Monday, August 22, 2011

Blinded by the Light

I learned a long time ago that I am good at only four things: sociology, psychology, pop culture, and English. I suck at foreign languages, engineering, advanced math, and athletics. In other words, I was born a certified nerd with a special, but limited, ability. The catch is that I was born in exactly the wrong place at exactly the right time, and most of what I have learned in my life can be traced back to these very simple suppositions.

When I say that I suck at advanced math, that does not mean that I do not understand macroeconomic concepts of our modern world far better than the average Joe, because I do. All of my work experience can be traced back to the business of money. I have watched this great nation slowly commit financial and social suicide for forty years now, and it has never been a pretty picture. We have been relentlessly bleeding red in the financial arena because we steadfastly refuse to advance our culture in the social one.

Sociologists know that cultures always become unstable under long-standing economic pressure. They also destabilize from the effects of overpopulation. The world and the USA are overpopulated and we are all operating under financial stress that increases daily. We must slow the population growth if we are to survive and prosper in the long term. The problem is not simply defined by population totals, but by the enormous influence of changing demographics. It is these demographics that have determined the political destiny of the U.S. during these past forty years. This is not some new concept that was just born in 1970. Demographics have shaped our political landscape since the nation was founded, but the specific issues that define us now did begin in 1970.

America has always been a land dominated by megatrends. We are continually moving in one direction or another. There was a paradigm shift that occurred in 1970 that has led us in a molasses-slow, but relentless, downward spiral. The culture is rotten from the inside out. The surface skin appears to be fine, but the tissue underneath has been the victim of a psychosocial equivalent to the MRSA bug, a staph infection that has been a growing problem throughout the U.S. over the recent decade. MRSA destroys flesh at a rate that can range from very slowly to surprisingly quickly. The quick versions can easily be fatal to a host body whose mind is not prepared to deal with the sudden onset of MRSA immediately after its discovery. There is no winning with MRSA once the disease spreads too far, and the politico-economic path we have chosen for ourselves is equally destructive. As with MRSA, the damage can appear to be slight for a long period of time, and then it suddenly accelerates, taking its host into the depth of oblivion.

The heart of America's psychosocial MRSA is that we do not want to admit that population is the root of our problem; however, the demographics have exacerbated the problem immeasurably. The paradigm shift we now face would not exist without the influence of several key elements of our nation's history. The first of these was the importation of slaves. The second was an economic model based on endless growth. The third was the encouragement of a demographic shift from the Northern section of the country to the Deep South and California. The fourth was a silent but deadly class system based on sexual attractiveness combined with traditional socioeconomic class and designed to replace the inherent need for survival after the constant threat of early mortality had been expunged from the culture by science. The fifth and final element has been the growing worship of celebrity as most promoted by television.

The title of this piece refers to the Christian religion. After intensive consideration these past few months, I can honestly say that I have only one regret concerning the content of my most recent book, Paradigm Shift. I thought of the name CINO (Christians In Name Only) after the book had gone through its final edit and been published. One of my favorite TV shows was Studio 60, in which a group of comedians simulating the behind the scenes events of a fictional Saturday Night Live program referred to modern U.S. Evangelical Christians as Crazy Christians. Believe me when I say I was calling them Christian Crazies decades prior to the premiere of Studio 60. The whole concept has been a significant part of my life's work since The Sixties. You see, I was in the wrong place, small town Mississippi, when the madness began. That would be when many forces in postwar America thought it was time to integrate all public schools and delete all the Jim Crow laws from our culture, once and for all. The federal powers that be did just that. They made all public places immune to Jim Crow; all but one, that is, and that one was the massive organization of the Southern Protestant churches. They left a loophole open for those who hated everything about the influence of integration from the North to drive their pickups right through, and drive, those rednecks did!

