Saturday, May 26, 2012

No Horse Hockey, No Bull Puckey, No Games

... Dear Levi, as I am sure you have learned by now, I have followed your public career since August 2008. I realize that you have been absorbed into a world that you did not create. You accidentally stumbled onto a public stage that has increased your public visibility a hundredfold, yet all you ever wanted from life is to be a quiet young man in the northern wilderness.

Unlike most of the millions who are fascinated by your life story and what you might reveal to the world, I am not that far from your viewpoint on life. My dad taught me his favorite skills of hunting and fishing when I was not yet in high school. I sent my lure off the small fishing skiff from my green casting reel with my dad thousands of times when I was a kid. I got my first .22 rifle for Christmas when I was ten, a bolt action from the Sears catalog. My mom used it to keep the squirrels out of her pecan trees decades after I was grown and out of the house. My more modern .22 semi-automatic Remington with a ten-shot clip and scope waits silently in my bedroom closet. I don't get to use it nearly as much as I would like now that I live in the city. You probably even know a few displaced Southerners personally. We may live in the city as adults, but we have always relished the simple joys of country life.

Come home to me, Levi. Tell me your story in confidence. I am not in the game for money. I never have been. I could have written a book about your nemesis for a fraction of the cost in time and effort, and sold a lot more copies for profit. But you know I didn't do that. I told the story of America's sad downfall, its weakness of heart and soul. You know I have little trust of the same people that have repeatedly deceived you. I am an outsider just like you. I want you to tell your story, not for the satisfaction of all the I-told-you-sos that you are so weary of meeting. I want you to tell your story for the deep truth that it holds, for the release of the burden on your soul and your future. You are probably too young to realize it now, but you still have your whole life in front of you.

Your mom was framed, set up, sent to a life of public disgrace solely for the purpose of protecting some very bad people. Her crime was pathetically minimal, but we both know the punishment was meted out to the fullest extent of a very misguided law. There is nothing we can do about that situation now except to move you and your family to another state far away. From my perspective, you should have done that even before your mom was entrapped, but we cannot alter a fate that has already been sealed. We can only do the right thing now. Pick a town and a state far from Alaska and move there, and take Sherry and Mercede with you. Begin a new life for the sake of all of you. No other choice will offer you such hope.

Tell me your story, Levi. Tell me the truth, the whole truth without any games of deception or even accidentally-on-purpose deceit. By all means read Paradigm Shift first. If you do not have a copy, just tell me an address where to send one. Most of what I know about your story is contained in the book, however I know a lot that is not in the book, particularly about the people who have tried to lead you down their many misleading pathways. I can tell you all of it. All you have to do is to trust me and tell me the whole truth as you know it to be. I seriously doubt that we both know the same details. In fact I expect that our knowledge of the subject spans a wide chasm between us. After all, I am about three times your age, so I do not expect you to have an understanding of The Southern Strategy or the Council for National Policy or the severe divisiveness your nemesis has brought to our once great nation. I understand that your viewpoint is much more up close and personal, that you have  a child caught in the crossfire.

Bring your conscience home to me, Levi. I can tell your story without the conflicting motives of your fellow Alaskans. I can publish it in book form so that it remains alive forever. You tell me the truth and I can make it real for your children. They will always have the truth in print, regardless of all the hurtful, shallow dreck published by the blogs and tabloids that have haunted your story since the beginning. Come home to the truth, Levi. We both have been blackballed by those who seek only to control us for the acquisition of personal fame and fortune. Please come home, Levi. Let me tell your story. Let's tell the truth as only we can.


Balzafiar said...

Thank you Floyd, for posting this plea; I hope it works because Levi desperately needs someone on his side to help guide him. Someone that won't rip him off for all his money as his previous handlers appear to have done.

The truth is out there to be found and someone knows it. The rest of the nation want to know, too.

B said...

Who has blackballed you?

Where the wild things are said...

First Levi has to start being honest with himself. And to say "most of the millions who are fascinated by your life story ", is quite the exaggeration. If Sunny, an Alaskan, had no idea who Bristol OR Levi were before she started dating him, most of Americans couldn't care less about a random redneck who was once a typical bottom feeding player who lives to hunt. 

Redeye said...

I have a hard time believing that a girl who can't remember whether she graduated early or not (Sadie) or a boy who says "I've seen Sarah Palin cry a couple times" then two years later "I've never seen Sarah cry" Levi) would be truthful about anything.

What would this book prove to the world Floyd? How would it cure any of the disasters or human plights? 

I think you're delusional. No offense. You just need perspective. Let the families just live their lives. Only THEY can change themselves and their circumstances. No outsider can. Any grown human knows that. 

Redeye said...

And considering that Levi felt his own personal truth shouldn't be captured in a book, which made him write a gross, fluffy fictional life for himself, what makes you think he cares about writing another one?

LET THESE PEOPLE MORE ON. They're all obviously happy. The 50 people who obsess over them need to get lives, to sound like a broken record. But it's true.

I enjoy your blog Floyd, though I disagree with most of what you say.

nico kensing said...

ahh, I see the trolls have reached your  blog, trying to be deceptive with the "i still like you Floyd" please, who are you all fooling, where the idiots are and pink eye?