Thursday, July 29, 2010


Just when I thought the dust had settled a bit on the multiple Trig theories, up pops a batch of photos I had not seen before! The photo at right is a cropped version of the very large shot Gryphen just posted yesterday. This is another one of the poses shot for the OK Magazine cover at the 5/4/08 baby shower. I was just about to post a few side by side cropped shots for a discussion of whether or not the April-May '08 Trigs are the same baby or not when annes_123 posted a link to a new Flickr photostream that I think explodes all over the page! It is always possible that I am lost in the ozone again, and these pictures have all been seen before and I have just missed them, but I don't think so. I have been in contact with the creator of this array: all the photos originated from Team Sarah. You can go to Flickr to examine these surprising photos within their complete array with an assortment of photos of Sarah without Trig or you can click the slide show in the sidebar to see only the large shots of Batwing Trig that I have selected for the relevance of this post.

For the sake of all my new readers here at PB, I can only hope that I am not jumping up and down like a little girl, making a fool of myself over what I am only assuming at this point is a new discovery. The thing that shocks me the most are the shots that seem to show the reprisal of Batwing Trig to a degree that I had heretofore never seen! The first ones you will see are labeled (#) 5 and playing with socks on book tour, and #2 is a very clear shot of the batwing ear. There are more surprises scattered throughout the subsequent pages of the photo array, although a lot of these shots are already very familiar to most of us. I am not going to jump to any further conclusions until I learn more about the origins of these unfamiliar pictures. At this point in time, I am quite simply flabbergasted at this stunning new evidence of the existence of Batwing Trig!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Floyd's Lap Dance

Pardon me while I whip this out! This post has been a long time coming, and I may meander a bit in telling the story. Try to stay with me: this cat's tale is a convoluted one.

First of all, I want to thank all those who helped make July 10, 2010, what might turn out to be the ultimate high point of my blogging days. These include Bree Palin, Gryphen and Patrick, who apparently decided it was time to recognize Palin Babygate, the regular readers who commented and sent me direct messages, and of course, all the newbies who finally discovered that there might be something interesting to read over at PB. I can only hope that a significant percentage of you will continue to visit and comment.

That brings us all to an annoying little pebble in the mattress that I do not think we shall ever completely remove, the comment system at PB. After reading through many of your issues posted here and at IM yesterday, I spent considerable time further researching the problem. The short answer is that I do not think I can find a better solution than we already have. All those little known and even less utilized comment options have been deleted. You must now unequivocally set up a Google account to comment on this blog. I do not think this option is as scary or problematic as you might fear. You can provide as much or as little information as you choose, and you can change it at any later time, too. When someone clicks the link on your comment to learn more about you, all that must be listed is your screen name and how many times others have sought the same information. If sharing any information with Google privately that is not displayed scares you, I am afraid I do not have a better alternative. I have been using the Google system on all my blogs for years, and I have no complaints whatsoever, as either a blog author or commenter on other blogs.

To continue this discussion about comments, I must include the two big boys of our industry, PG and IM, two blogs that are as significantly different from PB as they are from each other. PG uses the Disqus system for comments and IM allows anonymous comments with moderation. Especially considering the subject matter and lack of anonymity, I am sure any of you would agree that I would have to be truly nuts to offer anonymous comments without moderation. I personally do not like moderation, from the standpoint of either a blogger or a commenter. If something changes in the future, I shall, of course, change with it, but for now, the Google system probably works best for me. Yes, I have often considered copying PG's Disqus system idea, but whenever I analyze the big picture, I decide against it. If that's what the gang over at PG wants, fine, that's their business, but the swirling circles of chit-chat that this sort of system encourages is just not my thing. Yes, I want to have a lot of influence over the mood and direction of our movement, but that does not necessarily include a large herd of regular commenters. I would much prefer a large herd of regular readers, some of whom have already conversed with me via direct e-mail on a regular basis. Gryphen has his thing, Patrick and Kathleen have theirs, and I have mine. I hope none of you are offended by this analogy because no offense is intended. I hope thousands of you flood my in-box with comments. I read every one of them. However, I want to read them as they come in and are posted at PB. I do not want you to have to wait for me to come home from an errand, sort through all the messages, and then release the appropriate ones to the blog. I also do not wish to return home to a relentless spam or Palinbot attack, either, courtesy of having the convenience of Anonymous comments.

