Sunday, October 23, 2011

Motivational Babygate Questions

As many of you know, I generally try to stay out of most of the discussions of photo analysis. The analysis of psychological and political motives is much more my area of interest and expertise. Although I have often questioned Gryphen's modes of operation of his blog, particularly with respect to his relationship with certain other Alaskan bloggers, I have rarely questioned the authenticity of his hypotheses or other material, and this is still the case today. If anything, I would prefer to see him lay to waste some of the offenders like Alan Grayson going after Republicans. Alas for me, that does not seem to be Gryphen's style. He seemingly prefers to play nice in spite of the circumstances. I think more aggressive action is called for, but as you know, that seems to usually represent my style.

Yes, this is going to be another post full of more questions than answers, but this is what I do. I want everybody to think before firmly making up your mind about anything. Certain bloggers deliberately and secretly design their sites to control the message, but this isn't one of them. I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies and neither do you. Until a true insider kicks over the bean pot, spilling truth and scandal all over the Internet, none of us definitively knows the whole truth. The following questions are presented roughly in chronological order, at least as best as I can ascertain, and they all address the motives for the whole stinking mess. Slip on your hip boots and start wading.

1. Why did Chuck Heath move his family from Sandpoint ID to Alaska?

2. Why did Sally Heath shift her religion away from traditional Catholicism soon after the move?

3. How much influence politically did Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll really have over Sarah?

4. Who was the next significant person Sarah told she wanted to be President someday after she mentioned this to her campaign manager in late 1996?

5. How could SP claim to be a simple hockey mom once she had hired a Washington lobbyist to bring funds to the City of Wasilla in 2000?

6. Did Sarah leave her evangelical church in 2002 so that her religious extremism would stay out of the spotlight when she ran for offices outside the limited realm of Wasilla?

7. Did her religious views change or mellow prior to or after this change of church?

8. Is there any doubt that Sarah knew she was being considered for national office by March 2007, after the launch of the Draft Palin blog?

9. Why did Sarah take Bristol with her on the New York City excursion in October 2007?

10. Why did Bristol transfer to West High School in Anchorage in December 2007?

11. Did CBJ tell Sarah that Trig would be born with Down syndrome on 12/4/07?

12. Upon what basis did Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson know this information?

13. Was Sarah's signing of the Safe Haven Bill on February 11, 2008, a coincidence?

14. Why did Sarah specifically in February 2008 tell reporters to squelch the rumor that Bristol was pregnant?

15. If Sarah was pregnant on 2/13/08, why did she prance around Juneau in high-heeled boots on icy sidewalks in Juneau, allowing the whole event to be videotaped?

16. Maybe Sarah had no idea that she was pregnant on 2/13/08, even though she had already been told that someone was carrying a Downs child on 12/4/07?

17. Maybe the fact that she did not know she was pregnant also explains all the airline trips she took in early 2008?

18. If Sarah was still only a hockey mom with no national political ambitions, why was she sitting only five seats over from President Shrub on 2/25/08?

19. Why was she giving a speech to a large audience in Washington the next day?

20. Why did Todd fly back to Alaska during this week of meetings and speeches in Washington days before his six-months-pregnant wife?

21. Why did the Palin organization need a special strategy for any public discussion of Palin's pregnancy, as mentioned in an inter-office e-mail message of 3/4/07?

22. Why did Sarah announce her pregnancy the day after she received a phone call from McCain that he had secured the nomination?

23. Why was Sarah's staff so shocked at her pregnancy announcement?

24. Why did Bristol stop accompanying Sarah and Piper on many flights after this point?

25. Why was the Alaska state security detail released from the responsibility of accompanying Sarah and Todd to Grapevine TX?

26. Why did Todd not mention the soon inevitable birth in his message back to Alaska when Todd and Sarah began their return trip?

27. Why did Sarah and Todd bypass better-equipped hospitals on the way to Wasilla/Palmer?

28. Why did Sarah take her premature newborn to work with her repeatedly?

29. Why did she take a premature newborn to two official Governor events in Anchorage on 5/3/08?

30. Was that traveling baby really born on 4/18/08?

31. Could the photos of a baby in the Palin kitchen from Levi's birthday on 5/3/08 actually have been taken on Sarah's birthday on 2/11/08?

