official Governor events in Anchorage on 5/3/08?

30. Was that traveling baby really born on 4/18/08?

31. Could the photos of a baby in the Palin kitchen from Levi's birthday on 5/3/08 actually have been taken on Sarah's birthday on 2/11/08?

32. Could these photos have actually been taken a year earlier, on 2/11/07 or 5/3/07?

33. How can anyone be certain that these photos are of a premature baby, a Downs baby, an FAS baby, or a normal, healthy baby if you were not actually present when the photos were taken?

34. How do you know exactly when the B&W photo of the baby on the invitation was taken?

35. How do you know for certain the identity of the baby at the baby shower?

36. How do you know the date of the 5/4/08 baby shower is correct?

37. When did Sarah decide to send photos taken at the baby shower to magazines?

38. Did Sarah intentionally see that the magazines received no photos showing the baby's ears?

39. Do you know for certain that the baby photographed with a ruffled ear and published in Blind Allegiance is the same baby as the one at the baby shower?

40. How can you be sure that the baby held by Sarah's parents in the hospital is or is not the same baby as Ruffles?

41. How can you be certain of the date of any photos showing Levi holding a baby?

42. Why is Levi really mixed up in Babygate in the first place?

43. How do you know that Levi's involvement is not just an orchestrated smokescreen for the whole scam?

44. Why are so (relatively) few pictures of Levi, Bristol, Willow, Sarah, Todd, and Trig during the summer of 2008 publicly available?

45. Why was the Babygate story released to the Daily Kos at the end of August 2008 and removed from the site so quickly?

46. Why does the Trig displayed at the 2008 RNC seem so much smaller than the Trig displayed only a month later?

47. Why are this Trig's ears so perfectly round and those of the later Trig are not?

48. Why does everyone on stage at the RNC seem to care about Trig while Sarah does not?

49. Why does the Trig shown at the October debate seem so elevated in size and age?

50. If these two publicly displayed Trigs are different babies, why would the Palin organization take such a risk of exposure of the hoax?

51. If Ruffles is a different Trig from one or both of these, where is he?

52. If there has never been but one Trig, why has Sarah not taken one of the many public and political opportunities to confess that she has simply been protecting her daughter's reputation?

53. What would Sarah have to lose by making such a sympathetic announcement?

54. If Bristol is the mother of the sole Trig, were Sadie Johnston's computer and web pages scrubbed just to delete photos of the Palinbrats' drug and alcohol use?

55. If this was the case, does this not red flag the possibility of FAS?

56. Why were many photos of Sarah in early 2008 removed from the State of Alaska's website, or at least removed from convenient online access?

57. Why were none of these computers or websites scrubbed until after the VP selection?

58. Why was Sherry Johnston arrested at the precise time that she was?

59. Did Bristol's cell phone have any relevance to Sherry's arrest?

60. Why was Levi shut out of The Palin Family soon after Sarah lost the VP election?

61. Why was the official statement of Tripp's birth so difficult to confirm when it occurred?

62. Why did Bristol try to rid herself of Levi's involvement as soon as the baby was born?

63. Why have there been so many questions about the apparent age of Tripp practically since he was born?

64. If the fires in Wasilla had nothing to do with Palin, why were the investigations of them so obviously obfuscated in various ways?

65. If the evangelicals do not care if Sarah publicly sticks her tongue out as if she is practicing for a blow job, why would they care if her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock?

66. If Sarah has probably smoked dope and snorted cocaine, and so most likely has Bristol, why would the evangelicals care very much if Bristol birthed a baby as a teenager?

67. If Sarah has most likely had an affair outside her marriage, and so has Todd, why would the evangelicals care if Bristol had found herself pregnant before marriage, just like her mother and grandmother?

68. If Sarah confessed that she was just being a good parent and protecting her daughter from scandal, why would she not be forgiven as a good Christian mom?

69. Why would the entire mainstream media in all its many formats and ramifications protect such an inconsequential political secret so relentlessly?

70. If by some chance the little girl shown in the photo above had been molested in some manner, would a common result not be for the same person as an adult to view sex as a perpetual weapon to be exploited, rather than as a communication of love?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Trigs Ready for Prime Time

Okay, let's see if at least most of us can agree on something. The Trig being held by Willow at the 2008 VP Debate on October 2 in the left photo is not the same baby as Willow is holding in this shot taken only twenty-nine days earlier at the Minneapolis airport on September 3, 2008. Do we agree that the baby on the left is larger and older than the baby on the right? The Trig on the left has been nicknamed either Batwing or Elfie, depending purely upon personal taste in names, and the baby on the right is usually referred to as Round Ear. Let's take this concept a step further and say that if the baby known as Airplane Baby happens to actually be the same as either of these, he is the same as the baby on the right, Round Ear. If you subscribe to the theory that Airplane Baby is actually Tripp, then he cannot also be Round Ear, too. Round Ear is also the Trig who is shown in the blue outfit in the many photos from the 2008 RNC. Are we in agreement so far?

Let us leave the other theories involving Tripp for just a moment. If this is the big secret, that there were two Trigs publicly displayed slightly over a month apart, the next question is whether or not they both have Down syndrome. I have always felt that the larger Trig on the left absolutely does, but I am not so certain of the younger Trig on the right. Where this issue gets complicated is that I have seen many photos of Trig with both DS and round ears. Now ask yourself again: does Airplane Baby have Downs? I have a problem answering that question, but let's assume that both Airplane and Round Ear are the same, and they both have Downs. How did the hillbillies secure TWO DS babies of about the same age to use as political props at the RNC and the VP Debate? The next question concerns how they managed to control the entire backstage area and all the many people who could have inadvertently seen the two babies together or noticed the differences between the babies at the two events? Why was such a risk worth taking and why has this been the biggest political secret in America since JFK did The Funky Monkey with Marilyn Monroe?

If there were two Downs babies at the RNC and the VP Debate, how many were birthed by Bristol? There are only two ways in which it could have been both: either there is at least most of a year's difference in the ages of the two Trigs or they are twins. For the life of me, I have never been able to think of a motive for the hiding of the secret of twins! In addition to this, my research has shown that DS twins are very rare. Watch out ladies, here comes Tripp! What if the larger Trig on the left was the first Tripp, and he really is old enough to be the baby on the right's older brother? I am not saying I believe this. I am just throwing it out there. Remember, this is what I do. Psychology and economics are my specialties, not photo analysis. From a probability standpoint, I would say the probability of Bristol giving birth to sequential DS boys is next to zero. That takes us back to DS twins (also very rare) or Round Ear does not have Downs. As I said earlier, I do not think this is a likely variable; HOWEVER, I want to postulate something new here (at least to me). Maybe most or all of the photos I have been staring at that I have labeled as Round Ear in which the pictured baby clearly has Downs are actually mislabeled, mostly due to the angle of the baby's head in the photos in question? When I browse through my photo collection with this concept in mind, it makes me go, Hmmmm. Maybe some of you who are more adept with photo analysis could take this ball and run with it. What if the political team actually had the gall to publicly display a baby at the RNC who was not only younger and smaller, but did not even have Down syndrome? In other words, maybe Round Ear has never been a Downs baby.

Now I know many of you are frustrated when I do this, but I have to speak the truth as I see it. What if all that last paragraph is nothing but a mistaken distraction? What if Round Ear does indeed have Downs. Where does that theory take us? First of all, we circle back to the great unlikelihood that Bristol birthed either sequential DS boys or DS twins. Then we are back to my old favorite theory, that of an acquired baby. I still think this is the most likely scenario overall, and I still think that the part of PARADIGM SHIFT that keeps Sarah awake at night is the concept of Ruffles and FAS. Let's return to the motive. Why would Mercede's hard drive be wiped of all photos? Would they not want the public seeing those shots of teenage Palinbrats drinking alcohol and partaking of illegal, recreational drugs? Would they not want us to see photos of Ruffles? Why would they remove photos from the State of Alaska's website? My best guess would be to remove revealing shots of the non-pregnancy, and possibly additional pictures of Ruffles. I am not positively convinced that Ruffles has or had Downs or FAS, but I think either is a distinct possibility. Now we are back to the motive. FAS would be one hell of a reason to hide photos of Ruffles. Why would that be true of a Downs Ruffles? I am not saying that Ruffles positively did not have Downs, but I am saying there would have to be another motivational variable present. FAS offers its own motive.

I am not swayed in the least by any official paperwork that states the birth date of Tripp as December 2008. If that was the date selected as a public statement of his birth by The Palins, why would they later offer up any proof, or even a clue, that the originally stated date was incorrect? Hell, no! Never mind whenever Tripp's publicly stated birth date was, the original release of that particular bit of information was so screwy it would give a corkscrew a heart attack. Where is that grain of salt when we need it? Tripp may be exactly the age as stated, he may have been born a little earlier or later than stated, or he may even be exactly one year older than stated. Let's wrap up the Trigonometry.