For all of my newcomers, please allow me to indulge in the repetition of what you regulars most likely already know. I am not, nor have I ever been or ever had interest in becoming, a journalist, a rock star, a television or radio personality, or a scientific researcher (all right, that one I did at one time aspire to be, but that's another story). I have a lot more in common with Karl Rove than President Obama, aside from the political side of the fence Mr. Rove has wallowed in for decades! I am a behind the scenes sort of guy. I have never had the looks for television or the voice for radio. What I am is a writer. Bree mentioned in the interview how she always just threw her blog posts together quickly without thinking much about them, and that is indeed how most bloggers write, but not me. I have to be in a special imaginative, creative frame of mind. I have to have a catchy title, a hook like a Top Forty single, a purpose, and an emotional ending of some sort to tie it all together. Nearly everything I write has been mulled over in my mind beforehand, sometimes for months, never for merely moments. When I get my story together, I nail it down in the computer, along with all my previous inspirations. I do the majority of the editing in my head long before I begin to write, so there is usually little to be changed after the composition has been made. Everything is proofread because pesky errors will always find their way into even the best planned posts.

I have never written fiction. I have read some of it, but I prefer nonfiction of many different types. Every book I have written is a compilation of many such inspired short pieces as described above. Yes, I am planning another book. I have been planning it since 2002, but this particular story has already been delayed several times. This next book will not be an expose of the scams of Sarah Palin, although a large majority of many blog posts that I have made at PB and NIAFS in recent years will be edited into the content, along with other material that I began writing long before I had ever heard the witch's name. As I said, I am not a journalist. That is just not my thing. I am a psychosocial, political and economic, commentator. There is a little Bill Hicks, Bill Maher, Bill Engvall, George Carlin, Bill O'Reilly, Jean Shepherd, Lewis Black, Michael Moore, Al Franken, James Howard Kunstler, Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Robert Rimmer, Peter Egan, and Kurt Vonnegut in practically everything I write.

There is one key point that I wish to make about my position on Babygate. No book or politician is going to bring the bitch down. Books are written to tell you all the gory details of the story after the central scam has been exposed. Yes, Romney, Huckleberry, and others have plenty of reasons and ammunition to stop her, but they ain't gonna do it! Why? I don't know, but that is the story of the century, folks, and that is precisely why I started this blog. We have to scream it from the rooftops. The MSM is in on the scam, and the bigger the media entity or personality, the deeper they are in on it. She is not being brought down for lack of evidence, and I think this misguided concept is why Palingates bugs me. The evidence already produced has been overwhelming. One more picture or one more secret document is not going to do the trick. It is great that PG is assembling and publicizing all this stuff, but it ain't going to muzzle the pitbull. Live by the sword, die by the sword, and this screechy voice of hate is supported by the only media that can take her down. We have to convince them that the truth is about to escape and they have to grab onto the caboose of the gravy train.

In-depth interviews are one of my favorite things to read as well as write. I left Charlie Rose out of the list above so I could mention him here. I would love to repeat yesterday's performance over and over, but my tubes are tied. Like the cat above, I am ready to party, but I need someone to party with. I know many secrets and I am good at keeping them, but more key players need to come forward. One idea I think that would work concerns how so many have pleaded with Gryphen to just tell us all more of what he knows, even when it is only rumor and supposition. Why not let me send him one of my interview questionnaires and he can send copies to some of his anonymous sources? Then he could send the replies back to me and I could edit the result into one inclusive interview with several sources at once. All the interview subjects' identities would be known only by Gryphen. What's wrong with that idea? I would be happy to interview Audrey, Gryphen, Morgan, Patrick, Barb Dwyer, or any other of the famous names of Babygate, too. All they have to do is contact me and say yes.

Where is all this going? I don't have the foggiest notion. I have no more Aces or Jokers up my sleeve at this point. I am as wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as the cat in the picture. Where is my lap dance?

Friday, July 9, 2010

What Sort of Person Reads Palin Babygate?