32. Could these photos have actually been taken a year earlier, on 2/11/07 or 5/3/07?

33. How can anyone be certain that these photos are of a premature baby, a Downs baby, an FAS baby, or a normal, healthy baby if you were not actually present when the photos were taken?

34. How do you know exactly when the B&W photo of the baby on the invitation was taken?

35. How do you know for certain the identity of the baby at the baby shower?

36. How do you know the date of the 5/4/08 baby shower is correct?

37. When did Sarah decide to send photos taken at the baby shower to magazines?

38. Did Sarah intentionally see that the magazines received no photos showing the baby's ears?

39. Do you know for certain that the baby photographed with a ruffled ear and published in Blind Allegiance is the same baby as the one at the baby shower?

40. How can you be sure that the baby held by Sarah's parents in the hospital is or is not the same baby as Ruffles?

41. How can you be certain of the date of any photos showing Levi holding a baby?

42. Why is Levi really mixed up in Babygate in the first place?

43. How do you know that Levi's involvement is not just an orchestrated smokescreen for the whole scam?

44. Why are so (relatively) few pictures of Levi, Bristol, Willow, Sarah, Todd, and Trig during the summer of 2008 publicly available?

45. Why was the Babygate story released to the Daily Kos at the end of August 2008 and removed from the site so quickly?

46. Why does the Trig displayed at the 2008 RNC seem so much smaller than the Trig displayed only a month later?

47. Why are this Trig's ears so perfectly round and those of the later Trig are not?

48. Why does everyone on stage at the RNC seem to care about Trig while Sarah does not?

49. Why does the Trig shown at the October debate seem so elevated in size and age?

50. If these two publicly displayed Trigs are different babies, why would the Palin organization take such a risk of exposure of the hoax?

51. If Ruffles is a different Trig from one or both of these, where is he?

52. If there has never been but one Trig, why has Sarah not taken one of the many public and political opportunities to confess that she has simply been protecting her daughter's reputation?

53. What would Sarah have to lose by making such a sympathetic announcement?

54. If Bristol is the mother of the sole Trig, were Sadie Johnston's computer and web pages scrubbed just to delete photos of the Palinbrats' drug and alcohol use?

55. If this was the case, does this not red flag the possibility of FAS?

56. Why were many photos of Sarah in early 2008 removed from the State of Alaska's website, or at least removed from convenient online access?

57. Why were none of these computers or websites scrubbed until after the VP selection?

58. Why was Sherry Johnston arrested at the precise time that she was?

59. Did Bristol's cell phone have any relevance to Sherry's arrest?

60. Why was Levi shut out of The Palin Family soon after Sarah lost the VP election?

61. Why was the official statement of Tripp's birth so difficult to confirm when it occurred?

62. Why did Bristol try to rid herself of Levi's involvement as soon as the baby was born?

63. Why have there been so many questions about the apparent age of Tripp practically since he was born?

64. If the fires in Wasilla had nothing to do with Palin, why were the investigations of them so obviously obfuscated in various ways?

65. If the evangelicals do not care if Sarah publicly sticks her tongue out as if she is practicing for a blow job, why would they care if her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock?

66. If Sarah has probably smoked dope and snorted cocaine, and so most likely has Bristol, why would the evangelicals care very much if Bristol birthed a baby as a teenager?

67. If Sarah has most likely had an affair outside her marriage, and so has Todd, why would the evangelicals care if Bristol had found herself pregnant before marriage, just like her mother and grandmother?

68. If Sarah confessed that she was just being a good parent and protecting her daughter from scandal, why would she not be forgiven as a good Christian mom?

69. Why would the entire mainstream media in all its many formats and ramifications protect such an inconsequential political secret so relentlessly?

70. If by some chance the little girl shown in the photo above had been molested in some manner, would a common result not be for the same person as an adult to view sex as a perpetual weapon to be exploited, rather than as a communication of love?


nancydrewed said...