I have not kept many of the photos from the Going Rogue book tour. If any of you have them, I suggest you go through them again and try to ascertain if BOTH Trigs shown clearly have Downs. We did not regularly refer to a Trig as Batwing or Elfie prior to that time period. It was on the book tour, when one of the Trigs was particularly gregarious in a video clip that we began to pay attention to this new concept. From what I remember, the friendly Trig definitely had DS. He was also walking about and he was the one to whom we applied the new name. In other words, that Trig was clearly the one on the left above. However, one element that may have been throwing us a bit is that the walkabout Trig seemed to be the one with darker hair. In some of the photo comparisons we have seen, such as the RNC and debate photos, this does not necessarily seem to be true. The more I look, the more I am convinced that maybe there is an older Trig who definitely has Downs and a younger Trig with rounder ears who may not. Regardless of who birthed these two babies, one big neon flash blinds my mental vision of that momentous event near Labor Day weekend of 2008: there are a number of political operatives, and maybe even a few backstage or hotel or airport workers who happened onto a revealing scene, who KNOW this political hoax is real!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Babygate Answer Book

Thank you to Bandit Basheert, whom I have consistently held in high regard, for unlocking a puzzle by dating this photo of Willow and Trig, Tripp, or whomever as originating from sometime in the Fall of 2008. I have been sure of the identities of the two individuals in this picture for some time, although I have apparently and erroneously assumed the photo to have been taken at some point several months into 2009. Let's just say this explains the hemorrhoids both Sarah and Bristol had over the e-mail hacking case in which this shot was supposedly exposed to public view.

I have been wondering exactly why Paradigm Shift has never even once been mentioned by Gryphen at The Immoral Minority, since it was clearly the first honest attempt at exposing Babygate to an audience outside the blogosphere. It would seem that when someone has secretly spent $3500 to gather evidence, that person would insist on eventually becoming the first to profit from the exposure of that evidence. Furthermore, this explains his consistent protection, mostly from us, and we know who we are, the dedicated Trig Truthers, of his anti-Truth pals in Alaska. You know the ones, at least one of whom is the most likely suspect to have leaked the infamous e-mail. If the source of the leak was not actually someone who lives in Alaska, it most likely was a close associate of one of those same Alaskans. It is a relief to finally know the score: at least this scenario makes a bit of logical sense.

My best guess at this point would be that Levi would not cooperate, so now we have the upcoming release from Fred. Maybe that one will prove more successful and/or profitable for Gryphen, at least in some less direct manner than what he might have had in mind for Levi's project. It all makes sense now. He promoted everyone's book but mine because mine is the one that tells the complete story of Babygate, at least as far as I could surmise without the benefit of secret sources, close proximity, and the services of a private investigator. Was the P. I. a double agent? Only The Shadow knows....

Alas, Mr. Broomfield does not seem to be quite in the Michael Moore league when it comes to the marketing of documentary movies. So far he has grossed only a tiny fraction of the amount he took in for his Kurt & Courtney. According to IMDB, the take has been about $7000 versus approximately $441,000. That's quite a drop for the most truthful video yet about the Queen of Nasty. I hope it is more a reflection on her than on his storytelling ability, but from what I have read so far, the reviews are nothing for him to write back to England about. This comes in spite of all of Gryphen's glowing praise from his pre-release vantage point.

Do I think Tank Jones saw a big boy? Yes, I do. I think he probably saw the same little blue-eyed blond we have all known as Tripp. He just got a candid view of him at a time when his actual age was still an effectively kept secret. I hope Gryphen got his money's worth because I am still unsure how much I trust the word of Tank or his employer. So there really has been a big secret concerning Tripp all along, eh?

As for Ruffles, I still think he is Ruffles, just as Gryphen discovered long ago. He is or was a baby without the affliction of Down syndrome and Sarah did take him to work a time or two and Frank Bailey took his picture. He also went to a baby shower and a birthday party for someone who may or may not be his dad. As described in detail in my book, I think he also took a little ride into Anchorage prior to the birthday party. That ride included two public events, one at a VFW post and the second at the Anchorage airport. It is possible that Round Ear took that ride for him, but my money has always been on Ruffles. As I have explained before, the person who you know as Bree Palin and I worked on that particular research extensively to verify if it was indeed Ruffles, but our research was inconclusive. Do I think Ruffles could be the same baby as Tripp? I also discussed this theory in detail in the book, but my best guess is that this is not possible. Gryphen has repeatedly insisted that ear surgery was not done on a very young Ruffles in time for him to appear as Tripp and I take Gryphen at his word on this issue. This has been discussed to death on the blogs, but I steadfastly remain with Gryphen's assessment.

I have also steadfastly said that Ruffles has never been a borrowed baby and I am sticking to that story. One of the reasons is that the likelihood of The Traveling Baby, as I like to call him, being Ruffles is very high, and I cannot imagine a mother letting someone, anyone, else take her newborn on such a trip fraught with germs and other dangers. On the other hand, Gryphen's latest revelation opens the door for the possibility, and even likelihood, that the infant first carried onto Greta van Twisted Mouth's show by Bristol was a borrowed baby. He could have been borrowed for a whole hour, or the baby's real mom could have been standing right there, just out of camera range. If the latter is true, then even GvTM is aware of this little secret! It has never been that I would not think The Mean Lady would borrow or rent a baby. It has always been that I cannot imagine a real mother, not Sarah Palin, would let her precious newborn go off with strangers to be attended by Piper!

Round Ear the RNC Lion King is an acquired baby of some sort and I am sticking to that story until it is proven to be otherwise. From the first night the hillbillies walked on stage at the RNC, I took note of who seemed to care for that baby and who didn't. I have never claimed to know who birthed Round Ear and I still don't. Like many of you, I am certain that the last baby Sarah Palin birthed was Piper. I was adopted and so were my sister and my wife, so I know adoption. Round Ear may have been legally adopted by The Palins or he may have been unofficially adopted by them. Either way, he is their child. Whenever one of them says that, he or she is not technically lying. Is the question we all want answered being answered completely and truthfully? Of course not. I have little doubt that Jeanne Devon and Shannyn Moore have known this at least as long as I have, too. I wrote a book about it with my real name on it. Has anyone else?

As Joe McGinniss has been saying, if you are going to trash his book in a review, at least read it first. In the same manner, if you are going to assume that my book is poorly written or of no use to readers, just because other bloggers have blatantly ignored its existence, you are missing out. Of course I know that Joe and I each may seem to be horribly egotistical and arrogant at times, but I read The Rogue and I thought it was considerably better than The Lies of Sarah Palin or Blind Allegiance. I recommend that all of you read all of these books. When you completely ignore a book that you or others may find entertaining or informative, you are passively doing yourself and everyone else a disservice. Trashing a book you have not actually read with a bad review may be as tacky as the actions of some Palinbots, but failing to fully inform yourself of a subject upon which you revel in expounding upon is not exactly a brilliant move, either. Deer in the Headlights is the one I have not read. Like many of you, I long ago lost most of the faith I once had in Levi telling the real story we all think he might have available to write.

How many babies are there? I honestly do not know. When I sent my book to press at the end of last year, I thought there were three and I still do. The only thing that might have changed today is my opinion as to the order of their births. Some people think there are additional babies involved. Some think Ruffles may actually be a girl. Some think there are twins or triplets. All of these theories are described in Paradigm Shift, but my best bets have changed little since Gryphen's famous Two Babies post of 2/22/10.

The commenter we know as Me Again made the following remark on 9/24/11:

FLOYD ORR, the man know if it weren't for Gryphen, I think Sarah would talk about you more than any other blogger or writer! Someone sent her a passage of your book and she took to her bed for the weekend. So I'm guessing you did a pretty good job!

My guess is that it is the Babygate material in the book that has upset The Queen. If nothing else, the one thing that Gryphen and I have agreed upon for a long time is that Babygate is the key to her undoing. In spite of any impression he may have, the purpose of my book was never to compete with Gryphen. You could even rightly say that he is hailed as the chief in the book. My purpose was, and always has been, to wake up the American voter to the root cause of the disease that ails our nation, not just a symptom from Wasilla. Thank you for your support.

Monday, September 26, 2011

R.I.P. Babygate

The date on this tombstone should state September 22, 2011. That fateful Thursday morning is the time we shall all look back upon as the last gasp of hope that the insidious Babygate scam fell into its final depth of oblivion. Let us travel back into our recent memories to see how this tragedy unfolded.