Back in the good old days of the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties, Playboy Magazine ran a long series of self-promotional ads with the title What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? This was a very clever ad campaign, mentioning one or more elements prevalent in the fantasized Playboy lifestyle, usually with an attractive lady in soft focus in the background. The stuff in the foreground ranged from classic cars, sports cars, and motorcycles to elegant tuxedos and exquisitely styled stereo gear, or hi-fi as it was called in those days. Now if we know nothing else, we know the fantasy baseball player pictured here is not what sort of person reads Palin Babygate! I call this photo Tiny Bat, Giant Batty. Can you think of a better caption for it?

Most of the PB readers probably are women, or ladies, to be more precise. Many of them are most likely real nerds, not hillbillies trying to impersonate librarians. I would expect the education level and the IQ of most PB readers to be quite high, far above the norm, at least far beyond that of any cadre of Palinbots. Do these ladies represent The Cultural Elite? I certainly hope so! I want my readers to be as informed and literate as possible. I am sure some of the readers are baseball fans and some are football fans, but I doubt that any of them would be caught dead wearing fancy makeup or sporting manicured nails or flashy jewelry on a fishing trip. This is not meant to exclude the male readership in any way; I just think the whole Babygate phenomenon attracts more women than men with its outlandish Wild Ride and The Guiding Light of Wasilla.

The average PB reader may have discovered this blog from a link that I may have placed elsewhere on the net, but the return visitors most likely arrived on their own power. Few other blogs display the link to Palin Babygate in their blog lists. The better known the anti-Palin blog, the less likely a link to PB can be found there. Of course the silver lining of this is that few of the Palinbots ever find this little cultural elite hideout, either, so we have few spammers to delete or trolls to ignore. It's all sociocultural theory and all civil discourse here at Palin Babygate. There are no ads, no pleading for donations, no mugs or t-shirts hawked, and most of all, no unnecessary promotional brainwashing. No story is ever exclusive; nothing is ever provocative; and there are no video clip reruns from YouTube or elsewhere to clog up your downloads or assault your ears with the screech of The Skinny Northern She-Owl. You can read it with your own eyes here: it's just all Babygate all the time.

Why do the readers come here where there is no breaking news nor pages of secret documents exposed? I think, and I hope, they come here for the quality of the material, the openness of thought, the unexpected avenues to explore and ponder. The women and men who read Palin Babygate are probably a cut above even those masses who read the more popular blogs. These are ladies and gentlemen who instinctively know without being told to leave their snark, if they had any in the first place, at the door when they enter PB. This is the blog where we have only one agenda, to stop the madness that has enveloped our once intelligent nation. We used to be proud of our intelligence. Now a tacky woman with a small bat and a big ball has fed America's particular brand of psychosis like the invasion of a MRSA bug. The smart people do not want to just knock her out of the political ballpark or make a double play by naming her promiscuous daughter as a double mom. We want to stop the whole diabolical system of preplanned insanity and clean out the infection once and for all. The readers of PB are the deeply progressive thinkers of our time. If more Americans were seriously intelligent thinkers like the readers of Palin Babygate, we would not all be trapped on this cruise to oblivion with Gopher trying to take the helm away from Captain Stubing!

Jazz & Reflexx / Unlimited 17 & 19

A lot of people have been visiting this site lately, obviously looking for more information on four particularly rare boats built only in the 1993-98 era. The Jazz and Reflexx mini-jet boats were built by Bayliner during this period, and Four Winns produced the Unlimited speedboat in 17 and 19-foot lengths in 1996 and '97. All four of these models have always been some of my favorite boats, and you will not find any more extensive coverage of these rare models than in Ker-Splash 2: The High Performance Powerboat Book. In fact, they were singled out for attention simply because so little has ever been written about them.

Bayliner introduced its open-bow Jazz as a very simple, bare-bones sort of jet boat in 1993. The Jazz is the only one of these four boats that was produced during the entire period from '93 through '98. Its companion closed-bow model was built only in 1994 and '95. I assume that some Reflexxes were powered by the 120-horsepower four-cylinder in '95, but I have never seen one. The Jazz model began with the 90-hp Triple and the Four became standard in 1995, even as the Reflexx continued with the smaller engine. An all new hull and interior was introduced in the 1996 Jazz and the new V-6 became standard the following year.

