Monday, October 10, 2011

The Babygate Answer Book

Thank you to Bandit Basheert, whom I have consistently held in high regard, for unlocking a puzzle by dating this photo of Willow and Trig, Tripp, or whomever as originating from sometime in the Fall of 2008. I have been sure of the identities of the two individuals in this picture for some time, although I have apparently and erroneously assumed the photo to have been taken at some point several months into 2009. Let's just say this explains the hemorrhoids both Sarah and Bristol had over the e-mail hacking case in which this shot was supposedly exposed to public view.

I have been wondering exactly why Paradigm Shift has never even once been mentioned by Gryphen at The Immoral Minority, since it was clearly the first honest attempt at exposing Babygate to an audience outside the blogosphere. It would seem that when someone has secretly spent $3500 to gather evidence, that person would insist on eventually becoming the first to profit from the exposure of that evidence. Furthermore, this explains his consistent protection, mostly from us, and we know who we are, the dedicated Trig Truthers, of his anti-Truth pals in Alaska. You know the ones, at least one of whom is the most likely suspect to have leaked the infamous e-mail. If the source of the leak was not actually someone who lives in Alaska, it most likely was a close associate of one of those same Alaskans. It is a relief to finally know the score: at least this scenario makes a bit of logical sense.

My best guess at this point would be that Levi would not cooperate, so now we have the upcoming release from Fred. Maybe that one will prove more successful and/or profitable for Gryphen, at least in some less direct manner than what he might have had in mind for Levi's project. It all makes sense now. He promoted everyone's book but mine because mine is the one that tells the complete story of Babygate, at least as far as I could surmise without the benefit of secret sources, close proximity, and the services of a private investigator. Was the P. I. a double agent? Only The Shadow knows....

Alas, Mr. Broomfield does not seem to be quite in the Michael Moore league when it comes to the marketing of documentary movies. So far he has grossed only a tiny fraction of the amount he took in for his Kurt & Courtney. According to IMDB, the take has been about $7000 versus approximately $441,000. That's quite a drop for the most truthful video yet about the Queen of Nasty. I hope it is more a reflection on her than on his storytelling ability, but from what I have read so far, the reviews are nothing for him to write back to England about. This comes in spite of all of Gryphen's glowing praise from his pre-release vantage point.

Do I think Tank Jones saw a big boy? Yes, I do. I think he probably saw the same little blue-eyed blond we have all known as Tripp. He just got a candid view of him at a time when his actual age was still an effectively kept secret. I hope Gryphen got his money's worth because I am still unsure how much I trust the word of Tank or his employer. So there really has been a big secret concerning Tripp all along, eh?

As for Ruffles, I still think he is Ruffles, just as Gryphen discovered long ago. He is or was a baby without the affliction of Down syndrome and Sarah did take him to work a time or two and Frank Bailey took his picture. He also went to a baby shower and a birthday party for someone who may or may not be his dad. As described in detail in my book, I think he also took a little ride into Anchorage prior to the birthday party. That ride included two public events, one at a VFW post and the second at the Anchorage airport. It is possible that Round Ear took that ride for him, but my money has always been on Ruffles. As I have explained before, the person who you know as Bree Palin and I worked on that particular research extensively to verify if it was indeed Ruffles, but our research was inconclusive. Do I think Ruffles could be the same baby as Tripp? I also discussed this theory in detail in the book, but my best guess is that this is not possible. Gryphen has repeatedly insisted that ear surgery was not done on a very young Ruffles in time for him to appear as Tripp and I take Gryphen at his word on this issue. This has been discussed to death on the blogs, but I steadfastly remain with Gryphen's assessment.

I have also steadfastly said that Ruffles has never been a borrowed baby and I am sticking to that story. One of the reasons is that the likelihood of The Traveling Baby, as I like to call him, being Ruffles is very high, and I cannot imagine a mother letting someone, anyone, else take her newborn on such a trip fraught with germs and other dangers. On the other hand, Gryphen's latest revelation opens the door for the possibility, and even likelihood, that the infant first carried onto Greta van Twisted Mouth's show by Bristol was a borrowed baby. He could have been borrowed for a whole hour, or the baby's real mom could have been standing right there, just out of camera range. If the latter is true, then even GvTM is aware of this little secret! It has never been that I would not think The Mean Lady would borrow or rent a baby. It has always been that I cannot imagine a real mother, not Sarah Palin, would let her precious newborn go off with strangers to be attended by Piper!