The small resistance to the powerful forces of the Republican Party and the mainstream media can be divided into two entities, bloggers and authors. For simplicity's sake, let's put You Betcha! and the upcoming Game Change movie into the book department. The U.S. release of the Broomfield film opens this Friday, but Game Change will not premiere on HBO until some yet unspecified date later this year or in early 2012. In either case, neither film is likely to concern the real monster issue hiding in the closet, Babygate. This leaves the books. As anyone who has been reading the blogs with an open mind can see that most of them have seen to it that my own book, Paradigm Shift, has been summarily denigrated and marginalized. Since it is the only book in which all the blogs, all the Babygate theories, and all the more nefarious activities of the media have been discussed, a thinking person would ask herself exactly why this book has not been promoted all over the anti-Palin faction of the Internet? The next book released, in chronological order, was Geoffrey Dunn's The Lies of Sarah Palin. Although Dunn's book is very academically and professionally written, Dunn clearly took the chicken way out in his compilation of material that included everything but Babygate. There is practically nothing in Dunn's book that has not been covered in the mainstream media. Yes, he may have fleshed out a few issues, but the fact remains. The controversial Blind Allegiance brought us a little closer to the Babygate truth, particularly when you consider the previously unreleased photos of Ruffles included in the book. We have just last week experienced the long-awaited release of Levi's Deer in the Headlights and McG's The Rogue. Considering all of Levi's past interviews and the fact that the Palin-controlled Alaska penal system still has his mom under house arrest, we should never even have hoped that Levi Johnston would unravel the truth of Babygate in his book.

This leaves us with Joe McGinniss and his ultra-controversial tale of the real Sarah Palin. Let me say first of all that I have not read the book because my copy is still in the mail. The day it arrives, it shall receive the same treatment that Dunn's book did, an immediate, complete and delicious devouring of its contents. I want to make it clear right here that I think every person who is interested in the subject at hand should read all of these named books, with the exception of Levi's, which deserves only an optional reading category. The others should leave you breathless and informed to the max! Although each author is speaking to you about the same subject, the viewpoint and concept of each book is totally different. As a totally unknown, yet somewhat experienced, author, I wanted to present all the controversial hoopla in Paradigm Shift. My book presents the big picture from a socioeconomic and historical perspective. Whatever is theory or speculation is presented as such. Joe McGinniss is the only known potential Babygate author who has been writing longer than I have or published more books. His perspective is more professional, journalistic, and commercial. He is an investigative journalist; I am an entertainer. Like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, he smears investigative journalism on tabloid entertainment and I coat my serious, personal message to all Americans with hyperbole and nostalgia.

My disappointment with Blind Allegiance concerns its amateurish use of language and editing, its repetitive proselytizing to an Evangelical audience, and a story that begins with a fascinating look inside a localized campaign, but ends in a slow ride to redemption. My disappointment with The Lies of Sarah Palin is that I was already familiar with practically every one of them, not because I spend most days completely at my computer, but just from watching cable news during prime time. The author could have at least dug up one new source or one new anecdote about Sarah Palin that had not already been covered on television or the blogs.

I have no such apprehension about the material contained in The Rogue. It has already been made clear from leaking news stories and interviews with McGinniss that more than a few new sources or anecdotes are included in the book. This brings us to the legendary, agnostic Chapter 19 of the book. No, I do not expect Joe to split open the blog theories like a moose hanging in a slaughterhouse, as I did in The Palin Matrix, but I do know that The Rogue takes the delicate plunge into Babaygate that should have been taken by Dunn, Bailey, and Levi. This fact alone should bring a badge of honor to Joe McGinniss for a duty to his country clearly shirked by the other three authors.

The Rogue was released 9/20/11, a few days after The National Enquirer published a few juicy elements of gossipy details covered in the book. The mainstream media outlets had already had months to prepare their attack on the book the moment it was released. The Enquirer simply provided the first clip of ammo. The mainstream media has been the Number One most insidious, treasonous benefactor and enabler of The Palin Phenomenon since early 2008. This is the same time at which the Babygate hoax was hatched. As noted in Paradigm Shift, the AKM Mudflats blog was launched exactly one week after The Traveling Baby story, as detailed in the book, occurred on 5/3/08, the same day the infamous secret photo of Ruffles was taken in the Palin kitchen. What was the first blog most of you discovered after you cringed from the insidious RNC speech in September 2008? What incredibly successful news site likely led you to that same blog in the first place? Is the whiff of opportunism not obvious to your nose? I have been beating this dead elephant for three years now! Imagine a football game in which every time a certain team gets near the goal line, a fumble, an interception, or some other grievous mistake gives the ball to an opposing team member who runs as fast as he can toward the opposite goal post. You cannot blame the opposing team for trying their best to win. The ball was not illegally taken from the first team. The first team fumbled.

Fumbling has been my soapbox for a long time now. You can compare me to Jim Garrison or Ralph Nader. Either one is probably appropriate. Just because I think President Obama should never have appointed Tim Geithner, does not mean that I am against Obama. The same applies to the other bloggers. I call the plays as I see them, and I have been witness to fumble after fumble after fumble. The fumble that happened last Thursday morning was the last bendy straw for me. Joy Behar began an interview with Joe McGinniss at 9:32 p.m. Wednesday night that I have been waiting three long years to see. Joy asked Joe about the Babygate issue and he explained his knowledge of and position on the controversial topic. Of course that is not to say that Behar did not act like the usual CNN/HLN celebrity jackass when Joe diligently did his best to answer the question. As I spelled out in a humorous manner in my story entitled The Blockade long before any of us ever heard of Dr. Brad Scharlott's Spiral of Silence, Behar did her best to appease her corporate masters using her best argumentative approach. The point is that Babygate was finally, openly discussed on a cable news channel! Of course a few million TV viewers, several times the audience size of The Joy Behar Show, saw her and the rest of the hen house cackling over Joe McGinniss earlier that same day on The View, setting the stage quite appropriately for the Behar interview about eleven hours later.

Here we had Babygate not only being at least mentioned on network television before a very large daytime audience, but we had the subject covered in more detail, albeit to a smaller audience, that same day! We have the ball on the five yard line and we are finally ready to score! First the officials have a flag on the field. The last play was not properly videotaped for later play to an online audience. Of course I am sure it was taped, but that tape somehow disappeared with The Moon is Blue on one of the more original M*A*S*H episodes. Hawkeye and BJ were anxiously waiting to hear the controversial word virgin spoken in a movie and we have been anxious to hear a certain mysterious pregnancy discussed on television. If you were in the right place at the right time, you have seen the long awaited, and now hidden, video clip. For those who have missed it, here is the link to the official CNN transcript. I am presenting the key section of this transcript below, but you had to see the complete thing, facial expressions, and celebrity interviewer butt-ins and all, to get the full effect.

BEHAR: Now, the one big allegation in the book that I think is a problem is that the rumor that Trig was not her baby, this Down syndrome child, that you and Andrew Sullivan are putting this out there, right?

MCGINNISS: No. No. No. All Andrew`s been doing for two years is asking why the mainstream media has not looked at the story she has told about the events leading up to her birth, the hours before Trig`s birth ...

BEHAR: What`s the implication?

MCGINNISS: Because the story -- because if that story, which really defies belief, if you look at it step by step by step, if that story isn`t true, why would she make it up? Why would she be telling it and why would she be claiming that this was happening?

BEHAR: Why would she? Why would she?

MCGINNISS: I have no idea.

BEHAR: OK, let me tell you what her son-in-law said.


BEHAR: He was just here and I asked him that question. And he said, she was in the hospital, he was in the hospital, he went to visit her when she gave birth to Trig. She was on IV and the baby was there in the hospital. He was there ...

MCGINNISS: He got there -- he didn`t witness the birth.

BEHAR: Oh, no. How many people witness a birth?

MCGINNISS: I witnessed the birth of all five of my children.

BEHAR: Yeah, but that`s your children. He was not the father of the child. He was just a guy who slept with her daughter.

MCGINNISS: The point is she was in Dallas, Texas. Her water breaks. She waits nine hours, she doesn`t go to a hospital in Dallas, Texas. She`s a high risk mother ...

BEHAR: Yeah.

MCGINNISS: having a high risk pregnancy, having a special needs child, she`s thousands of miles away from home, she doesn`t do anything once her water breaks and she goes -- starts having contractions, what does she do? She`s having contractions, she makes a speech.

BEHAR: But how do you know she`s having contractions?

MCGINNISS: She makes up political speech.

BEHAR: How do you know?

MCGINNISS: She said so.

BEHAR: So, then you`re saying that she then got on a plane, went to Seattle and gave another speech or something, or -- right?