For a brief period in the mid-Nineties, the same parent company owned both Four Winns and Donzi. The decision was made to offer a Four Winns version of the Donzi Classics. There were many similarities and differences between the Classics and the Four Winns Unlimiteds. None of the same hull sizes were duplicated, and the Classics were more expensive, while at the same time more traditionally dated in their styling and features, however all these models were very similarly shaped, designed, and powered speedboats. The Donzis have of course been continually produced for decades, but the Unlimiteds were built for only two precious years. Coincidental to the decision made by Ford to step out of the marine engine market after the 1996 model year, the first-year Unlimiteds were powered by Fords and the second year by Chevrolets. Since Four Winns employed Volvo Penta drives on all Unlimiteds, the models equipped with the Duo-prop option became particularly rare and interesting.

To read a lot more about the Unlimteds and the Bayliner jet models, as well as extensive details about all the brands and models of mini-jets built back in their exciting heyday of The Nineties, get a copy of Ker-Splash 2: The High Performance Powerboat Book. It is available at Amazon, B&N, and other online sources in both print and Kindle versions. The print version offers all the photos in their original sizes and print quality levels. The Kindle version has a few minor typos removed and a tiny number of informational changes made available in the short time frame between the release of the two versions.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Interdependence Day

Palin Babygate was created to keep us all reminded of The Big Picture. Here on this Independence Day 2010, following the post yesterday that I know many of you may have thought to be my last, I want to wrap up a few loose ends and reiterate a few basic concepts. All of us are interdependent on each other in ways we often forget. Yes, if certain events had not occurred yesterday, this might well have been my last post to Palin Babygate. Just as I had postulated earlier, without further information coming my way, there was very little else to say about The Fraud of the Millennium that had not already been repeatedly said. While the clouds dumped rain on the holiday weekend outside yesterday, the silver lining appeared inside.

The poll offered practically no surprises, even after Palinoscope's poll was factored into the results. The readers of this poll, and probably that one, too, are imagining two babies nicknamed Ruffles and Round Ear playing on the national stage as Trig Palin. Most of the time he has no speaking, or even moving, parts because he is most likely out to lunch on downers of some sort. I would even go so far as to say that the concept of a third actor playing Trig came about because Batwing Trig was seen at a stop on the book tour interacting with his fans at a level that had become unexpected for Round Ear. Whether or not it was even Batwing that was so interactive, whichever actor it was just happened to be off his meds at that time. In my opinion, there probably were few other factors involved in the inspiration for the launch of the Third Trig Theories. Now if the poll results had been different, with more emphasis on the concept of three Trigs, then I would still be offering substantial support to this theory. As it is, I am letting Batwing take a swan dive off my radar screen. As always, anyone is welcome to discuss the Third Trig Theory all they wish in the comments here, because we do not work to shut up or disparage other voices at Palin Babygate, but I am no longer holding my breath that three babies other than Tripp are involved in this greatest of all frauds.

There have been many questions and discussions concerning the possibility of Ruffles having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This theory will not so easily be banished from my concerns, not because I am an expert on the symptoms or causes of FAS, but because the analysis of motive is a key element of Palin Babygate. There are many other bloggers who are chasing photos and documents as if they are The Holy Grail, but that is not our purpose here at Palin Babygate. Our purpose is to analyze every sector of the fraud, including the years of background events that led up to this ultimate deception, as well as all possible motives, key players, and the powerful puppeteers hiding behind that heavy black curtain of warlike, conservative Christianity. If I remember correctly, I found photos online of the Palin brats and their pals swilling alcohol and smoking dope even before I heard about Babygate! Many of those still photos, bragging teenager blurbs, and video clips have long been banished from the internet, but even the National Enquirer carried a few of them as cover stories. If I had not been watching college kids on spring break and other news stories of the past few decades, I might find it difficult to believe what young drinkers are doing to their minds and bodies these days. Binge drinking is a real issue, even in Wasilla AK.

Imagine a place where it is just too damn cold to go outside much of the year. Imagine a place that is about an hour's drive to the nearest city, even if you are old enough to have a driver's license, or know somebody who does. There isn't much to do in this town when it's frozen like a popsicle. You know somebody who has some first class weed and somebody else with some of that legendary Wasilla meth. It's easy to talk that older pal into raiding the liquor store for you. Hell, let's party! Before you think this is a personal insult to Wasilla, remember that this scenario is being played out all over the USA, even in places on the West Coast, where the sun is shining and the beaches are not oily. Kids all over America are doing this and I do not know much that we can do to stop it. What I do know is that if you think babies are not being born with FAS all over the USA, you need to watch more news.

