Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today is not only the first day of 2012 and two days prior to the Iowa Caucus. It is also the anniversary of the release of my most serious book of predictions, Paradigm Shift: The Palin Matrix. My statement still stands that this is the only book that tells the whole truth of Babygate with all its background information, suppositions, and possible scenarios. If you want to read about Babygate, Paradigm Shift is still your best and only choice. This article by Robert Freeman posted at Common Dreams today exquisitely spells out America's current economic disaster and how we got here. Aside from the Babygate issue, most of the content of Paradigm Shift describes the same story, only in a more circuitous, in-depth manner. I have spent the past several months planning my next book of lighter nostalgia hopefully to be released by Halloween of this year. This brief post concerns my political predictions of this election year. You can look back at this and laugh at my arrogance at some point in the future when some or all of these have proven to be incorrect.

In spite of whatever happens in Iowa over the next four days, I expect Mittens to ultimately be the Republican nominee. Just look at today's Intrade report. Mitt is currently holding at 77%. Of course I realize that these are Wall Street Republicans, as opposed to Evangelical Republicans, supporting these Intrade figures, but which matters more in the final result, the big money on Wall Street or the hayseeds of a small state with a deeply homogeneous population? The pundits expect the clown car to lose a few occupants within the next 100 hours, and that prediction will probably come true, although I hope not. The longer the clowns continue to clutter up the choices for the Evangelical voters, the better for America!

I am not going to attempt to predict the 2012 Presidential winner. Surely it will be either Mr. Flipflops or the current White House resident. My biggest concern is that the evil Eye of Newt will not be kicked out of the clown car at some point during the next three months.

Robert Reich has stated his opinion that Hillary will replace Biden as the VP on the 2012 ticket. As much as I like this idea, I am afraid I cannot give it more than a 30% probability.

The biggest negative consideration of the Hillary-as-VP concept is her age. I have a very difficult time imagining Hillary running for President in 2016. The person we need for that position is Elizabeth Warren. I have less than zero hope that Warren will be asked to join the 2012 ticket, but the smartest thing the DNC could do at this point would be to offer her precisely the same opportunity they gave future Senator Barry in 2004. Unfortunately I don't think these wimps have the guts. Maybe if enough women make the plea to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz....

Of course I plan to push the button for all-Democrats later this year, but if I had a choice of outcome of Obama with a Republican Congress or Mittens with a Democratic Congress, I much prefer the latter combination. I like and respect Obama, but I am certainly not an Obamabot. The predictions at Intrade on this issue look scary!

My best guess for the premiere of the HBO movie Game Change is 8 p.m. Central Time on Sunday March 4, 2012. Here are the reasons. HBO usually premieres its own movie productions on a Sunday night at this hour. Voters go to the polls in Alaska, Idaho (Sarah's birth state), Georgia (Newt's state), and Massachusetts (Mitt's state) the day before. Voters hit the significant states of Ohio, Virginia, and others two days later. The movie will be on the subject matter of only the last few chapters of the book. Take a look at the complete cast of the movie. There is neither a Barack nor a Hillary on the list! When I first heard HBO was making a movie of Game Change, I predicted that it would be released at some point between Thanksgiving 2011 and April Fool's Day 2012. I do not fully understand the network's reason for waiting until nearly the last minute, but since this is apparently the case, I predict that the key dates listed above will play a part. Did I mention that this date will be approximately the Fourth Anniversary of the birth of Babygate?

With each passing day, I am less certain that we shall ever see a book entitled The Wild Ride. I check Fred's listings at Amazon practically every day to no avail. Of course this is one of my predictions that I most hope proves to be incorrect. I want to read that book as much as you do, and even more, I want it to be widely successful. Will its release coincide in some manner with the release of Game Change? I certainly hope so because at this late date, that piggyback ride may be the only thing that can bring it national attention. I would love it if SP would enter the Presidential race in any official capacity, but that hope wanes with every passing day, too. There is little doubt that she could wreak havoc with my least favorite voting bloc, the Evangelicals, if she climbed into the crowded clown car, but I am not holding my breath. Raise your glass and make a New Year's toast to one more clown climbing into the car!

Weekend Update: The official premiere date for the HBO Movie Game Change was released last night just before the return of Bill Maher's Real Time. The movie will premiere on Saturday March 10, 2012. I missed it by six days. Here are my two excuses: (1) I thought HBO would want to premiere the movie just prior to, instead of just after, Super Tuesday, at which point Mitt Romney will be extremely like to have cinched the nomination; and (2) I thought HBO usually premiered their own productions on Sunday instead of Saturday, and I am quite surprised that the network chose a time directly opposite a 2012 caucus, in this case, what's the matter with Kansas? I was wrong! Can you say those words, Sarah, or will you disintegrate into a poof of smoke like a wicked witch, if you do? I recommend that anyone who has HBO should throw a Game Change Party, inviting all your friends who do not have access to HBO to join you at the premiere!

On another front, Brad Scharlott has thrown down the gauntlet to Fred, his associates, and his followers. Who do you think actually knows the whole story, him or me? Stay tuned to this Bat Channel.