Friday, December 19, 2008

Vanishing Point

GM and Chrysler got the government bailout they've been whining for now for a week or so. I am a huge fan of the legendary motorhead movie from 1971, Vanishing Point. The car pictured here is a copycat facsimile of the 1970 Hemi Challenger Coupe that Petrocelli drove in the movie. The most recent big hoopla over a new Chrysler model involves the reincarnation of the Dodge Challenger. The introduction of such a model should warm the heart of any old car nut like me, but a $45,000, image-making musclecar belongs in the dead last slot of any consideration of exactly what the Chrysler Corporation needs right now to save its wortheless butt. Yeah, I know that OmniRizons, K-cars, and minivans are boring as hell, but where is Iacoccanut when we need him?

If Chrysler doesn't get its head out of its dual, low-restriction exhaust tailpipe, the term Vanishing Point will take on a new meaning. I don't care how much money the gubmint throws at Chrysler, if the company doesn't begin building cars that Americans in large numbers want to buy, the company can kiss its arrogant butt goodbye.

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