MCGINNISS: She waited -- she flew for hours, she stopped, she changed planes, she waited for hours, she flew more hours, all the while getting closer and closer to birth bypassing major medical facilities with neonatal intensive care units to get to a tiny little backwoods hospital in Wasilla ...


MCGINNISS: ... where all of a sudden the next day here is this baby, and here is Sarah and this is her story.

BEHAR: This is kind of a bombshell allegation or theory or rumor whatever you want to call it.

MCGINNISS: It is not -- Listen, I don`t want to call it an allegation, I don`t make an allegation.

BEHAR: Yeah.

MCGINNISS: I say that the mainstream media has been very derelict in its duty to inquire into this, because this is a woman whose political candidacy was based on her proving that she`s a right to lifer. And how does she prove it? She proved it by giving birth to a Down syndrome baby yet there are a whole series of unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances of that birth.

BEHAR: Well, that -- why don`t you investigate this?

MCGINNISS: And I`m only one person ...

BEHAR: You`re an investigative reporter, go investigate more.

MCGINNISS: I`ve been up there -- You know what, I have to write a book. I wrote the book. Now, the media can pick up from where my book takes them. I take you right to a point where I say, I don`t know what happened. Here`s what I do know. Here are the facts, now, let somebody else investigate.

Not only was this video clip never made available online, but several other key issues in this story transpired first thing Thursday morning after McG's interview with Behar. Most of Thursday morning's activity revolved around a logical, legitimate e-mail message sent by Joe McGinniss to Jesse Griffin on January 27, 2011. Of course I cannot prove this, and it is totally my own best guess, but I bet that this same message was sent to Jeanne Devon and/or Ken Morris. Why is that, you ask? Joe was clearly working at that time with Devon, if not Morris directly, on the research for The Rogue. Devon and Morris would not discover that McGinniss allegedly leaked the pre-release manuscript of Blind Allegiance until several weeks later. Stated clearly, there is every logical reason to think that Joe sent the message to Gryphen and either sent the message directly to Devon and/or Morris at the same time or forwarded the same message later or Gryphen forwarded the message to Devon. I doubt that Morris was involved in this e-mail exchange, since he was and has been throughout this whole fiasco, outside Alaska. Below is Gryphen's statement about this message, as posted on his own blog.

"No I was NOT hacked. In fact nobody was hacked.

I cannot go into details, but the e-mail leak did not happen on my end. If it had, I would tell you.

It also should be noted that the e-mail that Joe and I communicated on is NOT my... account.

E-mails I receive are private, and remain private.


(I have deleted the e-mail address included in the note.) This note was meant for the popular Anon 238 Me Again commenter at The Immoral Minority. To my eyes, these words look a mite testy and defensive. My contention is that the particular e-mail message in question was never hacked or leaked to Andrew Breitbart by Jesse Griffin in any manner whatsoever, but the message was sent, by someone other than Gryphen, to Arianna Huffington, one of her minions at The Huffington Post, or some other unscrupulous contact who then sent it to Breitbart. My contention is that Gryphen knew within moments, or at most, hours, of the Breitbart story's release exactly who originated the leak. I am also contending that he was too busy pulling his hair out over how he was going to handle this knowledge and his situation within it that he was distracted at a crucial moment in the potential distribution of the legendary Babygate news story. He fumbled the ball at the critical moment, and by the time he noticed Babygate disappearing into the stinky MSM ether, it was too late. As I stated earlier, I am not trying to assess blame. My position is that of the behind the scenes observer of The Big Picture. Just as with the Babygate story itself, if the circumstantial evidence of this sloppy ball handling was not so obvious, I would never risk making every Babygator and flying piglet come after me to shoot the messenger!

What do you all think? I would hope by now that the readers of this blog or Paradigm Shift, or even some of my comments on other blogs have realized that I am on your side of the goal post. I want to save the sanity of my country. I want someone to successfully score the desperately needed touchdown. I am on everyone's side and no one's, also too. The big story IS the media and we must put the big story IN the media. Joe McGinniss has already done his part at a higher level than anyone else. It is up to his teammates to help him take the ball between the goal posts. We are not facing just another upcoming election. This one could be the paradigm shift.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Best Kept Secret

There are several appropriate meanings that can be attributed to this title. One is that the secret will not be revealed today, no matter how many of us wish it otherwise. You may recognize this cat face as the logo on the back of a book. His name is Murray Slaughter, but we call him The Face because he looks just like Morris on a B&W TV. Murray rarely says anything. He is a very quiet kitty who minds his own business among our nine cats. Mum has always been the word with Murray.

Another meaning for this phrase applies to the many things that are about to happen on our television sets. Most of these things will offer little more than entertainment mixed with frustration. There are many powerful people out there in Cableland who want to make certain that the secret stays confined to only a tiny faction of the citizenry. There will be endless discussions of little consequence, while the only matter that really matters will be left ensconced in the silence. Lots of money will be made and many voices will be screaming for constant attention, but the secret will remain buried deeply in a sound of silence.

There is yet a third meaning for this phrase, one that I have mentioned often, no matter how few have listened. The sound of silence goes all the way to the top, or the bottom, depending on the way you choose to look at it. I think the more accurate secret is that it goes to the bottom of the media barrel. Although I began ranting that it began at the top a couple of years ago, most of you ignored my attempts to open your eyes. Lately however, I think most of you have come around to the strong possibility that the ominous source really is at the top. Now it is time for you to realize how deeply the secret is embedded at the lowest level.

A movie premiered recently, but it will not explain the secret. Two books have been released today that will also not explain the secret. You all are anxiously awaiting the release of a book that I also doubt will explain the secret, although it is likely to detail the low hanging fruit of the subject. You are all expecting a lot more from that book than you are going to see, particularly from a distribution and sales standpoint. Of course there will be a rabid level of preaching to the choir and every opportunity to utilize phrases such as investigative journalism, in-depth research, and proven facts will be displayed. That is not to say that that book will reveal much of anything we don't already know, and few who do not already know will actually give a rat's ass. The problem with that publication will be that it will only give you what you want, not what you need. You will revel in reading the very story you are so absolutely sure that you already know, but few outside the cults will care. Why will they not care? Simply because Cableland does not want them to care, and Cableland is God in this land of relentless greed, celebrity, and instant gratification. Cableland actually cares a lot about only one thing, that the masses of viewers and voters never learn the truth of Babygate.

There is only one book that tells you the whole truth, and it is yet another version of the best kept secret. This book was written not only for you Babygators, but for any and all Americans who are ready to open their eyes to the breadth of the madness. Do you want to slap-fight over the tacky details of bad behavior in a celebrity's past, or do you want to learn how our country got into this mess and how we can get out of it? Have you not yet figured out for yourself that even the lowest of the power-bloggers in this arena do not want you to read the information contained in this book? Cableland is not waiting for us to do their jobs for them for free. Cableland is waiting for us to give up and go away so the most important truth of all remains buried within the obsessive minds of a bunch of snarky bloggers and their cult followers. The motive for the scam must be exposed for all Americans to see. The problem seems to be that those who are not in it only for the money, are in it for the celebrity, and that is a shame our whole nation will eventually bear.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ice Towers

This is not a story about The Twin Towers of 9/11. This is the story of an Ice Queen who sought to bring down the twin peaks of rational government with a separation of church and state and a democracy empowered by its gigantic middle class. Out of a relentless drive for power, fame, and money, the Ice Queen showed us her true colors of icy green greed and flaming pink egotistical mania when she rushed to the mall to meet Ivana Trump in a time that seems so long ago.

Tonight the eight morons of the right will seek to debate each other while Wolf Blitzer slings his softballs. Yes, that's the same Blitzer who I respect considerably less than Bill O'Reilly. At least Billo has a bit of guts and integrity. Blitzer has none. He is only a shill for the Republican Party acting as if he is fair and balanced. I am continually amazed at how consistently Fox News gets blamed for everything, including stuff it has not done, such as being the leading supporter of the Tea Party from the very beginning. That, people, has been CNN, the network that is paying for this last debate of eight liars and obfuscaters of the truth. I say last because I predict that Fox will finally dump a few of the more ridiculous candidates for the debate Fox is sponsoring in the same state of Florida in only ten days. If nothing else, Fox will do so to distinguish its debate from the one tonight sponsored by its competitor. Look for the next debate on September 22 to allow more time to each of the candidates who have an ice sculpture's chance in hell of surviving the primary!

As for the Ice Queen, you can expect the silly, selfish blog wars to continue indefinitely. There will not be anything new of consequence released. I have continually explained this to my few readers since the beginning three years ago. There is a forest out there, and then there are a bunch of trees. You can see the images through the ice if you look carefully. The clues have been there since the beginning. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. The best thing you can do for yourself and your country is to look beyond the obvious. Quit staring at the details and envision The Big Picture.