Floyd. I'm tired and will spend more on these questions tomorrow. But you still have laid out the concerns that the MSM should have been addressing. And still should. Bravo. We Americans love our short memories. So handy. Don't we?

Everyone is now behaving as though it's all water under bridge and who cares. Not so. Not at all.

Palin Place said...

In answer to #31 - Were the kitchen pictures taken 2/11/08, I say it's  likely.  If anyone wants to delve into that, please send them to my newly-launched blog where they can read an explanation in my posting "Allison's Own Thoughts...."


Conscious at last! said...

Yup!    ; ))

anon said...

Why did Israeli Elan Frank film a documentary on "pregnant" Gov. Sarah Palin to be shown to audiences in Israel?

77TA66 said...

Good one!

Banyan said...

I can't help but think that anon's comment about Elan Frank is related to question 69 above.

77TA66 said...

Would you care to elaborate on that, Banyan? I am not sure I see the connection.

Banyan said...

I think that NeoCon/Fundamentalist/Right-wing Israelis are behind the Palin phenomenon.  The 6 corporations that comprise the media are part of -- or beholden to -- or just don't want to anger --these interests.

Conscious at last! said...

Floyd-- A while back, you had a post which included a lot of good photos of various  Trigs.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find it here.  Can you direct me to it please?  

Thank you

77TA66 said...

CaL, I cannot remember offhand what post or page you are referring to, but perhaps this link to my Picasa page for all the photos from my old Palin Babygate blog contains the shots you are seeking. If not, try asking again, mention if you remember if it was at NIAFS, Floyd M. Orr, or Palin Babygate. I have moved my picture files around so much even I don't remember where many of them are now! I hope this helps; if not, feel free to ask again.

Conscious at last! said...

Thanks for that Floyd,  but I think I am looking for the post where you specifically point out the different Trigs or their different features-- especially ears.  I think you even had a link that took us to a group of photos comparing the boys.  

 I don't remember which of your blogs it was on - sorry.  

77TA66 said...

If you did not find the photos you are seeking among those on the Picasa link I sent to you, then it must have been a link from my blog to someone else's Picasa or Flikr or some other, similar server. I never put more than three pictures in one post because I want to keep the loading time short. Maybe you can remember how far back in time it was and I can search further? If it was a link to another server, it could have been in most any of my posts.

Conscious at last! said...

Now I remember something else about those photos.  They were in the upper left side board as a link ( like babygates resources), but  a few of the photos were also seen in mini-form on the link, sort of like your photo is right here under "ABOUT ME."

77TA66 said...

That was a Batwing/Elfie slideshow created from my photos at Picasa. That slide show graphic was deleted long ago. It represented nothing more than an amalgamation of the photos in the link I sent to you. You can build your own version of that slide show using Picasa, Flikr, Zimbio, or other programs. There are already several on the web.

Conscious at last! said...

Floyd- After looking at the Trig photos in your collection, I posted this over at Allison's:
(Obviously you need to read the previous comment)
  MN Gal--Yes! this really makes a lot of sense. I am surprised that IM blocked you because very recently I successfully posted comments there with some(not all) of these ideas. Perhaps IM's views or allegiances have shifted.I also have some thoughts to add to the discussion around the ears. Perhaps Ruffles' ears were repaired, but not soon enough for the '08 GOP convention and the ensuing campaign.So perhaps, the little baby with very smooth rounded ears that we saw at the convention was the borrowed baby. At a certain point, definately by the time of the book tour, the real Trig (aka Ruffles) was well enough to appear, but his ears are a bit floppy. I came up with this idea after carefully looking at the photos of Trig here:(Floyd Orr's collection) any case, I think your scenario is very helpful.

AKRNC said...