No, I am not saying that I think FAS is involved in Babygate because of any one factor. I am not even saying that I think it is definitively involved, but I am saying that FAS would be a motive I could believe. As far as the Two Babies Theory goes, it is probably my favorite. Some people are postulating twins and others dolls, but I think the possibility of FAS is far higher than those two. If the babies are unrelated, and FAS is not involved, then what was the motive? This is the major reason that I am keeping FAS on the table until it has been proven otherwise. You can show me all the documents and photos you wish, but that is not what I mean by proof. You can swear on a gaggle of flags that twins or dolls are involved, and that is not what I mean, either. If certain people tell me that they know unequivocally that FAS is not involved, then I shall remove it from my palette of possible scenarios. The key word here is certain people; who you are, not what papers and pictures you have analyzed on your computer. I mean no disrespect to anyone who is certain that twins or dolls are involved. You are always welcome to voice your opinion at Palin Babygate.

Interdependence is always present. It's like motives and opportunities, bribery and blackmail, FAS and Downs. Why, people, why? Why did an aggressive politician want to present herself as a new mother just as she stepped onto the national stage? We do not actually know whose idea the fake pregnancy was, do we? Of course the dingbat idea most likely sprouted from the dingbat's own brain, but we do not know this for a fact, do we? Exactly how far back do the strings of the puppeteers reach? Babygate in one way or another is just a continuation of the relationships with the witch doctor and Mark Chryson. It is an event that would be created decades after Curtis Menard, Jr., lived next door, and years after the Piper surprise. Babygate, for all time and all future seasons, will be the core value of Sarah Palin.

The cat picture above is one I have been waiting a year to use, because I think of the Wasilla Hillbillies every time I look at it. As I mentioned in the poll analysis, I really don't think any sort of despicable behavior commonly associated with hillbillies in the minds of many urban Americans is at the root of Babygate. I would love it if it is, but I am not holding my breath. You will not read any disparaging remarks about certain members of The Johnston Family here, either. They are just victims like the rest of us, only a lot closer to the sceechy sonic attack. Remember interdependence because there is a lot of it involved in Babygate. I try to keep the rocks out of my yard when I live in a glass house. Who else do you know in this Babygate Blogosphere who is without a speck of anonymity? Do you hear me, Sadie? Let's talk, curmudgeon grandfather to teenager.

Links to all the articles at Nonfiction in a Fictional Style (NIAFS) that are pertinent to Palin Babygate are now linked from this site in the left column. These were all published prior to the existence of Palin Babygate, in case you were wondering why they are at NIAFS instead of PB. If you visit one of these, just remember to hit the back button if you want to return to Palin Babygate; otherwise you will be roaming throughout the vast ozone of my main blog. By all means, feel free to browse while you're over there, just understand that the subject matter is quite a bit wider than it is here. The navigation down the left column works exactly the same as it does here at Palin Babygate.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You want to know if this blog is going to continue past this post. After a few unexpected contacts made yesterday, yes it is. I still do not have a cache of decently interesting new information to share about the Babygate fraud, but hope has definitely appeared out of the overcast skies from a distant, delicately orange horizon. I was about to think the madness was all in my head and the new dawn was never going to come. I have hope now, and the more of you that contact me, the more hope I shall have. We are all interdependent.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poll Analysis

The Palin Babygate poll results are in and here is my analysis of those results. Since the poll itself will probably soon be removed, the question and answer statistics are as follows:

The most likely truth is:
One Trig Only
- 10 votes - 7%
Two Related Trigs - 25 votes - 17%
Two Unrelated Trigs - 86 votes - 60%
Three Trigs - 20 votes - 14%

The first point that must be made is that the sample size is tiny: the opinions of only 141 respondents do not represent a sizable population. Coincidentally, The Palinoscope blog set up a similar poll yesterday. For a simple reason that will not be detailed at this moment, suffice it to say that the sample size of that poll is much larger than this one, even though the poll has been active for only about twelve hours. The Palinoscope poll is as follows:

After viewing the evidence, who do you believe is Trig's mom?
Sarah -
4 votes - 1%
Bristol - 225 votes - 54%
Someone as yet unnamed - 189 votes - 45%

The first thing you might notice about the Palin Babygate poll is that it is possible that an inattentive voter might include Tripp into this poll, whereas Tripp has specifically not been mentioned. I hope my readers are more awake than that, but in the interest of accuracy, I thought that should be mentioned. I think this poll and its results are otherwise quite clear.

