Monday, September 5, 2011

Above the Fray

The photo shown is the poster for the upcoming Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta to be held in the first week of October.

The following statement was released to The Immoral Minority early yesterday:

Last notes for now--there is a writer named Floyd Orr and Sarah lives in perpetual fear that people will start paying attention to this guy. She says he's a "bigheaded blowhard" but she is TERRIFIED people will realize his book about her contains a lot of truth.

Needless to say, I was so impressed with this revelation that I added it to the reviews at Amazon for Paradigm Shift: The Palin Matrix.

What does the first of these things have to do with the second? Many of the Babygators who have been following the fray of this holiday weekend surely have read the brouhaha that began with Sarah meeting with her Palinbots at a restaurant in Iowa Friday night and ended with her appearance at a marathon yesterday. The blogs have been a'buzzin', to say the least! Buried in the middle of it all was this little homage to my little book. The crowd of about 1500 Teabaggers on the balloon field in Iowa this weekend probably got soaked in more ways than one. Most of us can agree on that. However, many of us tend to show our true colors whenever the feuding sororities we call blogs display their mudslinging capabilities among what I call the cults. You may have noticed that most of these true colors are not as pretty as those of the balloons that sail over Albuquerque every October.

I could certainly play an I told you so game at this point. I could explain how I have consistently been trying to move our cause progressively forward, instead of rabble-rousing the angry cult members of Cult #1 against those of Cult #2. I could remind you how much flak I originally received for trying to tell you It's the media, stupid! I could remind you how early on I could see the blog wars coming from a mile away. I could remind you that I said Palin was not about to go away just after she lost the 2008 election. I could tell you a lot of things, but I won't. I could tell you all about Fred, but I won't. You see, I have never supported the concept of the separate blog cults. I think the whole idea is selfish and stupid and it allows The Wolf Pack to continue winning.

How many of you remember who John Sununu was and his role in President Bush's Presidency? I'm talking about the tall grandpa, not the one you all love to hate. Sununu was carrying out his dirty tricks in The White House when I began writing Paradigm Shift. He was Papa Bush's Turd Blossom. The book was never meant to be a competitor to any blog or book. It was conceived as my personal story of many parallels, from the origins of American slavery to the bursting of the housing bubble. Palin just added to the fray and kept the disastrous story going much longer than any of us could have imagined. The actual inspirations for Paradigm Shift were Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas?, Paul Krugman's The Great Unraveling, Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation, and Kevin Phillips' American Theocracy. Yes, of course I know these were all published long after Paradigm Shift was begun in 1990, but I could so clearly see how each of these writers was a man of my own heart. I knew as I read each of these books, that the completion of my future book would easily fit on the same shelf. I have read many similar books over the past decade, but these have seemed to me to be the ringleaders of significance. My goal for Paradigm Shift has always been to complement the work of these intelligent writers. I find the competitive, dog eat dog, blog cult nonsense to be just that. I am looking for readers who are ready to think progressively and take their country forward to the new realm where it so desperately needs to go.

The purpose of The Palin Matrix has been to show as many American voters as possible the real Sarah Palin. To do that, people have to discover and read the book. They have to tell their neighbors about it. They have to use it as their reference to the blogs. It was not compiled to supplant the blogs, but to encourage more people to read them to learn the full story of Sarah Palin. I have stated repeatedly that no book is going to stop Sarah Palin. It is way past time for the blog cults to see the forest for the trees, to see that the media is not waiting for that one last tidbit of proof. The media is not waiting for anything but for us to give up and shut up. They have been as complicit as you can imagine in this cover-up from the very beginning. Do you really think that some snippet of evidential proof is going to mysteriously appear in a book, and then the MSM is suddenly going to say, Now that is what we have been waiting for!? Would you like to buy a bridge to nowhere? I have one for sale really cheap. Get your red-hot evidence right here, folks! We're offering an extra special today for the person who can analyze this photo the longest.

I have been waiting eight months to learn that Sarah Palin personally hates my guts. Don't ask me exactly why she does, because I do not know. The point of Paradigm Shift was to include all the theories that could make Sarah nervous. I am like Columbo waltzing slowly around a suspect. I know what she did, and she knows what she did; I just have to make her lose her cool enough to let the truth slip out of her normally untruthful lips. Don't keep sitting at your computer firing off snarky missiles to the cult members across the balloon field. Order your own copy of Paradigm Shift and find out for yourself what has Sarah in such a snit.


whateverak said...