When the '60's began and then progressed ever higher in one positive manner after another, I experienced a wonderful version of America that I wanted to see continue forever. Of course black people did not have things nearly so easy, but things were certainly moving in the right direction. It was a time of explosive growth within just about any positive, progressive arena you could name. Then it began to dawn on some of the more intelligent of us that change would soon have to come. These would not be small adjustments to our style of operation. They would be major socioeconomic adjustments that would obviously lead to politico-economic changes. The power brokers would care very little one way or the other about the former type, but the latter type would rattle their very foundations. What they did was to develop a paradigm shift that would control the psychosocial elements, therefore affecting the direction of the economic and political elements. Their methodology came to be known as The Southern Strategy. Whether you credit Lee Atwater or Kevin Phillips or both with the creation of this brilliant for them, but deadly for the nation, concept is irrelevant at this point. I can tell you that right here in Austin TX is where Karl Rove became famous long before any of you ever saw his ugly mug on television. At almost exactly the same time that I finished my worthless degree in Psychology, Karl dropped out of college to develop his behind the scenes political career as Lee Atwater's protege.

A small group of certified power brokers decided that the demographic changes forcing Northerners southward could be harnessed quite effectively in a national political manner if all scruples concerning the future of the American culture were simply tossed out the window of that secret meeting room, wherever it was long ago. Remember that single little loophole that the pickups had been driving through for nearly a decade prior to the meeting? The brokers decided to harness the power of all the voters driving those pickups. How would they do that? Through organized religion, that's how. All those churches that had so dominated The South for centuries were exempt from Civil Rights laws. The pickups had been driving to church religiously year after year. All the brokers had to do was to find the one element that would steer all the trucks in the specific direction the brokers desired. Abortion became that element.

Remember that stuff about the invisible American class system? This is where that stuff makes its entrance and begins to alter the future for us all. I discovered it in the mid-Sixties, but its power was not really harnessed for its potentially sinister control of the population until The Southern Strategy was created. People are sheep. Most of us are frightened of the unknown, particularly the unknowns of human social behavior. We will do anything to hide within the crowd. In case you are wondering why all those Yankees moving south failed to bring their influence of sanity and compassion for all people southward, here is your answer. They became more and more assimilated into Southern culture after they got here, and of course many of their children have never known another social context for their personal lives. The immigrants and their kids just want to get along with everybody. They want to be popular. They want to successfully chase the often elusive goals of sex, money, careers, popularity, and even celebrity. They want to belong, so over time they become more and more Southern. Of course this is not a blanket concept that applies to everyone, but certainly enough to affect the outcome of our national political elections, and there lies the problem.

I did not really believe the concept of the cultural elite so commonly espoused and ranted about on Fox News until earlier this year. My realization of this discovery was the most depressing thing I have faced in decades, and I learned of its truth directly through my association with the Babygate bloggers and their cults. I learned that the Cultural Elite does not have income inequality or global warming at the top of its political agenda as I do. For literally decades I have felt that most Democrats viewed these as our top problems, just as I have. This is not to say that I knew of global warming decades ago, but I certainly knew about overpopulation, and these two are essentially the same thing, at least for our explanatory purposes here. What I discovered is that the Democratic Party is actually comprised of five strongly, selfishly, and stupidly splintered demographics: African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews, gays, and women. Southern white males have become all but nonexistent within the Democratic Party! The Republicans have managed to take over the nation mostly because their party is split only two ways, between the Wall Streeters and the Evangelicals, but the saner contingent is split five ways. We have all been subconsciously aware of the five demographic groups. We just have not been thinking of them within the concept of splitting up our political power instead of strengthening it. It has been my incorrect supposition that surely, the most educated and intelligent of us cannot seriously consider that the progression of their particular subgroup is more important than the progression of the lives of us all? After spending three years with the Babygators, 90-95% of whom I strongly suspect are women, I have to now say that I think they do think this way, and this is a very depressing state of affairs for us all.

There is only one thing that will save America, and that is to shift the paradigm back in the other direction. The power brokers have enjoyed relentless success for far too long, and the only concept that will work at this point is to turn that success into failure. We have to effect a split in the Christian voting bloc of the Republican Party. We have to wake up the real Christians and make them see the CINO's with clear vision. Thomas Frank tried to do it with What's the Matter with Kansas? I tried to do it with The Palin Matrix, but apparently the current I am swimming against is too strong. Too many women want to halt the political career of Sarah Palin because they so deeply despise what she is as a woman and as a politician. To my eyes, she is just that charismatic celebrity politician that I have been waiting for The Class System and The Southern Strategy to produce from the loins of its marriage made in hell. I don't want to stop Sarah Palin. I want to stop America's relentless paradigm shift to the right.