There is only one book that is going to explain Babygate to the voters and I am not going to plug it or link to it in this post. You already know what it is, and it is not being released later this month. Just like the movie that premiered last night, the upcoming books will do a nice song and dance and say That's all, folks! like the end of a Looney Tune. You have the usual choice at that point. You can put the book on the shelf or walk out of the theater unsatisfied. When you get home to your television set, the same eight morons will be standing there, one of only two of whom has any chance of meeting The President in the general election.

There are hugely powerful forces who want to see that the Ice Queen slowly melts into oblivion without ever exposing their own complicity in the damage she has so obviously done to the sanity of our democratic process. These forces go from the tip of the power brokers of politics and the media down to some of the more influential bloggers. You can easily surmise exactly who these bloggers are because they are the ones at war with each other. The louder the war cries, the more evidently they have a hidden personal agenda.

I don't want to see the ice slowly melt into oblivion. I want to see it explode all over our television sets in an endless repetition of the same meme. The well-intentioned Christian voters of America have been duped! They were deliberately tricked by the spells cast by a witch from far beyond the realm of the Bible they so avidly read. Christ had nothing to do with it. The core values of Christianity had nothing to do with it. An insidiously secret group of right-wing power brokers planned it long ago. It began with the beginning, just as in that book I shall not mention. This nightmare began when the first slaves were brought kicking and screaming from their shackles in the hold of the first slave ship. When the slaves were truly freed from the restrictions of the Jim Crow laws and the Separate But Equal stance of George Wallace, the nation was living in its economic heyday. That glorious decade of freedom and progressive thought would soon be compromised by the rise of The Religious Right. Yes, we all know the moral of the story. When the revolution comes, it will be led by a cross and a flag, and yes, it will be televised! CNN has been doing its best to televise it already. The network loves the Tea Party so much that they are sponsoring a debate together tonight. Be sure to watch it.

The Ice Queen will not be present in the debate, and probably not in any other national debate, either. She is just plain chicken. As a voter, no matter how much you disagree with my political views, I sincerely hope that you feel as I do and would never vote for a coward. If Michael Moore was running with Stephanie Miller as his VP, just to name two of my favorite political voices, I would not support him if he was too chicken to face his opponents. How effectively could he defend our country from aggressive international leaders if he cannot face a fellow American on a debate stage?

I am not a Texan first. I am an American first, and that has always been my guiding force, both culturally and politically. I do not want to just halt Sarah Palin's national political career. I want my country back. I do not want to go back to the consistently repressive Fifties. I want to go back to the essence of The Sixties, that wonderful part of our culture that was at that magical time progressing forward in so many ways. I want our nation to pick up where it left off just before the power brokers learned how to brainwash our citizenry for profit and political gain. I want America to raise its hand once again as the world leader, this time in human rights, protection of the environment, and as the voice of the future of the world. It is time for the Ice Queen to explode instead of melt. If you wish to be well informed of the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you will just have to read the book.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Above the Fray

The photo shown is the poster for the upcoming Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta to be held in the first week of October.

The following statement was released to The Immoral Minority early yesterday:

Last notes for now--there is a writer named Floyd Orr and Sarah lives in perpetual fear that people will start paying attention to this guy. She says he's a "bigheaded blowhard" but she is TERRIFIED people will realize his book about her contains a lot of truth.

Needless to say, I was so impressed with this revelation that I added it to the reviews at Amazon for Paradigm Shift: The Palin Matrix.

What does the first of these things have to do with the second? Many of the Babygators who have been following the fray of this holiday weekend surely have read the brouhaha that began with Sarah meeting with her Palinbots at a restaurant in Iowa Friday night and ended with her appearance at a marathon yesterday. The blogs have been a'buzzin', to say the least! Buried in the middle of it all was this little homage to my little book. The crowd of about 1500 Teabaggers on the balloon field in Iowa this weekend probably got soaked in more ways than one. Most of us can agree on that. However, many of us tend to show our true colors whenever the feuding sororities we call blogs display their mudslinging capabilities among what I call the cults. You may have noticed that most of these true colors are not as pretty as those of the balloons that sail over Albuquerque every October.

I could certainly play an I told you so game at this point. I could explain how I have consistently been trying to move our cause progressively forward, instead of rabble-rousing the angry cult members of Cult #1 against those of Cult #2. I could remind you how much flak I originally received for trying to tell you It's the media, stupid! I could remind you how early on I could see the blog wars coming from a mile away. I could remind you that I said Palin was not about to go away just after she lost the 2008 election. I could tell you a lot of things, but I won't. I could tell you all about Fred, but I won't. You see, I have never supported the concept of the separate blog cults. I think the whole idea is selfish and stupid and it allows The Wolf Pack to continue winning.

How many of you remember who John Sununu was and his role in President Bush's Presidency? I'm talking about the tall grandpa, not the one you all love to hate. Sununu was carrying out his dirty tricks in The White House when I began writing Paradigm Shift. He was Papa Bush's Turd Blossom. The book was never meant to be a competitor to any blog or book. It was conceived as my personal story of many parallels, from the origins of American slavery to the bursting of the housing bubble. Palin just added to the fray and kept the disastrous story going much longer than any of us could have imagined. The actual inspirations for Paradigm Shift were Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas?, Paul Krugman's The Great Unraveling, Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation, and Kevin Phillips' American Theocracy. Yes, of course I know these were all published long after Paradigm Shift was begun in 1990, but I could so clearly see how each of these writers was a man of my own heart. I knew as I read each of these books, that the completion of my future book would easily fit on the same shelf. I have read many similar books over the past decade, but these have seemed to me to be the ringleaders of significance. My goal for Paradigm Shift has always been to complement the work of these intelligent writers. I find the competitive, dog eat dog, blog cult nonsense to be just that. I am looking for readers who are ready to think progressively and take their country forward to the new realm where it so desperately needs to go.

The purpose of The Palin Matrix has been to show as many American voters as possible the real Sarah Palin. To do that, people have to discover and read the book. They have to tell their neighbors about it. They have to use it as their reference to the blogs. It was not compiled to supplant the blogs, but to encourage more people to read them to learn the full story of Sarah Palin. I have stated repeatedly that no book is going to stop Sarah Palin. It is way past time for the blog cults to see the forest for the trees, to see that the media is not waiting for that one last tidbit of proof. The media is not waiting for anything but for us to give up and shut up. They have been as complicit as you can imagine in this cover-up from the very beginning. Do you really think that some snippet of evidential proof is going to mysteriously appear in a book, and then the MSM is suddenly going to say, Now that is what we have been waiting for!? Would you like to buy a bridge to nowhere? I have one for sale really cheap. Get your red-hot evidence right here, folks! We're offering an extra special today for the person who can analyze this photo the longest.

I have been waiting eight months to learn that Sarah Palin personally hates my guts. Don't ask me exactly why she does, because I do not know. The point of Paradigm Shift was to include all the theories that could make Sarah nervous. I am like Columbo waltzing slowly around a suspect. I know what she did, and she knows what she did; I just have to make her lose her cool enough to let the truth slip out of her normally untruthful lips. Don't keep sitting at your computer firing off snarky missiles to the cult members across the balloon field. Order your own copy of Paradigm Shift and find out for yourself what has Sarah in such a snit.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

In honor of the next debate to be held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley CA on September 7, it is now time for another round of questions. Note that this next debate will likely be the first to to star Governor Goodhair facing Mittens with Flip-Flops and Bachmann Turnip Overripe for the first time. MSNBC has decided it is time to close down* the wide, silly stage, so some of the lesser big-mouths will find themselves on the cutting room floor with Gary Johnson. Personally I would have cut Crazy For Bizness Cain before Johnson. Gary at least wants to legalize marriage-a-wanna, and I am all for that because it is a tossup which war is stupider, the War on Iraq or the War on Drugs. I tend to like Ron Paul's idea of stopping them all, however, whenever he says IRS and flat tax in the same sentence, all I can think of is Steve Forbes, and the stuff I want to do to that jerk born with a silver spoon up is ass is quite unprintable in polite company. Tax the rich more, not the poorest of us, dumbass! I really do hope MSNBC dumps Cain, Santorum, and The Newt from its debate, but I am not holding my breath that all of these will be expunged. Generally speaking, I applaud MSNBC's move so the voters can learn more about the truly serious candidates, although some of the entertainment value of the debate will most certainly be left on that cutting room floor.

There is one certain Candyass Candidate we would all like to see on that stage. Not only is she as thin-skinned as the honorable Rove claims, she is the biggest chicken to have ever avoided a debate. Some people have postulated that she will declare on 9/3 and my vote has been for 9/11, but even if she chooses either date or a much later one, I do not expect to see her on any debate stage because she is CHICKEN! For your entertainment, and the sanity of the intelligent part of the American citizenry, I am presenting the questions that she should be asked, either in a debate or simply in any nationally televised forum.