I ordered my copy yesterday after I saw it mentioned on IM.

77TA66 said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

nancydrewed said...

Excellent Floyd. I just left a comment at Laura Novak's about the above, although, of course, after reading "in your own words"…around our house we say "well, there you have it."  That's when we're not saying "That's it then."  :-)  Would you mind if I left a link to your post?  Or maybe you'll drop in and issue an invitation. I don't think Laura's blog accepts hyperlinks.

77TA66 said...

I LOVED your description of the book at Novak's!! Be my guest and copy and paste that all over the web! Feel free to put it in an Amazon review format, too.

nancydrewed said...

Done Floyd. Although, I'll leave it to others to drop the link in at IM and other spots if they so choose. I'm finished with the troll charges there from 101+ anons. I will forward to litbrit, who I'm sure will appreciate the post. Onward.

77TA66 said...

Here is NancyDrewed's comment at Novak's:

I'll take a stab at anon's mention of Floyd Orr in those posts. I have
Floyd's book and when he says he threw a lot at the wall to see what
might stick, he is quite right. And I imagine someone in Palin territory
has taken a look at the book and realized that it all "sticks". Haven't
read the book cover to cover (it's a great fun rummage-around volume,
at least if you're familiar with the basic outlines of the various
plays/players), but at the back there is a three-page summary
['Glossary'] of all the "gates" in handy-dandy bite-size morsels.

I suspect she or her handlers got a look at that summary, the other
chapter headings, the breadth of the coverage, and realized they could't
cry "foul" about any of it. Add to that his sense of humor, bluntness,
political views which are woven throughout and the collection of all of
this material in one spot -- someone is spooked. The tone differs from
many of the blogs because the comments "noise" is missing, making the
material more difficult to pooh-pooh. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier
thread, the video of her February '08 trotting-on-winter-streets around
Juneau interview, while wearing ridiculous high-heeled boots, is still
active on his site. Six months along? Really?

The book's subtitle is "The Progressive Left Strikes Back." And he does. His subject is much larger than one Mrs. Todd Palin.

Banyan said...


I' m re-reading your book in light of Anon's comments.  

I'm about 100 pages into it now, and was wondering if you have any dates about when Sarah was first declared to be the new " Queen Esther" and by whom, and/or when she received her blessings from the witch hunter?  Did anything of this sort occur to your knowledge before Sarah declared (in 1996) her plan to become president?  

77TA66 said...

Those are very good questions, Banyan, but I am afraid I do not have any answers. I have never found any definitive dating of those issues. I have seen very few photos of Sarah taken between her college years and her time as mayor. The pictures I have seen of the events you mention are much later. The link below is an article by Max Blumenthal in which it is stated that Reverend Muthee prayed for her in 2005. I should have entered that into the timeline on Page 85 to fit within the context of the other events noted in that time period.

Banyan said...

I just did a a "Queen Esther" search and discovered that not only Sarah, but also Carrie PreJean (sp?) and Katherine Harris (remember her from the 2000 FL recount?) have also, at various times, been declared to  be the "new Queen Esther" by the Dominionist Right.

77TA66 said...

That's some good research, Banyan! I had not heard that before, although it is certainly believable! The name Katherine Harris reminds me that I cannot wait until the movie Game Change comes out! It will share the same director and screenwriter as Recount.

KatieAnnieOakley said...

What has always baffled me about the media is this: after so many supposedly "untrue" things have been said and written about Palin, and yet - she's never filed a lawsuit for slander.

No lawsuit for defamation.  Nothing.  Just whining.  So many books. Magazines. Blogs. Horrible, terrible things written about her - and not even one. single. Cease and Desist Order.

That is the real story; how the media CHOSE to miss the Scoop(s) Of The Century - right under their noses.

cambridgeknitter said...

Do any of the folks touting the Queen Esther label realize that the book may well be complete fiction?  There may have been no Queen Esther.  That doesn't mean there aren't important lessons to learn from this story, of course, because there are.   And then there's the unique characteristic of this particular book that leads one to ask why they are so intent on linking these oh-so-godly women to the only book in the Bible that doesn't mention God.