Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ker-Splash 2 Released Today

Be the very first person to own a copy of this ultimate reading treasure for powerboat hobbyists! The cover shown is only a blown up thumbnail. The actual cover is crisp and sharp!

400 pages in a 7" x 10" format

135 large B&W photographs

152,000 words

$19.95 (plus shipping)

NIAFS Press (Nonfiction in a Fictional Style)

Available now only directly from the publisher!
Ker-Splash 2 will become available from Amazon, B&N, Kindle, and Smashwords (probably in that order) over the next several weeks. This time frame could be as long as two months, but you can get your copy in a few days! Right now my copy is the only one in existence. Yours can be the second!


Al said...

Congratulations! Anchors aweigh!

X said...

I am curious to see this nonfiction in a fictional style...

Al said...

Congratulations! Anchors aweigh!