You will never find a bigger male supporter of the feminist movement than me. If you choose to call me a misogynist, you will just miss the point of it all. Speaking of that concept, it is truly the concept that will only increase the power of Sarah Palin. If any of you as women really want to halt the forward progress of Sarah's career, then shut up about misogyny! I can assure you that whenever you or any talking head or journalist plays that card, she gets stronger. What you need to do is the opposite. You should be considering how you might bring more Southern white males into your voting booth. One of the leading ways you can do this is to promote the Walk Around Juneau video clip of 2/13/08. Your persistent denigration of this particular video is quite telling. You have shoved it into a corner of your Babygate efforts every chance you have had to do just the opposite, and any one of you who does this will receive little credibility from me. Few actions have proven my point about misogyny as clearly as this issue. You say you want to stop a monster from destroying the nation, but what you really want more than that is to secure the victory for the feminine mystique. Some of you cannot stomach the fact that this most feminine of political issues might be shared with those same old enemies who have suppressed you for centuries, white males. Well here is my response: get over it! Half the voters are male, and that's just tough bananas for you feminists. Karl Rove and Kevin Phillips managed to build a giant funnel that led voters right into the red oblivion. It is time for you to put your petty desires aside and figure out how to turn that funnel around to the other direction. The only way you are going to accomplish that is to stop the relentless flow of white Southern males and females in the opposite direction. You have to see that we are continually losing elections because of the splintering! A two-way split beats a five-way one every time.

What exactly do I want you to do? I want you to quit trying so hard to own the Babygate political issue specifically for women instead of for all Americans. I can hear the whining already: but our two biggest leaders are male! Yes, they are, but they are also cult leaders, as in David Koresh. They are enjoying controlling and directing giant harems. They consistently give you what you think you want instead of what you need. You quite desperately want to think that Sarah Palin is the problem and that if we can just make her sit down and shut up, we can go back to our normal political business. If this is what you think, you are wrong. Sarah is not the actual MRSA infection; she is just the vessel that unleashed it. The infection is that combination of sheep who refuse to step away from the slaughterhouse path and their controllers who have found the magic prod that keeps them moving in that direction. Millions of those sheep are not quite as stupid or ignorant as you think they are, and those are the ones upon whom you need to concentrate your efforts. They have been blinded by the light and you have to show them the evil force operating behind the curtain. The CINO's can never be reached because they don't want to change. They are the selfish, greedy, short-sighted devils that will gladly take us over the cliff purely for their own personal gain, whether they recognize the temporary nature of holding onto that booty in a world that is rapidly becoming uninhabitable or not. There are many who are salvageable, though, and they are generally known as white Christians. Don't waste time on the Evangelicals deeply embedded in the madness. Go after the sheep who have not yet reached the slaughterhouse, the real Christians, those with intelligence and compassion stifled by the relentless oppression from their fellow churchgoers.

Years before blogs were even invented, I learned a lot from participating on and creating message boards. I learned that marketing on the internet has become the latest casualty of American sanity. Slap-fights always draw a crowd, but just like those hardheaded Evangelicals that will argue with a brick, slap-fighters consistently learn surprisingly little, no matter what the forum or the subject matter. This is the main reason that I often write in riddles or offer questions for my readers to whom I rarely blurt out the answers. I do this for two valid reasons. The first is that certain inflammatory precepts will do nothing but start an unproductive slap-fight, so I try to approach these with as much tact as possible while still getting the point across to the reader. The second is that as a student of the social sciences, I don't want to just hand you the answers to the test. I want you to discover the answers for yourself by looking them up. In most of the instances in which I have used this conceit, you can find all the answers about as fast I did sitting at my computer. They are all there on the blogs and hiding discreetly in other online sources. I found these things and you can, too. One of the most despicable changes to modern America that chaps my butt is the way so many people want it now and they want it to be free. Psychologists call this instant gratification and it is clearly not a sign of higher intelligence. You can generally assume that when I drop hints about negative, inflammatory traits or actions relating to people you know, that I have researched the issue and discovered something important or I would not mention it in the first place.

