Monday, June 27, 2011

The Juneau Video Edit

Lidia17 contacted me right after I posted Hooker Boots on Ice earlier this month and asked me if I would like her to develop a tighter edit of my favorite SP video, the Hike Around Juneau of February 13, 2008. Of course I replied that that would be most excellent! Since I have never been interested enough in digital YouTube video technology to install editing software on my computer and learn how to use it, I am very grateful to be able to present Lidia17's new edit here. She has entitled it Hiking in Juneau with Sarah Palin, and it's a doozy! I still prefer not to embed any video material in my blog just because it slows down the loading of the homepage, so you have to click the link above to see this new edit. For the time being at least, this is the only way to view it, as Lidia17 has it currently set on private at YouTube. Without further blabbering from me, please click the link and be prepared to be impressed. Thank you, Lidia17!


lidia17 said...

Hi, Floyd. Seems like you were crying out for this in your "Hooker Boots" post, so I was happy to help out. The video is now public, at , and the title is actually "Hiking in Juneau with Sarah Palin, shorter version" for easier IDing. The "Perfidy" titling that appears in the clip is just a kind of personal branding, but I don't consider this video a chapter in the "Perfidy" narrative. A valuable interlude, to be sure.

Onwards and upwards… something has got to give at some point!

nancydrewed said...

Well. Isn't Wonder Woman just "unflippingbelievabl"-y amazing . She just leaves ya speechless, don'tcha think? 

For crying out loud.

KarenJ said...

It's no wonder she looked like a chipmunk with nuts in both cheeks during her 6-week "pregnancy" - she was shoving that fudge in her mouth with both hands.  

breepalin said...

Great video, Floyd and Lidia17!  That was the video that convinced my husband.  And aside from her power walking, in the entire video her jacket hangs flat and free.  Somewhere in all of that walking and twisting it would show a baby bump pushing against the jacket if she had a small baby bump under there .  But it doesn't.  Because she didn't!

77TA66 said...

It was certainly the athletic show that convinced me, too! I have a theory, Bree, that maybe most men do not look directly at a pregnant lady's bulge, analyzing the size of it, but we do notice the change in athletic ability. I think this video has more potential to convince many men of the faked pregnancy than do some of the  still photos.

Inna Madreams said...

Fantasy Scenario (aka "In My Dreams"):
1.  Being careful to contain your disgust, donate $100 to SarahPAC and, per their recent offer, you will receive a DVD of "The Undefeated." 
2.  Copy the DVD box's graphics exactly -- but change the title to "THE Un-DEFLATED."  (Note that this is legal under copyright law as "parody.")
3.  Go to the most recent SarahPAC financial disclosure forms online ( ). 
(Note that having Pepto Bismal, tranquilizers or a barfbag handy is recommended as seeing the proof that virtually ALL of the million$ SarahPAC rakes in comes in the form of small donations from average, everyday -- yet sadly gullible -- people may cause nausea, dizziness, heart failure and/or severe depression.)
4.  Copy the donors' addresses from the disclosure forms.
5.  Send each donor a DVD of your film along with a letter from SarahPORK which says: "Congratulations !  Since you're obviously a patriotic -- yet sadly gullible -- person, you deserve to know the truth ... " etc.
6.  Make pitcher of Margaritas, kick back and savor the feeling of being, as Mother Moose would say, "a rull American."
7.  Keep up the great work and thank you for protecting our democracy !