(1) How many times have you been pregnant?

(2) Have you ever had a miscarriage?

(3) Have you ever had an abortion?

(4) How many babies have you birthed in your lifetime?

(5) Have you ever had a tubal ligation of any type?

(6) How many babies have been born to your daughter Bristol?

(7) Has your daughter Willow ever been pregnant?

(8) Did you give birth to anyone or anything on April 18, 2008?

(9) Was Bristol pregnant at the time of the 2008 Republican Convention?

(10) If Bristol was pregnant at that time, how many months along was she?

(11) Was Tripp born to Bristol at the end of December of 2008?

(12) If this date is incorrect, when exactly was Tripp born?

(13) Is Levi the father of Tripp?

(14) Does Levi know the exact truth concerning the birth of Trig?

(15) Is Trig Levi's son?

(16) Was Trig ever named Tripp before his name was changed to Trig?

(17) Is the name Trig a reference to Down syndrome, also referred to as TriG?

(18) Did Levi and Bristol have a baby together on purpose?

(19) Have Levi and Bristol ever been married?

(20) Have Levi and Bristol ever been officially engaged?

(21) Was there a time when Levi more or less resided in your home?

(22) If so, when was that time and what was its duration?

(23) In what hospital or other location was the Trig shown at the 2008 RNC born?

(24) On what date was the Trig shown at the 2008 RNC born?

(25) On what date was the baby shown in your kitchen photos of 5/3/08 born?

(26) Was this same baby carried to two official governor events in Anchorage earlier that same day?

(27) Was there an adult caretaker specifically for that baby with you on that excursion?

(28) Did that baby have a somewhat distinctively wrinkled or ruffled right ear?

(29) Is this the same baby that is pictured in Frank Bailey's book, Blind Allegiance?

(30) Is this the same baby that you took to a baby shower on 5/4/08?

(31) Was this baby shower a legitimate party for friends of a family with a new baby, or were there specific marketing or promotional motives for the presentation of this particular baby?

(32) Did you know at the time of the event on 5/4/08 that photos from this event would later be used on magazine covers?

(33) Did you specifically hold this baby in those photos so his right ear would not be visible?

(34) Why were photos deliberately removed from Mercede Johnston's computer?

(35) Was this referenced photo taken in your kitchen accidentally missed in the process of the removal of photos simply because it had already been uploaded to a MySpace page?

(36) Why were photos removed from the official Governor of Alaska's website soon after you became the VP nominee?

(37) Why are there almost no photos of you or your family publicly available from the time period of March - August of 2008?

(38) When Bristol was involved in an auto accident on 2/8/08 very close to a doctor's office, was she arriving or departing that office for any reason involving a pregnancy?

(39) Was the baby presented as Trig Palin at the 2008 RNC born to Bristol?

(40) Was the baby shown in your 5/3/08 kitchen photos born to Bristol?

(41) Was either of these babies, assuming they are not the same, born to anyone else in your immediate or extended family other than Bristol?

(42) Is Todd the father of either of these babies?

(43) On the outside chance that the ear of the baby in the kitchen photo could possibly belong to the baby presented at the 2008 RNC as Trig, are these two babies one and the same?

(44) Has the general public ever seen the baby from the kitchen photos outside the realm of Frank Bailey's book?

(45) Has a baby other than the one in the kitchen photos ever played the part of Trig?

(46) Did another baby, not mentioned previously here, ever play the part of Trig at any time on your first book tour?

(47) Has Tripp been involved in any deception of the public as to the correct identity of Trig?

(48) Is the baby in the kitchen photos of 5/3/08 the same baby being held by your parents at the hospital on 4/18/08?

(49) Is the baby displayed by your parents at the hospital on 4/18/08 the same baby you showed to the voting public at the RNC four and a half months later?

(50) Was the baby in the kitchen on 5/3/08 the same baby as anyone displayed as Trig on your first book tour?

(51) Was only one baby displayed as Trig throughout the duration of the RNC of 2008?

(52) On what date did you first learn that any of these babies being discussed had DS?

(53) Was there ever suspicion or proof at any time that a baby born as Trig or Tripp had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

(54) Is the baby shown in the kitchen photos alive today?

(55) If he is alive, precisely where is he?

(56) Could this baby in the kitchen photos possibly have been born a girl?

(57) Are there any twins involved in any of these possible combinations of babies?

(58) Have you ever used any sort of doll to impersonate baby Trig?

(59) Where does Trig spend most of his time, and who is his main caretaker?

(60) What exactly was Dr. CBJ's involvement in the birth of Trig or Trigs?

(61) Is Trig an officially adopted baby?

(62) Is Trig an unofficially adopted baby?

(63) Is there any baby who has played the part of Trig who is actually younger than Tripp?

(64) Is Levi Johnston the father of any baby who has been known as Trig?

(65) Is Todd the father of any baby who has been known as Trig?

(66) Is there a known father of any of these babies whose paternity has been kept secret?

(67) Was any procedure done to you during or after the birth of Piper that would preclude you from birthing another child?

(68) Whose idea was it to fake a pregnancy for political gain?

(69) Who all knows the complete story of this faked pregnancy scenario?

(70) Assuming that John McCain knows the truth, exactly when did he learn it?

(71) How many of the McCain campaign staff knew of the false pregnancy?

(72) Who was the first person in the national media after your selection as the VP nominee to learn about the false pregnancy?

(73) How many in the national media know the truth and when did they learn of it?

(74) Who was behind the whole fake pregnancy idea?

(75) Whose idea was the Wild Ride story?

(76) Exactly when was the fake pregnancy story conceptualized?

(77) When was the Wild Ride story created?

(78) Was the whole Wild Ride concept created before you even left Alaska to go to Grapevine TX for the governors' meeting?

(79) Did anyone else know about the Wild Ride plans other than Todd?

(80) Did your father realize what he was giving away when he said your water broke?

(81) Did Rick Perry offer you his private jet for the trip back to Alaska?

(82) Did Rick Perry know at the time that you were faking?

(83) Does Rick Perry know the truth of the hoax now?

(84) Do you have any sort of agreement with Perry that you will support him for President or the Republican nomination?

(85) Has Rick Perry indicated to you that he might select you as his running mate?

(86) Are you actually considering running against Perry for the Republican nomination?

(87) If the truth begins to come out about the faked pregnancy, are you going to present it as Bristol's folly and nothing more, or are you going to tell the complete story?

(88) Do you ever regret setting up and carrying out the hoax, so you could just live your life in peace?

* Note that although this link still works, the website has since removed it from the list of debates on its home page, and the list of debaters includes Perry and deletes Pawlenty, but leaves the rest of the monkeys on stage. I am not certain what this means....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blinded by the Light

I learned a long time ago that I am good at only four things: sociology, psychology, pop culture, and English. I suck at foreign languages, engineering, advanced math, and athletics. In other words, I was born a certified nerd with a special, but limited, ability. The catch is that I was born in exactly the wrong place at exactly the right time, and most of what I have learned in my life can be traced back to these very simple suppositions.

When I say that I suck at advanced math, that does not mean that I do not understand macroeconomic concepts of our modern world far better than the average Joe, because I do. All of my work experience can be traced back to the business of money. I have watched this great nation slowly commit financial and social suicide for forty years now, and it has never been a pretty picture. We have been relentlessly bleeding red in the financial arena because we steadfastly refuse to advance our culture in the social one.

Sociologists know that cultures always become unstable under long-standing economic pressure. They also destabilize from the effects of overpopulation. The world and the USA are overpopulated and we are all operating under financial stress that increases daily. We must slow the population growth if we are to survive and prosper in the long term. The problem is not simply defined by population totals, but by the enormous influence of changing demographics. It is these demographics that have determined the political destiny of the U.S. during these past forty years. This is not some new concept that was just born in 1970. Demographics have shaped our political landscape since the nation was founded, but the specific issues that define us now did begin in 1970.

America has always been a land dominated by megatrends. We are continually moving in one direction or another. There was a paradigm shift that occurred in 1970 that has led us in a molasses-slow, but relentless, downward spiral. The culture is rotten from the inside out. The surface skin appears to be fine, but the tissue underneath has been the victim of a psychosocial equivalent to the MRSA bug, a staph infection that has been a growing problem throughout the U.S. over the recent decade. MRSA destroys flesh at a rate that can range from very slowly to surprisingly quickly. The quick versions can easily be fatal to a host body whose mind is not prepared to deal with the sudden onset of MRSA immediately after its discovery. There is no winning with MRSA once the disease spreads too far, and the politico-economic path we have chosen for ourselves is equally destructive. As with MRSA, the damage can appear to be slight for a long period of time, and then it suddenly accelerates, taking its host into the depth of oblivion.