The magical essence of my books are in the journey, not the destination. I write for readers searching for deeper truths in our lives. Unlike other people I have mentioned, I am trying to give you what you need instead of what you want. My writing does not make me a celebrity and my book sales do not pay enough to sneeze at, probably about three cents an hour. I figured out a long time ago that I would never father a child. My attitudes toward population, the environment, and the trash heap the American culture has become cemented this issue for me about the time I reached adulthood. I mean it when I say my books are my legacy. Each of my books will take the reader down the rabbit hole of whatever is the subject matter. You will take a long, entertaining ride and you will have spent a long time looking out a very large picture window by the time you reach the last page.

All right, Babygators, here it comes. I think Sarah Palin was a First Class little girl who was born into a very narrowly focused subculture. First Class means that she was decently athletic, sexually attractive, and born into the accepted middle class for her subculture. I think her father, and possibly other family members, spoiled her rotten. I am even more certain that her peer group, extended family, and adults in a supervisory capacity contributed mightily to the rottenness. I do not think she has a diagnosable mental illness of any psychotic nature. She is mentally weak, unstable, neurotic, and narcissistic as hell, but at the heart of it all, she is nothing more than an overgrown spoiled brat. Did she actually receive a college degree? I tend to think that she did, but she skated and slid her way through with the help of some of those participating supervisory adults I mentioned. Is she as religious as she claims? In her own mind, she is, but only in her own mind. Yes, she has been deeply ensconced in the religious fanaticism of Wasilla, but technically speaking, I suspect she is little better than a glorified whore or drug addict. She may truly believe that God is speaking directly to her, but I think the voice is more likely coming from deeply below. I think she was obsessed with Curtis Menard, Jr., but whether or not she bore his child or had anything to do with his death, the jury is still out. I think it is far more likely that the first is true, but the second is not, however the first may not be true, either. Did she have any connection with the fires or other deaths we have examined these past three years? I think that is possible, but not highly likely. I do think all those events share some sort of eerily suspicious nature and each one should be carefully investigated before being dropped completely from any speculative scenario.

I am considerably more certain of some of the details and implications of Babygate than those questionable issues just mentioned. Based purely on Sarah's age, number of children, and relentless political ambition, I strongly feel that actions taken after the birth of Piper precluded her from ever bearing another child. Whether or not that action was a deliberate move on Sarah's part or some unavoidable event or complication, I cannot say. My best guess is that she had either an abortion or a tubal ligation at some point. In no manner whatsoever do I believe that the Trig Palin presented to America at the RNC of 2008 was birthed by Sarah on 4/18/08. Like other men, I came firmly to this conclusion after viewing the Walk Around Juneau video the first time. Men may not often stare at a pregnant woman's bulge, but they know how a pregnant woman moves and walks, and it is not casually walking briskly with verve in high heels on an icy sidewalk! I think there are at least two babies involved in the hoax, and quite possibly three or more. The definitive two are Ruffles and Round Ear, and the less likely two are Tripp and Elfie. I am not absolutely certain, but it is my theory that Ruffles was born to Bristol and Round Ear was not born to either Sarah or Bristol. We do not know the current status of Ruffles, but in my opinion, this is the truth that would matter the most to the real Christians if the media would allow them to know it. I do not directly care very much exactly who the parents of all the babies are, but I am very cognizant of the fact that if the complete mystery is to be resolved, the true parents will become a part of the story, whether anyone likes it or not.

The point of this story is that the Christians are not the only ones blinded by the light. This phenomenal cult thing that has infected the Babygate bloggers has been holding back the truth for a long time. There are a few things of which I have been sworn to secrecy, but I have repeatedly dropped clues to send you all in the right direction to discover the answers on your own. It seems painfully clear to me that very few of you have actually followed my direction in this endeavor. There is a poison that seems to infect anyone who builds a significant following or career in the anti-Palin realm. What makes unraveling this part of the mystery so daunting is that no two of these false prophets follow the same pattern. My best guess is that at least a few of them have been Trojan horses from the beginning, but the obvious presence of opportunism makes discerning who is what within this scheme is quite difficult. I think most of them consumed the poison after the result of fame and resultant ego explosion consumed them. I think they started out with good intentions, but the ease with which they were able to expand and sustain their cult followings eventually overtook their desire to save our political nation.

