Tuesday, October 7, 2014


It has been a year since I have felt compelled to update this site with a new post. That's simply because I realized that no one gives a rat's ass. Like everything else in the USA, blogging has become just another stinking scam. If you post every day to a target audience, telling them exactly what they want to hear, no matter how many times you repeat the same message, your readership will grow. If you try to tell your readers anything new that will actually effect change, forget it! All the readers want to do is to read the same reassuring crap over and over again so they can convince themselves that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

The USA, soon followed by the rest of the world, will begin to rip apart at the seams no later than April Fool's Day, 2025. This is not an April Fool's joke. This will really happen. Why. because the USA lacks the political will to do anything to stop it.

I am a TeaProg. I am a strong supporter of Elizabeth Warren. I do not want to see her just continue to mouth off on TV. I want her to run for President, to challenge the Smirking Corporate Queen for the Democratic nomination. If Ms. Warren does not do this, she is either a coward or a con artist. I do not know which at this point, but if she does not run, she is one or the other. It could not be more clear that the Democratic Party desperately needs its own Tea Party, a new driving force within the party. Third parties offer no hope on a national scale. They only split elections. We are stuck with the two parties and we need to deal with it.

Hubert Humphrey started this stinking mess in 1968 and it is time he was properly blamed for it. He turned the Democratic Party into the Party of Minorities, while selling out Boardwalk and Park Place to the Republicans. He managed to do this under cover of the Vietnam War and the draft, the issue that was raging outside the Democratic National Convention at the time. That was then and this is now. The whole rotten, stinking mess has caught up with the Democrats. They have spent over forty years alienating the white males of America, the voting block that consistently votes in the highest percentages. They have institutionalized a gag order about race and socioeconomic class that has effectively paralyzed what has always been, and should continue to be, the party of the people. The Democratic Party should be the Party of the 99%, not the Party of Minorities.

At this point I do not expect much to change. The Huffington Post and Salon will continue to feature articles that exacerbate the problem. They will continue to publish what I call pornography for empowered women as entertainment and issues that hit the hot buttons of lower socioeconomic minorities. The former group will giggle and the latter will mouth off their frustration, but nothing will change.

The TeaProgs should absolutely be a faction within the Democratic Party. Any third party concepts should be immediately trashed. If they are not, a portion of the TeaProgs will relentlessly slap-fight over the results of the 2000 election. Did Ralph Nader cause the Democrats to lose? We shall never know, but the endless squabbling among left-wingers over the issue will never die, so any competition among Dems in the future should remain within the primary system.

A Few Notes from the TeaProg Platform

The #1 issue is to be income inequality that affects all Americans. The losing tactic of identity politics as founded by losing presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey should be forever de-emphasized by the party. The Democrats should return to being the Party of the People.

Return to the progressive income tax rates of the Sixties. Put a small tax on all stock trades. Increase the taxation on the estates of the richest Americans. Delete the distinction between earned and unearned income utilized by the IRS. Tax all income types at the same rates.

Reward corporations who employ Americans and penalize those who downsize Americans to move jobs elsewhere. Punish any corporation that utilizes a loophole in our laws to avoid paying American tax rates.

Place new restrictions on banking of all types. Add a reasonable ceiling to credit card rates and college loan rates. Increase the rates of returns on citizens' savings accounts and decrease the span between the rates banks pay on these accounts and the rates they charge for loans of all types.

Cease interfering in overseas conflicts without full Congressional approval.

Scale back the War on Drugs on a national scale. Begin by removing marijuana from the Schedule 1 drug list. Reduce sentences for all victimless drug crimes. Halt all unnecessary drug testing by corporations for employment in all low-level, menial jobs. Revoke all law enforcement privileges of the seizure of assets for as yet convicted drug trafficking suspects.

Reduce the powers of the NSA in its intelligence gathering of information on U.S. citizens not charged with any crime.

Provide full support for Social Security and Medicare for the indefinite future. Remove the income cap from SS taxes and increase the rates gradually over time. Also gradually increase the payouts to individuals over time. Support a change to a single payer health plan with a final goal of providing Medicare for all U.S. citizens.