The heart of America's psychosocial MRSA is that we do not want to admit that population is the root of our problem; however, the demographics have exacerbated the problem immeasurably. The paradigm shift we now face would not exist without the influence of several key elements of our nation's history. The first of these was the importation of slaves. The second was an economic model based on endless growth. The third was the encouragement of a demographic shift from the Northern section of the country to the Deep South and California. The fourth was a silent but deadly class system based on sexual attractiveness combined with traditional socioeconomic class and designed to replace the inherent need for survival after the constant threat of early mortality had been expunged from the culture by science. The fifth and final element has been the growing worship of celebrity as most promoted by television.

The title of this piece refers to the Christian religion. After intensive consideration these past few months, I can honestly say that I have only one regret concerning the content of my most recent book, Paradigm Shift. I thought of the name CINO (Christians In Name Only) after the book had gone through its final edit and been published. One of my favorite TV shows was Studio 60, in which a group of comedians simulating the behind the scenes events of a fictional Saturday Night Live program referred to modern U.S. Evangelical Christians as Crazy Christians. Believe me when I say I was calling them Christian Crazies decades prior to the premiere of Studio 60. The whole concept has been a significant part of my life's work since The Sixties. You see, I was in the wrong place, small town Mississippi, when the madness began. That would be when many forces in postwar America thought it was time to integrate all public schools and delete all the Jim Crow laws from our culture, once and for all. The federal powers that be did just that. They made all public places immune to Jim Crow; all but one, that is, and that one was the massive organization of the Southern Protestant churches. They left a loophole open for those who hated everything about the influence of integration from the North to drive their pickups right through, and drive, those rednecks did!

When the '60's began and then progressed ever higher in one positive manner after another, I experienced a wonderful version of America that I wanted to see continue forever. Of course black people did not have things nearly so easy, but things were certainly moving in the right direction. It was a time of explosive growth within just about any positive, progressive arena you could name. Then it began to dawn on some of the more intelligent of us that change would soon have to come. These would not be small adjustments to our style of operation. They would be major socioeconomic adjustments that would obviously lead to politico-economic changes. The power brokers would care very little one way or the other about the former type, but the latter type would rattle their very foundations. What they did was to develop a paradigm shift that would control the psychosocial elements, therefore affecting the direction of the economic and political elements. Their methodology came to be known as The Southern Strategy. Whether you credit Lee Atwater or Kevin Phillips or both with the creation of this brilliant for them, but deadly for the nation, concept is irrelevant at this point. I can tell you that right here in Austin TX is where Karl Rove became famous long before any of you ever saw his ugly mug on television. At almost exactly the same time that I finished my worthless degree in Psychology, Karl dropped out of college to develop his behind the scenes political career as Lee Atwater's protege.

A small group of certified power brokers decided that the demographic changes forcing Northerners southward could be harnessed quite effectively in a national political manner if all scruples concerning the future of the American culture were simply tossed out the window of that secret meeting room, wherever it was long ago. Remember that single little loophole that the pickups had been driving through for nearly a decade prior to the meeting? The brokers decided to harness the power of all the voters driving those pickups. How would they do that? Through organized religion, that's how. All those churches that had so dominated The South for centuries were exempt from Civil Rights laws. The pickups had been driving to church religiously year after year. All the brokers had to do was to find the one element that would steer all the trucks in the specific direction the brokers desired. Abortion became that element.

Remember that stuff about the invisible American class system? This is where that stuff makes its entrance and begins to alter the future for us all. I discovered it in the mid-Sixties, but its power was not really harnessed for its potentially sinister control of the population until The Southern Strategy was created. People are sheep. Most of us are frightened of the unknown, particularly the unknowns of human social behavior. We will do anything to hide within the crowd. In case you are wondering why all those Yankees moving south failed to bring their influence of sanity and compassion for all people southward, here is your answer. They became more and more assimilated into Southern culture after they got here, and of course many of their children have never known another social context for their personal lives. The immigrants and their kids just want to get along with everybody. They want to be popular. They want to successfully chase the often elusive goals of sex, money, careers, popularity, and even celebrity. They want to belong, so over time they become more and more Southern. Of course this is not a blanket concept that applies to everyone, but certainly enough to affect the outcome of our national political elections, and there lies the problem.

I did not really believe the concept of the cultural elite so commonly espoused and ranted about on Fox News until earlier this year. My realization of this discovery was the most depressing thing I have faced in decades, and I learned of its truth directly through my association with the Babygate bloggers and their cults. I learned that the Cultural Elite does not have income inequality or global warming at the top of its political agenda as I do. For literally decades I have felt that most Democrats viewed these as our top problems, just as I have. This is not to say that I knew of global warming decades ago, but I certainly knew about overpopulation, and these two are essentially the same thing, at least for our explanatory purposes here. What I discovered is that the Democratic Party is actually comprised of five strongly, selfishly, and stupidly splintered demographics: African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews, gays, and women. Southern white males have become all but nonexistent within the Democratic Party! The Republicans have managed to take over the nation mostly because their party is split only two ways, between the Wall Streeters and the Evangelicals, but the saner contingent is split five ways. We have all been subconsciously aware of the five demographic groups. We just have not been thinking of them within the concept of splitting up our political power instead of strengthening it. It has been my incorrect supposition that surely, the most educated and intelligent of us cannot seriously consider that the progression of their particular subgroup is more important than the progression of the lives of us all? After spending three years with the Babygators, 90-95% of whom I strongly suspect are women, I have to now say that I think they do think this way, and this is a very depressing state of affairs for us all.

There is only one thing that will save America, and that is to shift the paradigm back in the other direction. The power brokers have enjoyed relentless success for far too long, and the only concept that will work at this point is to turn that success into failure. We have to effect a split in the Christian voting bloc of the Republican Party. We have to wake up the real Christians and make them see the CINO's with clear vision. Thomas Frank tried to do it with What's the Matter with Kansas? I tried to do it with The Palin Matrix, but apparently the current I am swimming against is too strong. Too many women want to halt the political career of Sarah Palin because they so deeply despise what she is as a woman and as a politician. To my eyes, she is just that charismatic celebrity politician that I have been waiting for The Class System and The Southern Strategy to produce from the loins of its marriage made in hell. I don't want to stop Sarah Palin. I want to stop America's relentless paradigm shift to the right.

You will never find a bigger male supporter of the feminist movement than me. If you choose to call me a misogynist, you will just miss the point of it all. Speaking of that concept, it is truly the concept that will only increase the power of Sarah Palin. If any of you as women really want to halt the forward progress of Sarah's career, then shut up about misogyny! I can assure you that whenever you or any talking head or journalist plays that card, she gets stronger. What you need to do is the opposite. You should be considering how you might bring more Southern white males into your voting booth. One of the leading ways you can do this is to promote the Walk Around Juneau video clip of 2/13/08. Your persistent denigration of this particular video is quite telling. You have shoved it into a corner of your Babygate efforts every chance you have had to do just the opposite, and any one of you who does this will receive little credibility from me. Few actions have proven my point about misogyny as clearly as this issue. You say you want to stop a monster from destroying the nation, but what you really want more than that is to secure the victory for the feminine mystique. Some of you cannot stomach the fact that this most feminine of political issues might be shared with those same old enemies who have suppressed you for centuries, white males. Well here is my response: get over it! Half the voters are male, and that's just tough bananas for you feminists. Karl Rove and Kevin Phillips managed to build a giant funnel that led voters right into the red oblivion. It is time for you to put your petty desires aside and figure out how to turn that funnel around to the other direction. The only way you are going to accomplish that is to stop the relentless flow of white Southern males and females in the opposite direction. You have to see that we are continually losing elections because of the splintering! A two-way split beats a five-way one every time.

What exactly do I want you to do? I want you to quit trying so hard to own the Babygate political issue specifically for women instead of for all Americans. I can hear the whining already: but our two biggest leaders are male! Yes, they are, but they are also cult leaders, as in David Koresh. They are enjoying controlling and directing giant harems. They consistently give you what you think you want instead of what you need. You quite desperately want to think that Sarah Palin is the problem and that if we can just make her sit down and shut up, we can go back to our normal political business. If this is what you think, you are wrong. Sarah is not the actual MRSA infection; she is just the vessel that unleashed it. The infection is that combination of sheep who refuse to step away from the slaughterhouse path and their controllers who have found the magic prod that keeps them moving in that direction. Millions of those sheep are not quite as stupid or ignorant as you think they are, and those are the ones upon whom you need to concentrate your efforts. They have been blinded by the light and you have to show them the evil force operating behind the curtain. The CINO's can never be reached because they don't want to change. They are the selfish, greedy, short-sighted devils that will gladly take us over the cliff purely for their own personal gain, whether they recognize the temporary nature of holding onto that booty in a world that is rapidly becoming uninhabitable or not. There are many who are salvageable, though, and they are generally known as white Christians. Don't waste time on the Evangelicals deeply embedded in the madness. Go after the sheep who have not yet reached the slaughterhouse, the real Christians, those with intelligence and compassion stifled by the relentless oppression from their fellow churchgoers.