The path out of the cult is to simply question everything. Most of the deception expounded upon you has been through omission and obfuscation. Imagine how much less questionable all the information available would be if no Anonymous comments were allowed and none were moderated, either. One site uses what I call henchwomen in much the same way that Fox News employs a pack of blonde bimbos as so-called experts. All commenters on that blog are not equal. Some know much more about their cult leaders than do others. In a manner similar to Mafia henchmen, henchwomen do bidding. Mull that one over for a while. Why do the two leading David Koreshes of the blogs dislike each other so much? Are you sure they are telling the whole truth whenever this subject rears its ugly head? Even if the connection is tenuous at best, some of the other bloggers and authors can be traced back to Arianna Huffington. It truly baffles me how so many of you can have finally figured out what a greedy traitor to the causes of the left wing that Arianna has proven to be, yet you still worship the ground her minions walk, from Devon to Dunn to Bill Maher, best pal of Ann Coulter and Amy Holmes!. I shall never understand your blindness.

The key difference between Paradigm Shift and the other Palin books is like a tree hiding in a forest. I have not consumed the poison because, not in spite of, the fact that I am an amateur. You see, that is a definitive issue in the paradigm shift the Palin Matrix has wrought. The right wing knows precisely how to control the messages of both wings, and the left wing steadfastly refuses to learn this trick. I knew that the DNC would eventually run Barack Obama for President from the moment he stepped up onto the national stage at the 2004 DNC. I did not want this to happen, however. I wanted John Edwards and I still do. You women who insist on branding me as a misogynist for thinking this way are not displaying the ultimate level of intelligence. I knew this was no time to put the first black man, or white woman, in The White House. Remember what I stated at the beginning about macroeconomics. Few people have known of the threat of the housing bubble longer than me. Few have understood fully what Wall Street has been doing to the nation nonstop for forty years. This is not an emotional decision on my part. Politically I hate Karl Rove's guts, but intellectually I consider him my true equal. We handed them an obvious advantage and a weapon to use against us. We would not have been making that mistake with John Edwards. You can scream and whine all you want about the many effects unleashed after the 2008 election, but the principle I am espousing is an incontrovertible fact. A Southern white male in The White House would have saved us all a lot of grief. Obama had plenty of time to run for the office at some point after the monster had been muzzled. Taking this step beforehand was a mistake.

You can rest assured that I shall never vote for a Republican. Their madness has reached unfathomable proportions. The problem as I see it is how do we break the spell over the Southern white voters? First we have to step up and punch the bully in the nose. That means simply telling the Evangelicals and CINO's to sit down and shut up and we need to make a concerted effort to marginalize them politically. The problem and the solution lie with the Real Christians. They are in essence good, compassionate people, your friends and neighbors, who have been blinded by the light.


nancydrewed said...

Floyd -- You had me right up to John Edwards. First, we did have eight years of a Southern white male in Bill Clinton. And then there would be that little problem of Rielle Hunter and the "extra" baby Edwards. Can you imagine the mess we'd be unraveling had he been the candidate and won?

Other than that, points all taken. You know my feelings about the blog "franchising" of Palin and how it should have reasonably put a stop to her by now. It hasn't. Hmm. Wonder why? Although I will say that when serious journalists (remember the internal journo-list emails?) refuse to address what's under their noses, we shouldn't be surprised that enterprising bloggers did. Just wish the energy expended in those comments sections could be used to do some genuine political organizing at the community level. Also, more listening, less turf-protection, would be helpful. imho

Question now is how to convince average citizens and bystanders who care something about their own futures to understand that the toxic TP/GOP/megachurch concoction that's been brewing is their biggest threat.  Headline "Middle Class Expires While No One's Looking".  Film at 11.

btw -- Here's a link to a Thomas Frank essay I've only recently stumbled into -- The God That Sucked , from about 2001 . You will appreciate his take, I think.

77TA66 said...

