Thursday, February 3, 2011


If Harley-Davidson can patent the exact sound that emits from these staggered dual exhaust pipes, then Sarah and Bristol Palin can patent the usage of their names. This is only one of several bits of news on the Palin front of the past few days, and those other subjects will be covered in a moment. Does this mean that Van Flein has a plan to make it easier to sue bloggers and other media sources for imposing upon the copyright of these despicable names? Does this mean that not only are these two undeserving clowns raking in the cash for public speaking, but now they can collect fees from others using their names? Are they about to become the Sarah and Bristol Corporations? I would not be surprised if all of the above is true, but certainly some of it is, at the very least.

I am not so sure I fully understand all the ramifications of the latest National Enquirer expose, but I certainly hope it pertains to Babygate, as I still maintain that that story is The Babbling Buffoon's leading political Achilles heel. I do hold at least a little hope that Ms. Tripp got an eyeful of nekkid Sarah Palin in a distinct state of non-pregnancy in January 2008! As for Todd's alleged philandering snowmobile joystick, I really cannot see where that will do much damage beyond the usual boo-hooing press conference, although we know someone who is all too chicken to include the press conference part.

Another group of news stories involve who will or will not be spreading word salad over a dinner theater crowd in the near future. Of course the future patented sceecher and the future patented mumbler will both say absolutely anything to anybody if enough cash lands in their personal bank accounts, as long as an actual journalistic press is not present to repeat the lies. I see no reason this farce is going to end anytime in the immediate future. There are far too many corporate speaking scams to closed audiences available to exploit throughout red America.

There are many of you out in Babygateland who are tenaciously hanging onto several fallacies. Believe me when I say that I fully understand why you do it, but I am continually surprised that you keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yes, of course I shall be the first to say so if I am proven wrong on these issues. I look forward to the day when I can hold my head low in the shame of a deep apology, but as with the other issues mentioned here, I am not holding my breath. I have discussed these issues on my blogs, in my book, and with many of you personally. You have no idea how much I want to be wrong about this.

I stopped blogging and finished Paradigm Shift because I did not feel like delaying the obvious any longer. I have been writing this material from my soapbox for two decades. Like the 2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster Hugger above, it is the real thing, baby. That machine is not a Japanese copycat or a derivative model. H-D even owns the name on those curved handlebars. They are called Buckhorn. I am a progressive liberal to the max. I have always voted Democratic. When two small herds of politicians stood on the early debate stages in the 2008 election, I supported even the weakest Democrat over the best Republican. I have hated SP's guts since she completed the first couple of sentences from her buzzard's perch at the RNC. There is nothing anonymous or deliberately deceptive about the books or blogs I write. What you hear from me is the real thing. Boogedy-boogity.

Geoffrey Dunn is, one way or another, an associate of Arianna Huffington. He has published exactly one book, a very academic tome about a man who lived centuries ago. If you try to comment at Huffington Post with the name Palin or the word Babygate, your comment will be delayed until it lands pages back where few will read it or else it will be deleted immediately. GD is a regular writer for HP. Need I say more? Well, there is much more. Read the blurbs and any other information you can locate on Dunn's book. Do any of them mention Babygate, babies, or any other scandals? Isn't one of the official review blurbs by one of the most famous Alaskan bloggers who has totally refused to discuss Babygate? This book has been delayed at least three, and I believe four, times, each one for several additional months. Have you noticed that the title, cover, and page count have not changed? What part don't you understand? I look forward to reading Mr. Dunn's book as much as you do, but at best, he can only light the fuse. Only CNN can stop her, and they will not do that unless or until they are certain the gravy train has already crashed into a wall of truth.

McGinniss' book will be released in September. At least that is the latest official statement. The title has been changed since I noted it in the Bibliography of Paradigm Shift. Of course I know that everybody loves the idea that he lived next door to the compound for two months. Why is it taking fourteen months to release the book? Well, that may actually be legitimate. I know how long it takes to completely prepare a book for publication. You should have plenty of time to read The Palin Matrix before Joe's book is available, although it is certainly twice the word count of McGinniss' upcoming tell-maybe-some-of-it. As is the case with Dunn's book, I want to read this one, too, but keep in mind that All the President's Men was published long after we all knew that Watergate was a new word in the American lexicon.

The last time I looked at least, there were no icebergs on the loose in Texas. A few are ever so slowly melting, but The Palintanic seems safe for the moment. As some of you may have forgotten, the winner of the Republican Primary does not usually select his VP until after he has been declared the winner. The scuttlebutt is that Mittens despises Huckleberry the Hick and I suspect he considers the Alaskan pinup girl even hickier than the Huckster. Can he stomach Bachmann The Opportunist or Liz I'm a legacy Cheney? Now that's a better question. I suspect that the Newt Monster has the stomach for Palin as a running mate, but they have to finish decapitating each other in the primary first. By that point, I suspect that the Queen will take her Palinbot boy toys and go elsewhere, I hope into the welcoming hands of a Tea Party led by Bachmann. In that case, the Queen would never allow her name underneath the pseudo-Christian mouth of Minnesota, so the result would be either an unusually gracious Bachmann or the best catfight this side of High School Hellcats of 1958!

I try not to burn any motor oil or blow any smoke up your optimistic attitude here at PB. I realize that sometimes being the voice of reality can be harsh, especially when it turns out that I am right. Like all the material in my books, everything you read here is nothing more than my personal opinion. The unique feature of my writing is what computer nerds used to call WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get. There are no hidden agendas or delusions of grandeur, although I am tickled silly to be featured next to Keith Olbermann! (Scroll down the page.) I know going into the project that not many people will read The Palin Matrix or any of my other books. When I feel compelled to tell the world a true story, I don't mess around with designer exhaust systems or try to make compromises with corporate media or publishers. Wake up to the sound of my rolling thunder. Boogedy-boogity.

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