Round Ear the RNC Lion King is an acquired baby of some sort and I am sticking to that story until it is proven to be otherwise. From the first night the hillbillies walked on stage at the RNC, I took note of who seemed to care for that baby and who didn't. I have never claimed to know who birthed Round Ear and I still don't. Like many of you, I am certain that the last baby Sarah Palin birthed was Piper. I was adopted and so were my sister and my wife, so I know adoption. Round Ear may have been legally adopted by The Palins or he may have been unofficially adopted by them. Either way, he is their child. Whenever one of them says that, he or she is not technically lying. Is the question we all want answered being answered completely and truthfully? Of course not. I have little doubt that Jeanne Devon and Shannyn Moore have known this at least as long as I have, too. I wrote a book about it with my real name on it. Has anyone else?

As Joe McGinniss has been saying, if you are going to trash his book in a review, at least read it first. In the same manner, if you are going to assume that my book is poorly written or of no use to readers, just because other bloggers have blatantly ignored its existence, you are missing out. Of course I know that Joe and I each may seem to be horribly egotistical and arrogant at times, but I read The Rogue and I thought it was considerably better than The Lies of Sarah Palin or Blind Allegiance. I recommend that all of you read all of these books. When you completely ignore a book that you or others may find entertaining or informative, you are passively doing yourself and everyone else a disservice. Trashing a book you have not actually read with a bad review may be as tacky as the actions of some Palinbots, but failing to fully inform yourself of a subject upon which you revel in expounding upon is not exactly a brilliant move, either. Deer in the Headlights is the one I have not read. Like many of you, I long ago lost most of the faith I once had in Levi telling the real story we all think he might have available to write.

How many babies are there? I honestly do not know. When I sent my book to press at the end of last year, I thought there were three and I still do. The only thing that might have changed today is my opinion as to the order of their births. Some people think there are additional babies involved. Some think Ruffles may actually be a girl. Some think there are twins or triplets. All of these theories are described in Paradigm Shift, but my best bets have changed little since Gryphen's famous Two Babies post of 2/22/10.

The commenter we know as Me Again made the following remark on 9/24/11:

FLOYD ORR, the man know if it weren't for Gryphen, I think Sarah would talk about you more than any other blogger or writer! Someone sent her a passage of your book and she took to her bed for the weekend. So I'm guessing you did a pretty good job!

My guess is that it is the Babygate material in the book that has upset The Queen. If nothing else, the one thing that Gryphen and I have agreed upon for a long time is that Babygate is the key to her undoing. In spite of any impression he may have, the purpose of my book was never to compete with Gryphen. You could even rightly say that he is hailed as the chief in the book. My purpose was, and always has been, to wake up the American voter to the root cause of the disease that ails our nation, not just a symptom from Wasilla. Thank you for your support.


Jean said...

I'm reading your excellent book right now! I've read most of the books out on Sarah, Joes,  Baileys, Dunns, and even Levis!
Thanks for your comprehensive work. The info could even be used as a timeline for the interesting events in this country for the last 50 or so years.


77TA66 said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Jean! When you reach the end of the book, you will see that it is really an amalgamation of several issues: the race to the bottom from Paul Krugman's The Great Unraveling, the underground economy of Fast Food Nation, the origins of The Southern Strategy developed by Kevin Phillips, What's the Matter with Kansas, and of course, The Palin Phenomenon. I hope you enjoy it to the end!

nancydrewed said...

Floyd -- Personally, I would love to see the photo above used as evidence in some sort of civil lawsuit that might be brought against the Palins by the family of David Kernell. I find it ironic that the little twit James O'Keefe is posing in full Gordon Gecko garb at OWS, while on parole for a serious attempted crime; meanwhile David Kernell, college student 'hacker' is still in custody at a federal facility in Ashland, Kentucky. If it could be shown that the Palins lied under oath in order to keep babygates, in its various forms, hidden and that that perjury was committed in a federal trial for such nefarious personal reasons, I'd award damages big time to the Kernells.