For what it's worth, Nancy, the bits about Edwards and Obama felt a bit strange as I wrote them. I was trying to cram too much information into too few words, because at that point the article was already very long. Of course I literally understand what a party the Repubs would have had if the Edwards baby story had been discovered after he had been elected. The point I was trying to make is that CNN had already pushed him out of the running well before any of the scandal was exposed. I think voters should be far more diligent than they are during the primary elections. Personally, I have always wondered what the MSM knew about that and when. I would not have put it past them to have known ahead of time and pushed Hillary to protect Elizabeth. I also would not have put it past the Repub operatives to have discovered Edwards' weakness early on and dug up a goldbricker just for him! As for President Obama, I think he is a wonderful, intelligent man, but I shall always wonder how much better off we would be today if the DNC had not picked 2008 to elect the first A-A President. As for Bill Clinton, I did not vote for him in the primaries, either. I wanted Jerry Brown, and I still think he would have been preferable.

Thank you for your insightful comment. Such discussion of the real issues is always welcome here.

barre mcneil said...

Thanks as always Floyd.  Hope you have some time to look at the Frank essay.  

But what about how come Bill Clinton didn't re-enfranchise the white male southern voter. What did I miss? Because after one Southern president after another since the Johnson era, I've missed how Mr. po' white south could have felt left out of the discussion. As far as I can see, the South has been disproportionately felt on the national scene for far too long now. GWB2 and now we're actually discussing Rick Perry?? That's an unbelievable (as in the extreme) prospect for me.

77TA66 said...

I think Bill, Barack, and other modern Dems are simply too centrist. It's not that I do not think there should be some compromise with the other side, but the relentless sellout to Wall Street is clearly destroying the middle class. Yes, I think Perry or Mitt will be the Repub nominee, and maybe the next President. The main reason I included Obama in this article is because we shall never know how much better things might have been if the Tea Party did not have such an obvious target for their vitriol. As always, thank you for the insightful comment.

eclecticsandra said...

hurrah!  You are there.  Thank you, Floyd.

Amy1 said...

Hi Floyd -- good article.  I disagree with a few points.  One is the "hate" of Palin.  Speaking only for myself, I don't care about her enough to hate her.  At first, it was an interesting mystery to puzzle through:  why did the data points not add up? Next, it was a search to understand who the enablers prob were, and why.  Now, my interest is to expose the BabyHoax just to confirm (for the enablers) that this kind of politicking is not okay so they are more reluctant to try similar ruses. A little accountability from the enablers-perps.  AND the all-important independent voter should be helped to know about the hoax to encourage him/her to vote the enablers out, and use dollar votes to shun the corporate enablers. SP herself is of little interest, except insofar as her enablers use her to "energize the base" with such uniformly sad results.  But others can do that energizing, too, once Palin is used up.

I think what I see as the emotional issue in the blogs I follow is the enormous distress and fear about our country's welfare -- and Palin's unrevealed hoax symbolizes that for me; but of course it is not in itself the problem.  The problem is vast and complex, and Palin is the tiniest of festering pimples upon it.

Second -- I wonder what about Edwards appealed to you?  A liar. Who accepted $1M from an old lady (Rachel Mellon) to cover up his double life.  Who says he cheated on his cancer-patient wife "only when she was in remission." Hilarious if it weren't tragic. All that, while not indicating his political positions, says enough about his judgment and ethics to make me want no part of him.

Third -- I am THRILLED that our president is Obama.  You are wrong when you call him the first A-A president:  he is half A-A and half Caucasian. That is a v important difference.  He comes from and belongs to ALL of us. And I would trade any of the racist problems that arise for Obama's superb smarts / wisdom / ability any day. Which he is continually surprising even his best fans with. We have to face these racist problems of ours, and why not now?  You are talking like the old go-slow-on civil-right people.  Nancydrewd reminds us that Clinton was a Southerner.  AND SO WAS DUBYA!  No more appeasement of racists, please.

Conscious at last! said...

Hey Floyd-- Thanks for the quick response and summary of your book -Paradigm Shift.

I have ordered it and I look forward to reading it.  I know that my angle of  vision is different than yours -  but that will make for interesting exchanges.  This is meaty, controversial material.  

I hope that lots of other folks who've been following these issues will buy the book-  Maybe, in the future,  we can have some online "book club" chats or something 
like that ?!?

