Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daydream Press Release

PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM: The Corvette Chronicles
by Floyd M. Orr
March 2001 - Take a drive through the depth of your imagination as you cruise through the American cultural landscape of the past fifty years in America's automotive icon. Inspired by the historical perspective of Anne Rice and the space cadet time warp of Kurt Vonnegut, PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM is intended to become the "Vanishing Point" of car books. The time of American innocence in The Fifties intermingles with the corporate mentality of The Nineties and the flamboyant fun of The Sixties. These will surely be the most imaginative stories about cars you will ever read.

The author of PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM grew up in various small towns in Mississippi and he has resided in Texas since 1976. He spent the years 1978-1990 as a traveling auditor throughout Texas and the rest of the U.S., providing more than a decade of time almost constantly behind the wheel. As a member of The Longhorn Corvette Club of Austin, Texas, the author composed most of the wild tales included in Daydream for the amusement of club members through the club newsletter. Emerging from these newsletter articles after extensive editing, PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM is meant to convey the most depth in the least words. The stories are woven together like the plies of a radial tire: the sum is much stronger than the parts. The author brings together a lifetime of love for sports cars and a million miles of driving experience.

PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM is partly fiction and partly non-fiction. The book is divided into seven sections, called series, in honor of the British sports cars of The Sixties. "Introduction" leads to "Series I: The Wild Tales", both of which are meant to just get the car started. "Series II: Roadblocks" describe those unpleasant features of driving in modern America. "Series III: Spirits of the Age" define the sub-eras of Corvette history as divisions other than the obvious ones so retreaded in most other Corvette books. "Series IV: The Sweet Rides" take you right where you want to go, and "Series V: The Great Pretenders" take you where you have never been before. The book concludes with "Tire Tracks" which include a 200-question trivia quiz. Thirty-eight B&W photos taken by the author add personal humor and nostalgia.

Floyd M. Orr has wanted to publish a real book for most of his life. This goal happens to have been realized with PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM, a humorous compilation of Corvette stories. The author's interests include psychology, as stated on his diploma from Mississippi State University in 1971, motorcycles as well as sports cars, and Classic Krautrock. The next book will surely emphasize one of these non-vehicular hobbies a lot more than the first one, but these elements are certainly present in Daydream. The author long ago developed his own theory of personality development. This first book is meant to convey a serious undertone to a lighthearted subject. Daydream is chock full of facts and figures about Corvettes that are meant to educate as well as entertain the reader. Full of Southern humor and sports car lingo, PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM is designed to take the reader on a journey into his imagination.

PLASTIC OZONE DAYDREAM: The Corvette Chronicles by Floyd M. Orr. Writers Club Press, December, 2000. 6"x9" Trade Paperback. ISBN: 0-595-15794-7. 355 pages. $17.95. Distributed by Ingram. Available at these online bookstores: - Barnes & Noble - Amazon - Books-a-Million - 1 Bookstreet.

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