Do you know if Gryphen has looked at or read your book?  I do know that any mention of the BC paperwork trail that I've tried to post in his comments gets snagged. I've wondered why since they certainly don't smack of 'trolldom'. Good work all -- eventually, as they say, 'the truth will out.' (Shakespeare that, for any bots in the house.)

77TA66 said...

Nancy D., can you be more specific as to exactly what "BC paperwork trail" has been kept out of the comments at IM? To the best of my knowledge, none of the power-bloggers have read my book.

Palin Place said...

I read your book. It's excellent. I rated it as such on Amazon. It's a shame that you've not gotten the publicity needed for it to go viral. Thanks for the hard work and your contributions to the cause. 

Annoymous said...

I think all the babies involved as props for Sarah Who ?? - Bristol
Palin is the mother of all the babies.

77TA66 said...

You're welcome, and thank you for the kind words!

nancydrewed said...

Floyd -- I could certainly be wrong -- I obviously haven't read all comments there (or most anywhere, once they start climbing in numbers) but the messages from the SOA health insurance  clerical worker asking for the new baby's BC have not been discussed much, to my knowledge,  at IM. Those non-redacted emails about paperwork requests stuck in my mind because a) the Palins' provider and mine are one and the same and b) the transmittal of the certificate of live birth is part of a generally smooth process with signatures affixing at different dates by physician, county official and state official. Verification passes on to insurer if the proper papers were presented and signed post-partum. My insurer would only have made direct request from the parents in the event of an adoption. I suppose had a child been home birthed and attended by a doula, there might be some paperwork change of order. I only realized this when my I needed my son's BC at age five when I was applying for a passport. Only then did I realize I needed to get a certified copy from county records. 

At any rate, while all this may be too anecdotal to be of interest, my much shorter comments about this haven't made it through comments approval at IM. Maybe just redundant or TMI -- I don't know.

 She does seem to be fading into the haze, so one hopes the people who can speak will open up. Then we can all go home to figure out what just happened to our country.
I'm convinced that without Palin, the Bachman-Perry nonsense would not be happening. She lowered the bar by quite a little bit.

Love your post.

Conscious at last! said...


Look closely at the cute baby in the photo that you show above--- I am pretty sure that this is not  Tripp.     I believe it is one of the Trigs.

77TA66 said...

When it comes to Babygate, I am never SURE of anything! I think it is Tripp with his big, blue eyes and no DS. However, other issues emerge when you realize that we have never seen a single of photo of Ruffles with his eyes open and there quite likely were two Trigs at the RNC. I agree that Airplane Baby looks like both Tripp and one of the Trigs at the RNC. The issue is complicated further by the fact that the RNC Trig and Tripp do not look alike. There absolutely must be at least two babies involved in the hoax, and the inclusion of three or four is far more likely. Right now I think there is a 60% chance that Airplane Baby is Tripp and a 40% chance that he is the smaller RNC Trig in the blue and black shirt. I do not see how he can be both because Tripp does not look like RNC Trig. There obviously is a larger DS Trig who was presented at the convention who is clearly not Airplane or Tripp, and there is always the chance that Airplane is none of the above.

Balzafiar said...

It's time for me to go back and re-read Paradigm Shift, first read soon after it was published. At that time I wasn't nearly as informed about the hoax as I am now so another read of the book is definitely in order.

This story must not be allowed to die until the truth is told, but I'm concerned that it will be due to indifference.

KatieAnnieOakley said...

Something that may give you pause; we know Down and FAS babies have epicanthal folds of the eyes.  What you may not know is that some people also have the epicanthal fold - and have no disabilities.  I started to think about this last week, as my own son has epicanthal folds, and no deficits.  What you will be interested in:  SO DOES TRIPP.  I lean toward Ruffles being Tripp.  Here is his pic on the cover of US Magazine when his parents were engaged... again.

Surfpnsbch said...

That baby is NOT Tripp.