Great question, why would they be interested in Palin PRIOR to her becoming the V.P. nominee?  Also, if they truly knew so far ahead of time that she would be the nominee, maybe they knew more about the behind-the-scenes info than even McCain's staff since she truly was NOT VETTED as his other possible contenders were.  Nobody in Alaska had been asked any questions, none at all, about Palin before her nomination.  Considering Culvahouse did the vetting on Pawlenty and Liberman, covering a 5 week period of investigating on both, the minimal vetting on Palin is very suspicious.  The RWNJ fundies were definitely in favor of Palin and knew that withholding their approval would sink McCain's campaign.  Of course, we have to remember that at the time they arranged for the interview, nobody allegedly knew that Palin was "pregnant".  So many questions about Palin have never been answered and unless babygate is answered, they never will be.  We can't let up on this issue.  It shows just how far the RWNJ's may be willing to go in order to put an unqualified candidate into office using any means necessary to sway their delusional followers.

Anon said...

It would be helpful to know when the Elan Frank documentary was lined up.

I think the "vetting" of other candidates for GOP VP was probably for diversion.  

There is just so much evidence that McCain had been forced by RWNJ "Bud" Paxson blackmail threats to take Palin on in Feb. 2008.  And within a few days (in early March, on the day after  McCains candidacy became official) Palin announces her "pregnancy."

nancydrewed said...

Floyd -- I wish you'd take up where you left off, now that the new SOA email release has finally happened. 

77TA66 said...

 Right now I am monitoring the discussion at Serpent's Heart very closely. Apparently someone has decided to tell the truth about The Wild Ride. It is quite sad to see that whenever a key issue is on the table, it always seems to be on a blog that gets a visitor only every ten minutes or so.

nancydrewed said...

Yup. That's for sure. Agreed. So I encourage you to chime in or put up a new post. Don't you think the goalpost is in sight?

77TA66 said...

 Surely you have realized from the reactions at Serpent's Heart why I am remaining quiet. Pardon my candidness here, but many of the Babygators are tactically incompetent. The story goes far beyond the reputations of certain key bloggers. First of all, the whole operation is much more radical than these incompetents realize. Secondly, the main issue is WHY Babygate has never gone national, and finally, the consistent shoot the messenger meme emanating from these recalcitrant sycophants has been relentlessly stated. I am afraid the goal post is still lying on the ground, where it has been since 9/22/11.

nancydrewed said...

what happened on 9/22/11? you're welcome to use my email address if you feel like it. i think i get some of it. some not. 

77TA66 said...

 If I have your e-mail, I cannot locate it at the moment. You can always send something to my direct e-mail (ice 9 at nctv dot com) and I shall reply directly to you. The date I mentioned is the one on which either Devon or Moore gave McG's e-mail to Arianna or Breitbart and Gryphen played games with his readership instead of admitting the truth to us, that one of his pals did it for revenge and he was protecting her and covering his butt instead of supporting McG right when he needed it most. Refer to the R.I.P. Babygate post for more details. By the way, both the disbarment issue and porno connections are true of Fred.

nancydrewed said...

logged out and back in with disqus, so you may now have my email.

what kind of person gets disbarred over something so picayune ($1500 cookie jar stuff?)  large flapping red flag i think. 

77TA66 said...

 No, I do not have your e-mail, at least not where I can locate it readily. As I said, if you will respond directly to my e-mail address, I shall be more than happy to correspond with you.

77TA66 said...

To those of you who are seeking the truth without blinders on, you are encouraged to contact me directly through e-mail at any time. I am always glad to interrelate with my readers on a personal basis. Isn't it time all of you recognized the simple fact that I have never hidden behind anonymity? Why would I not tell you the truth as I know it to be? When are you going to figure out that you are never going to get the total truth anywhere else?

nancydrewed said...

Floyd - Here's the day I think the wheels came off the bus: 9/1/10. Truthout publishes its exposé of McGinniss where  reading the comments that accompany the piece, demonstrate just how successful that attack was. Since when would Truthout deign to cover such squabbling as 'news'? The whole pregnancy tale was not only attested to by the subject of the Devon/Morris book, but it's author was known for simply not permitting 'outside Alaska' speculations to be aired without derision.

McGinniss' book was the chance to have Americans take a closer look. That chance was undermined on a number of fronts which was a tragedy.

Orange said...

"63. Why have there been so many questions about the apparent age of Tripp practically since he was born?"

Those questions do not go away. In most photos, Tripp is posed so that one does not see his full size - yet even so, he looks at least a year older than his stated age.