The first thing you might notice about the Palinoscope poll is that the issue of multiple Trigs, and who exactly is being considered in this poll, is not mentioned. Does this mean that the voters are thinking of Ruffles or Round Ear when they make their selections? The answer could be construed as either one.

The next point we might conclude is that the readers of both blogs do not have much faith in Sarah Palin's Wild Ride on the Baloney Plane. Only fourteen responders in total are saying they believe that either there is only one Trig or that Sarah personally popped him out! The rest all seem to agree that her story is as fishy as an Alaskan Fish Picker. Somebody else birthed whatever babies are currently starring in The Babyscope Polls, and somewhat more than half of you think Bristol was a mom long before Christmas of 2008.

Let's get the easy one out of the way first. Some readers, but not a very high percentage of you, are adding a third Trig into the equation. I assume that at least a few of the people who voted this way think there is a separate Batwing Trig, a few think there was at least one borrowed Trig, and the rest are playing with a joker in the deck. I assume that no one was considering a fake doll Trig as a third baby, but you never know what sort of spin a person taking a quick poll might put on his or her choice. If one of you has a comment about some alternative I may have overlooked in this assessment, please add it to this post. I was generally thinking of a borrowed or Batwing Trig when I added this poll choice.

Oh, please, please, please let it be some sort of hillbilly family incest or rampant affair shenanigans so the witch will be so buried in the surprised shock of her Palinbots that she could not run for Wasilla Moosecatcher anytime in the next twenty years! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I personally voted for Two Related Trigs, optimistically hoping for a quick end to the madness. However, even I do not really believe it, no matter how much I would like to do so. Are the Wasilla Hillbillies capable of Bristol and Sarah being pregnant at the same time, or Todd and his mistress bringing home a surprise, or Chuckles being an even dirtier old man than we think? Yes, I am quite sure they are, but no, I don't think they did. As I often like to say, prove me wrong; I dare you!

If I have accomplished nothing else with this blog, I think I have brought together the core group of elitist thinkers among the anti-Palinbot bloggers. The readers of Palin Babygate are the ones who wish to keep an open mind about all the issues. These include, but are not limited to, the discovery of whatever mothers are involved in Babygate, the MSM's role in it all, the controlling powers of The Christian Mafia, and the psychosocial motives driving Sarah Palin's big deception. We can leave all the slap-fighting, blogger hero worship, cattiness, snark, and exclusive tabloid ballyhooing to other sites. I began Palin Babygate with the concept of covering the subject and all its implications and subterfuges, particularly the hidden motives and agendas behind it all. (Note the photo above.)

Considering the obvious from the poll results, most of us think that there are two Trigs who are unrelated to each other. The hard question seems to be who are they related to then? Although it was specifically not spelled out in the poll question, I have felt for some time now, particularly since Gryphen's now classic Two Babies post, that Bristol and Levi are the parents of Ruffles and that Round Ear is a baby who was specifically acquired because his Down Syndrome features are obvious, and this was true even when he was a new baby. Ruffles may or may not have Downs, but I very seriously doubt that he does. I would bet very strongly that Ruffles was born either perfectly normal, although premature and with distinctive ears, or he had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Was the FAS diagnosed promptly following his birth? That could be the question of the century. Was his FAS misdiagnosed as Downs at some point? That is a possibility, too. Was he born without either Downs or FAS, but was otherwise too weak to play the strenuous part of a stage prop, or did he not survive long past May 2008? These will always be valid questions, at least until the real and total truth of this fraud has been exposed, if it ever is revealed.

We may never know precisely why Bristol was thrown under the bus. We may never know exactly how complicit with her mom Bristol has been since the Babygate fraud began, either. Most of us seem to agree that Bristol and Levi are wrapped up in this soap opera in at least one way or another. Unlike certain tabloid-type blogs, we at Palin Babygate are going to let the Johnston females alone unless it is unequivocally proven that they have been complicit. This is one reason why I think Gryphen is an honest, compassionate blogger, even though he refuses to link to Palin Babygate. As for that other blog, would you like to look at that picture again?