A Little History Lesson

Hubert Humphrey entered the 1968 DNC without a single primary vote having been cast for him. In 1968 Humphrey was a very unpopular Democratic candidate due to his direct support of the Vietnam War, but the changes he led in the Democratic Party have had many more far-reaching consequences. The Democratic Party distanced itself from Zero Population Growth. ZPG was the leading organization in the Sixties that was trying to save the earth from all of us. The only reason the Democrats did this was to pander to the lowest level of thinking by certain minority groups. The human population is the world's #1 problem. It exacerbates global warming, peak oil, water supplies, food supplies, demographics, and the demise of all other species on Earth. The simple fact is that lower socioeconomic groups vote in tiny percentages. No demographic votes more reliably than white males, closely followed by white females. These are the very two groups that have been shunned by the Democrats for decades. If you want to change this fact, simply make voting mandatory. You don't like that idea? The alternative is to bring some of the white voters back to the Democratic side from the Republicans. This is not difficult to do. You only need to convincingly reach out to the millions of moderate Republicans. To do that you must abandon the identity politics that have infected the Democrats for decades while showing that the Democrats really stand for something. This means real issues that matter to the 99%. No more splintering of the party this way and that in order to just take the easy way out to gain votes in the short term. The Republicans have been taking voters from us for decades. It is time we took some of them back!

That Was Then and This Is Now

Voting is always good. Everyone should do it in every election. I have already voted in the 2014 midterms. Seniors can vote early by mail in Texas. Of course I voted for Wendy Davis, but of course I am certain she does not have a prayer. I would much rather vote for Wendy as Elizabeth Warren's VP. In this red state, the Republicans will simply label her Abortion Barbie and win easily. I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary because I thought putting her in office first made a lot more tactical sense, and I still think that idea would have been the smart tactic to take. After eight years of President Chickennuts, things have changed. In fact, a lot has changed. The USA (and the world) cannot survive eight years of Hillary doing absolutely nothing to make our nation and the world a better place for all of us. If you believe she will do anything at all significant for the middle class or the 99%, you are simply delusional. Go do some Internet research. Bill and Hillary were the ringleaders of The Third Way, the very concept that made the Democrats the Party of Minorities while they sold the economy to Wall Street. The last real Democratic President of the People was Jimmy Carter! 

While you are researching history, take note of several patterns that have held true during most of our lifetimes. Most of the stock market crashes that led to recessions occurred in either October or the first quarter of a new year. The rate of occurrence of these crashes is accelerating. The last time we produced most of the oil we use in the U.S. was 1970. When we had that little gasoline scare in 1973, there were a lot more operating grocery stores and most of them were a lot closer to much of the population. Try to imagine an America in which many citizens could suddenly not drive to their local grocery store. Try to imagine the hoarding and the consequential panic that would ensue. There was no global warming or water crisis in 1973. Nor was there Fox News, CNN, or Rush Limbaugh to fan the flames of the panic. The key difference between the whole world is watching the 1968 Democratic Convention and the Occupy Movement was the draft. Like mandatory voting, I doubt that many of you would support bringing back the draft, either. So what are you going to do about it?

There can be only one answer. We are going to support, strengthen, and change the national Democratic Party with our votes. We are not going to support a third party concept that offers hope only of splitting the left wing voting block. We are going to vote in all primary elections. That is, after all, where the real damage by the corporate, lesser of two evils, Democratic leadership is done. Once we reach any general election, there is only one sane answer for the 99%. I cannot help it if many Americans are not sane enough to vote in their own best interests. What I can do is to support any movement that brings the smarter members of that voting block back to the Party of the People from the Party of the 1%. But first we have to create The TeaProg Revolution. We have to emulate the Tea Party Republicans' tactics, but with real American values of compassion and socioeconomic support for all. We can resuscitate The American Dream, but we must control the human population to do it. We must cease herding cats of many species, each with its own political agenda and embrace the wolf pack hunting tactics of the Republicans. We must publicly diminish our relentless playing of the race card, the gay card, and the atheist card. We can always support minorities without continually proving to the moderate Republican voters that that is ALL we support. We must return to being the Party of the People, not the party only of disparate types of people who rarely vote.

Remember the date of April 1, 2025. Write it down. It will be the beginning of the end, at least if it has not begun already by that time. This is my final date of prediction. The whole mess could begin crashing down tomorrow. Why not? It's October in an election year. The Republicans could see a golden opportunity and Fox News would be thrilled to spread the word. The other team has no interest whatsoever in doing the right things for 99% of Americans. It is up to us to do the job. Relentlessly voting for the lesser of two evils is not the way to accomplish this. Neither is voting third party. Neither is not voting at all just to teach them a lesson. Most of all, squabbling among ourselves is not the way to save the nation. The whole world will be watching again in 2016 and Hillary Clinton will be the new Hubert Humphrey.

To learn a lot more of the history and background of this story, read Paradigm Shift: The Palin Matrix: The Progressive Left Strikes Back! Thank you for your support.