Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cramer's Nuts

Jim Cramer is so loud and obnoxious that he is more famous than his subtler pal, Larry Kudlow, who at least acts professional on camera. I think he is more despicable simply because he is more popular. This guy has made, lost, and regained countless millions. He leads others to think that they can do it, too, just like any other get-rich-quick TV hustler. How many of his millions were accumulated through insider trading and other unethical practices that the saps to whom he is trying to sell his bullhockey to will never have access?

Cramer began as a stock broker for Goldman Sachs in '84, and he started his own hedge fund in 1987. He has been investigated and interviewed so many times that I shall simply direct you to his Wikipedia page to read about Cramer's numerous questionable activities. Cramer split with Kudlow when Larry called Cramer a sweet potato bull macho on Kudlow & Cramer back in October 2002. Personally, I think Lawrence Kudlow was being too nice in his assessment. Let's make a hedge fund manager a hero. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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