Tuesday, October 21, 2008

True American Hero

No, this is not a scary picture. I could not locate a photo of the really scary person who should be pictured here. Jon Stewart is a true American hero and patriot, and the Comedy Central network should be congratulated for bringing him to us. Last night on his show, Mr. Stewart ran a video that mentioned a name I have not heard even once before on television, Mark Chryson, the Palin connection to the far right, secessionist Alaska Independence Party.

Every one of those overpaid a-holes over at CNN acts as if they have never heard of AIP. We have to get our political truth from the comedy channel! How sick is America? I decided a few weeks ago that I had had it with CNN, and this is the principal reason. How many times do they have to say Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers before they can mutter the phrases witch doctor and AIP? I cannot tell you how much I despise Gloria Borger, Wolf Blitzer, and Lou Dobbs. Although Wolf was always a bowser, I used to really like the other two. As soon as this election is over, I am removing CNN from my TV's channel rotation, and I encourage all the other sane people in this country to do the same. I'm not waiting around for those turds to start trying to sell The Bitch in 2012 to America!

I salute you for your patriotic courage, Jon Stewart. Keep up the good work! Here are a couple of links that detail some of the AIP story, you know, the one CNN refuses to mention:

The Salon Story
A Detailed Version from Another Blog

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