Years before blogs were even invented, I learned a lot from participating on and creating message boards. I learned that marketing on the internet has become the latest casualty of American sanity. Slap-fights always draw a crowd, but just like those hardheaded Evangelicals that will argue with a brick, slap-fighters consistently learn surprisingly little, no matter what the forum or the subject matter. This is the main reason that I often write in riddles or offer questions for my readers to whom I rarely blurt out the answers. I do this for two valid reasons. The first is that certain inflammatory precepts will do nothing but start an unproductive slap-fight, so I try to approach these with as much tact as possible while still getting the point across to the reader. The second is that as a student of the social sciences, I don't want to just hand you the answers to the test. I want you to discover the answers for yourself by looking them up. In most of the instances in which I have used this conceit, you can find all the answers about as fast I did sitting at my computer. They are all there on the blogs and hiding discreetly in other online sources. I found these things and you can, too. One of the most despicable changes to modern America that chaps my butt is the way so many people want it now and they want it to be free. Psychologists call this instant gratification and it is clearly not a sign of higher intelligence. You can generally assume that when I drop hints about negative, inflammatory traits or actions relating to people you know, that I have researched the issue and discovered something important or I would not mention it in the first place.

The magical essence of my books are in the journey, not the destination. I write for readers searching for deeper truths in our lives. Unlike other people I have mentioned, I am trying to give you what you need instead of what you want. My writing does not make me a celebrity and my book sales do not pay enough to sneeze at, probably about three cents an hour. I figured out a long time ago that I would never father a child. My attitudes toward population, the environment, and the trash heap the American culture has become cemented this issue for me about the time I reached adulthood. I mean it when I say my books are my legacy. Each of my books will take the reader down the rabbit hole of whatever is the subject matter. You will take a long, entertaining ride and you will have spent a long time looking out a very large picture window by the time you reach the last page.

All right, Babygators, here it comes. I think Sarah Palin was a First Class little girl who was born into a very narrowly focused subculture. First Class means that she was decently athletic, sexually attractive, and born into the accepted middle class for her subculture. I think her father, and possibly other family members, spoiled her rotten. I am even more certain that her peer group, extended family, and adults in a supervisory capacity contributed mightily to the rottenness. I do not think she has a diagnosable mental illness of any psychotic nature. She is mentally weak, unstable, neurotic, and narcissistic as hell, but at the heart of it all, she is nothing more than an overgrown spoiled brat. Did she actually receive a college degree? I tend to think that she did, but she skated and slid her way through with the help of some of those participating supervisory adults I mentioned. Is she as religious as she claims? In her own mind, she is, but only in her own mind. Yes, she has been deeply ensconced in the religious fanaticism of Wasilla, but technically speaking, I suspect she is little better than a glorified whore or drug addict. She may truly believe that God is speaking directly to her, but I think the voice is more likely coming from deeply below. I think she was obsessed with Curtis Menard, Jr., but whether or not she bore his child or had anything to do with his death, the jury is still out. I think it is far more likely that the first is true, but the second is not, however the first may not be true, either. Did she have any connection with the fires or other deaths we have examined these past three years? I think that is possible, but not highly likely. I do think all those events share some sort of eerily suspicious nature and each one should be carefully investigated before being dropped completely from any speculative scenario.

I am considerably more certain of some of the details and implications of Babygate than those questionable issues just mentioned. Based purely on Sarah's age, number of children, and relentless political ambition, I strongly feel that actions taken after the birth of Piper precluded her from ever bearing another child. Whether or not that action was a deliberate move on Sarah's part or some unavoidable event or complication, I cannot say. My best guess is that she had either an abortion or a tubal ligation at some point. In no manner whatsoever do I believe that the Trig Palin presented to America at the RNC of 2008 was birthed by Sarah on 4/18/08. Like other men, I came firmly to this conclusion after viewing the Walk Around Juneau video the first time. Men may not often stare at a pregnant woman's bulge, but they know how a pregnant woman moves and walks, and it is not casually walking briskly with verve in high heels on an icy sidewalk! I think there are at least two babies involved in the hoax, and quite possibly three or more. The definitive two are Ruffles and Round Ear, and the less likely two are Tripp and Elfie. I am not absolutely certain, but it is my theory that Ruffles was born to Bristol and Round Ear was not born to either Sarah or Bristol. We do not know the current status of Ruffles, but in my opinion, this is the truth that would matter the most to the real Christians if the media would allow them to know it. I do not directly care very much exactly who the parents of all the babies are, but I am very cognizant of the fact that if the complete mystery is to be resolved, the true parents will become a part of the story, whether anyone likes it or not.

The point of this story is that the Christians are not the only ones blinded by the light. This phenomenal cult thing that has infected the Babygate bloggers has been holding back the truth for a long time. There are a few things of which I have been sworn to secrecy, but I have repeatedly dropped clues to send you all in the right direction to discover the answers on your own. It seems painfully clear to me that very few of you have actually followed my direction in this endeavor. There is a poison that seems to infect anyone who builds a significant following or career in the anti-Palin realm. What makes unraveling this part of the mystery so daunting is that no two of these false prophets follow the same pattern. My best guess is that at least a few of them have been Trojan horses from the beginning, but the obvious presence of opportunism makes discerning who is what within this scheme is quite difficult. I think most of them consumed the poison after the result of fame and resultant ego explosion consumed them. I think they started out with good intentions, but the ease with which they were able to expand and sustain their cult followings eventually overtook their desire to save our political nation.

The path out of the cult is to simply question everything. Most of the deception expounded upon you has been through omission and obfuscation. Imagine how much less questionable all the information available would be if no Anonymous comments were allowed and none were moderated, either. One site uses what I call henchwomen in much the same way that Fox News employs a pack of blonde bimbos as so-called experts. All commenters on that blog are not equal. Some know much more about their cult leaders than do others. In a manner similar to Mafia henchmen, henchwomen do bidding. Mull that one over for a while. Why do the two leading David Koreshes of the blogs dislike each other so much? Are you sure they are telling the whole truth whenever this subject rears its ugly head? Even if the connection is tenuous at best, some of the other bloggers and authors can be traced back to Arianna Huffington. It truly baffles me how so many of you can have finally figured out what a greedy traitor to the causes of the left wing that Arianna has proven to be, yet you still worship the ground her minions walk, from Devon to Dunn to Bill Maher, best pal of Ann Coulter and Amy Holmes!. I shall never understand your blindness.

The key difference between Paradigm Shift and the other Palin books is like a tree hiding in a forest. I have not consumed the poison because, not in spite of, the fact that I am an amateur. You see, that is a definitive issue in the paradigm shift the Palin Matrix has wrought. The right wing knows precisely how to control the messages of both wings, and the left wing steadfastly refuses to learn this trick. I knew that the DNC would eventually run Barack Obama for President from the moment he stepped up onto the national stage at the 2004 DNC. I did not want this to happen, however. I wanted John Edwards and I still do. You women who insist on branding me as a misogynist for thinking this way are not displaying the ultimate level of intelligence. I knew this was no time to put the first black man, or white woman, in The White House. Remember what I stated at the beginning about macroeconomics. Few people have known of the threat of the housing bubble longer than me. Few have understood fully what Wall Street has been doing to the nation nonstop for forty years. This is not an emotional decision on my part. Politically I hate Karl Rove's guts, but intellectually I consider him my true equal. We handed them an obvious advantage and a weapon to use against us. We would not have been making that mistake with John Edwards. You can scream and whine all you want about the many effects unleashed after the 2008 election, but the principle I am espousing is an incontrovertible fact. A Southern white male in The White House would have saved us all a lot of grief. Obama had plenty of time to run for the office at some point after the monster had been muzzled. Taking this step beforehand was a mistake.

You can rest assured that I shall never vote for a Republican. Their madness has reached unfathomable proportions. The problem as I see it is how do we break the spell over the Southern white voters? First we have to step up and punch the bully in the nose. That means simply telling the Evangelicals and CINO's to sit down and shut up and we need to make a concerted effort to marginalize them politically. The problem and the solution lie with the Real Christians. They are in essence good, compassionate people, your friends and neighbors, who have been blinded by the light.