In any case- I  have one more suggestion Floyd.  Perhaps you might adjust the title to this post so as to indicate that this IS a summary of  Paradigm Shift:Palin Matrix.   That way, folks will see it as such at all the blogs that link to you.  Indeed, I can remember, recently, at another blog, someone asked for this summary.  Cheers

77TA66 said...

Thank you for the kind remarks and I hope you enjoy the book! The title is meant to address some of the Babygate cult followers, as well as the Christians I hope we can coax back into reality. I tried to address the complete story in Paradigm Shift, from the nation's cultural and economic origins to the corporate takeover of our media.

nancydrewed said...

As I think about the connections to the South that American presidents have had just in my lifetime, the WH has been occupied for most of that time (Johnson, Carter, Clinton - D's and Bush H.W., Bush W. - R's) , this one region of the country seems to have a disproportionate presence. I'm no demographer, but I have a difficult time understanding that. I like Jerry Brown's latest proposal about the popular vote qua electoral college vote. Seems like the fix to me. Any thoughts?

77TA66 said...

One of the points I was trying to make with this post was that the Democrats have truly alienated white Southerners to an extreme degree, and I think this is increasingly becoming a tactical mistake. The southern states keep getting larger, while the Democratic base of the North keeps shrinking. As I have stated many times, if every poor, lower-class immigrant or minority voted in the same percentages that the CINO's vote, everything would be just peachy for us all, but the statistics show that these groups actually vote in tiny percentages. What I would like to see is the real Christians splitting off from the voting bloc of the CINO's, because I do not see the current Democratic strategy as a winning one. All I want for America is for all of us to progress forward, but I feel that we cannot do that until we break up The Marriage Made in Hell between the Evangelicals and Wall Street.

P.s.: Just as I am for the total legalization of marijuana to stop the drug war madness, I am also totally for the enforcement of the minimum wage. Notice that neither side is really for the latter, even though that would intensely diminish the whole illegal immigration issue very quickly. This last issue is about money, not race, but only a nobody like me is allowed to publicly say it.

VaughnIAM said...

Your words pretty well prove that you don't know how the President of the United States is elected. The voters are the ones who put President Obama in office not the DNC.

 As for President Obama, I think he is a wonderful, intelligent man, but I shall always wonder how much better off we would be today if the DNC had not picked 2008 to elect the first A-A President. As for Bill Clinton, I did not vote for him in the primaries, either. I wanted Jerry Brown, and I still think he would have been preferable.  

Amy1 said...

I've watched Jerry Brown for a long time, and I too think very highly of him.

CambridgeKnitter said...

You cannot discount the rampant Republican disenfranchisement of people likely to vote for Democrats nor the vast electoral fraud that generally seems to benefit Republicans as well.  If you're not familiar with this subject, you can get a good education at  I understand that the sociological issues are your strength, and that's what you should concentrate on, but they work together with the electoral problems to bring us the mess we wallow in today.

Conscious at last! said...

How do you see the Democratic base of the North shrinking?

77TA66 said...

You have asked a very good question, and like most politicians, I have a difficult time answering it directly. The link below contains Karl Rove's description of the changes that have occurred since 2008. The second link takes you to the Wikipedia page with many red/blue demographic descriptions. Much of my statement is just my personal opinion that Obama will fail to inspire much of the enthusiasm for his candidacy we saw in '08, and many first-time voters then will stay home, and these will practically all be Democratic. The Republicans, on the other hand, will be much more enthusiastic. Lastly, most of the faster growing cities and states with the stronger economies are red states in The South. Consider how many cities such as Detroit were devastated by the crash of the housing bubble in 2008. Consider also the recent, intense red/blue fight in Wisconsin. In general, my attitude about all this is that if I am wrong, that will be wonderful! If I am not, and the Dems do not turn out the vote, we are all screwed!

VaughnIAM said...

Maybe I should have put quotation marks around that last paragraph. I was responding to something Mr. Orr said in the comments.
My comment was supposed to be a reply to him but Disqus didn't quite see it that way.

TDKS FBT said...

Oh…I hear all that you are saying…and you are spot on. I agree that Santorum is out of the running for 2012, but I caution us to sit back on our haunches because I truly see 2016 as the year that they have set in their sites. Great to hear from you Floyd!