Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poll Analysis

The Palin Babygate poll results are in and here is my analysis of those results. Since the poll itself will probably soon be removed, the question and answer statistics are as follows:

The most likely truth is:
One Trig Only
- 10 votes - 7%
Two Related Trigs - 25 votes - 17%
Two Unrelated Trigs - 86 votes - 60%
Three Trigs - 20 votes - 14%

The first point that must be made is that the sample size is tiny: the opinions of only 141 respondents do not represent a sizable population. Coincidentally, The Palinoscope blog set up a similar poll yesterday. For a simple reason that will not be detailed at this moment, suffice it to say that the sample size of that poll is much larger than this one, even though the poll has been active for only about twelve hours. The Palinoscope poll is as follows:

After viewing the evidence, who do you believe is Trig's mom?
Sarah -
4 votes - 1%
Bristol - 225 votes - 54%
Someone as yet unnamed - 189 votes - 45%

The first thing you might notice about the Palin Babygate poll is that it is possible that an inattentive voter might include Tripp into this poll, whereas Tripp has specifically not been mentioned. I hope my readers are more awake than that, but in the interest of accuracy, I thought that should be mentioned. I think this poll and its results are otherwise quite clear.

The first thing you might notice about the Palinoscope poll is that the issue of multiple Trigs, and who exactly is being considered in this poll, is not mentioned. Does this mean that the voters are thinking of Ruffles or Round Ear when they make their selections? The answer could be construed as either one.

The next point we might conclude is that the readers of both blogs do not have much faith in Sarah Palin's Wild Ride on the Baloney Plane. Only fourteen responders in total are saying they believe that either there is only one Trig or that Sarah personally popped him out! The rest all seem to agree that her story is as fishy as an Alaskan Fish Picker. Somebody else birthed whatever babies are currently starring in The Babyscope Polls, and somewhat more than half of you think Bristol was a mom long before Christmas of 2008.

Let's get the easy one out of the way first. Some readers, but not a very high percentage of you, are adding a third Trig into the equation. I assume that at least a few of the people who voted this way think there is a separate Batwing Trig, a few think there was at least one borrowed Trig, and the rest are playing with a joker in the deck. I assume that no one was considering a fake doll Trig as a third baby, but you never know what sort of spin a person taking a quick poll might put on his or her choice. If one of you has a comment about some alternative I may have overlooked in this assessment, please add it to this post. I was generally thinking of a borrowed or Batwing Trig when I added this poll choice.

Oh, please, please, please let it be some sort of hillbilly family incest or rampant affair shenanigans so the witch will be so buried in the surprised shock of her Palinbots that she could not run for Wasilla Moosecatcher anytime in the next twenty years! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I personally voted for Two Related Trigs, optimistically hoping for a quick end to the madness. However, even I do not really believe it, no matter how much I would like to do so. Are the Wasilla Hillbillies capable of Bristol and Sarah being pregnant at the same time, or Todd and his mistress bringing home a surprise, or Chuckles being an even dirtier old man than we think? Yes, I am quite sure they are, but no, I don't think they did. As I often like to say, prove me wrong; I dare you!

If I have accomplished nothing else with this blog, I think I have brought together the core group of elitist thinkers among the anti-Palinbot bloggers. The readers of Palin Babygate are the ones who wish to keep an open mind about all the issues. These include, but are not limited to, the discovery of whatever mothers are involved in Babygate, the MSM's role in it all, the controlling powers of The Christian Mafia, and the psychosocial motives driving Sarah Palin's big deception. We can leave all the slap-fighting, blogger hero worship, cattiness, snark, and exclusive tabloid ballyhooing to other sites. I began Palin Babygate with the concept of covering the subject and all its implications and subterfuges, particularly the hidden motives and agendas behind it all. (Note the photo above.)

Considering the obvious from the poll results, most of us think that there are two Trigs who are unrelated to each other. The hard question seems to be who are they related to then? Although it was specifically not spelled out in the poll question, I have felt for some time now, particularly since Gryphen's now classic Two Babies post, that Bristol and Levi are the parents of Ruffles and that Round Ear is a baby who was specifically acquired because his Down Syndrome features are obvious, and this was true even when he was a new baby. Ruffles may or may not have Downs, but I very seriously doubt that he does. I would bet very strongly that Ruffles was born either perfectly normal, although premature and with distinctive ears, or he had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Was the FAS diagnosed promptly following his birth? That could be the question of the century. Was his FAS misdiagnosed as Downs at some point? That is a possibility, too. Was he born without either Downs or FAS, but was otherwise too weak to play the strenuous part of a stage prop, or did he not survive long past May 2008? These will always be valid questions, at least until the real and total truth of this fraud has been exposed, if it ever is revealed.

We may never know precisely why Bristol was thrown under the bus. We may never know exactly how complicit with her mom Bristol has been since the Babygate fraud began, either. Most of us seem to agree that Bristol and Levi are wrapped up in this soap opera in at least one way or another. Unlike certain tabloid-type blogs, we at Palin Babygate are going to let the Johnston females alone unless it is unequivocally proven that they have been complicit. This is one reason why I think Gryphen is an honest, compassionate blogger, even though he refuses to link to Palin Babygate. As for that other blog, would you like to look at that picture again?


Ennealogic said...

Hi Floyd, what other blog?

Ennealogic said...

Hi Floyd, what other blog?