Friday, January 28, 2011

A Saucerful of Secrets

Pink Floyd's second album, entitled A Saucerful of Secrets and released in 1968, the year I gave up on the bigoted Baptist church, was a step in the right direction for the band, featuring the cut with the wondrous title of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun". After a ho-hum first release, this band was beginning to show some real promise. It would be five more years before everybody and his hound dog were listening to the cautionary lament of Syd Barrett, I'm mad, I've always been mad, that opened the Dark Side to the mass audience.

It's The Southern Strategy, it's always been The Southern Strategy, and until the masses of left wing Americans figure this out once and for all, there will be nothing but hell to pay to the dark side for all of us. Let's just slap reality in the face, shall we? It is a sociological fact of life that the lower the social class of an American, the less likely he is to vote. The left wing is never going to attain political superiority over the right until it faces the music and begins to offer something to those who are not people of color, another sexual persuasion, or of a downtrodden social class. Face the music, y'all: the fatal boo-boo was letting the other side use organized religion to dodge conformity to civil rights way back in The Sixties. You people that keep saying we shall overcome as soon as the minorities outnumber the white majority have a long damn wait, and I do not expect to live that long. My granddaughter will have a granddaughter before that paradigm shift happens. Wake up and smell the Christians fuming from their bigoted pews! This is why you cannot whip even the stupid Tea Party's butt. How are you going to out-organize them? You don't go to church in enough numbers to vote them out of office. The minorities you support at all cost may go to church, but their voting numbers are pathetic. Just how exactly do you think you are going to defeat that massive magnitude of hypocrisy on the other side that totally owns most of the corporate money and practically all the mainstream media? Do you really think this silly blogging nonsense is going to do it?

If you get rid of Sarah Palin, they will just drag in Bachmann Turnip Overripe! (Yes, I stole that from some witty blogger.) If we rid ourselves of her brand of hypocritic oath, they will bring Liz Cheney in to swing the bat. We must stop the germ that is causing the madness. Palin is nothing more than a symptom, a bad smell wafting over Tucson. There are more of these selfish, racist crazies out there than you could ever imagine. Get rid of one and another one just pops up in her place.

You would think that Baptists who look like Brit Hume and keep it in their pants would be everywhere a Wall Streeter would look, but since the summer of '08, that does not seem to be the case. We are living in this nightmare simply because those idiots on the right have never been able to find such a handsome bigoted beast to lead them where they wish to go. It seems incredibly stupid, but I am sure this simple fact is the truth. Smart guys like Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly don't really want a loose cannon like the Wasilla Twitter Foister on the loose in their territory. They just want us to think they do. The war will not be won by ridding America of this high-heeled monster. It will be won only by changing the way America thinks, by turning The Palin Matrix back upon itself.

As I have said many times before, no blog is going to discover that one final bit of evidence that is going to finish off the witch. The evidence is already astounding, more than that for any other politician in our lifetimes. Like Gryphen has said numerous times, I know about things behind the scenes that make this phenomenon like none in our history. There is no precedent to define it. The paradigm shift was set in motion back in The Sixties. Until America is ready to face the new realities with an open mind, we shall remain a pack of belligerent idiots worshiping demagogues.

We cannot move the country in the right direction until we wrest control from the right wing crazies, and we cannot do that until we accept the fact that we need more than a few white, middle class voters on our team. We could begin by standing our ground firmly against any changes to Social Security. Every time one of those demagogues uses the word entitlements, we should slap them silly. What they really mean is that no funds will go to domestic programs for the poor, but we can bomb the hell out of any country we don't like. Just give us more money for defense. We don't have enough weapons or soldiers yet. The leading politician who wants to do something about this is Ron Paul, father of Mr. Nutsville himself. Of course all Mr. Paul the elder will ever get is lip service because the last thing the right wing wants to do is to cut out some of the bazillion dollars annually we waste defending many countries that have never needed defending since World War II. The next thing we have to do is turn off the stinking cable news and start fighting for a revival of The Fairness Doctrine. The next thing we need to do is to start paying teachers more and CEO's less. When companies are in the news for obviously unnecessary outsourcing and downsizing, we need to cease supporting them by purchasing their goods or services. We need to push our politicians to stand firm on moving single-payer healthcare forward, downsizing the War on Drugs, and increasing the infrastructure programs. Do I really need to continue this list? It really is all too obvious. We already have a helluva speech giver in President Obama. Now if we could just get Wall Street's hands out of his pockets, we could be getting somewhere.

There really is a saucerful of secrets hidden away in the minds of some of the anti-Palin bloggers, and that may be an apt description because the depth of the importance of the secrets is probably quite shallow within the larger scheme of things. I started this blog nearly a year ago with my naive hope that I could bring the bloggers together into a more organized fashion. We need to be much better organized if we are ever to defeat the Evangelical juggernaut that is holding our once democratic nation by the throat. I know where I stand in all of this. I write under my real name and I have published a book about this mess, and I mean the whole mess, from 1492 to 2011. There are many Kool-Aid drinkers out there in bloggerland, and quite unfortunately, you don't know who you are, but I do. I'm keeping my little saucerful of secrets to myself. Read the book and get a grip on the big picture. Please. You will make our nice President so happy if you do. He cannot tell you the whole truth because he is a national politician, but I can. The progressive left strikes back!


breepalin said...

Great comment by LeftWolf! And I agree with Floyd above - "Read the book". Floyd was kind enough to send me an autographed copy of his magnum opus with brilliant timing as I have been pretty much snowbound for the last couple of weeks. His book is informative AND entertaining! He doesn't pull any punches and gives me lots to think about. Thank you, Floyd!

GrannyJ said...

I am also reading the book and agree with both of you. It is excellent.

Smurfboots said...

I've finished it and it is outstanding! Spread the word.