Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Best Kept Secret

There are several appropriate meanings that can be attributed to this title. One is that the secret will not be revealed today, no matter how many of us wish it otherwise. You may recognize this cat face as the logo on the back of a book. His name is Murray Slaughter, but we call him The Face because he looks just like Morris on a B&W TV. Murray rarely says anything. He is a very quiet kitty who minds his own business among our nine cats. Mum has always been the word with Murray.

Another meaning for this phrase applies to the many things that are about to happen on our television sets. Most of these things will offer little more than entertainment mixed with frustration. There are many powerful people out there in Cableland who want to make certain that the secret stays confined to only a tiny faction of the citizenry. There will be endless discussions of little consequence, while the only matter that really matters will be left ensconced in the silence. Lots of money will be made and many voices will be screaming for constant attention, but the secret will remain buried deeply in a sound of silence.

There is yet a third meaning for this phrase, one that I have mentioned often, no matter how few have listened. The sound of silence goes all the way to the top, or the bottom, depending on the way you choose to look at it. I think the more accurate secret is that it goes to the bottom of the media barrel. Although I began ranting that it began at the top a couple of years ago, most of you ignored my attempts to open your eyes. Lately however, I think most of you have come around to the strong possibility that the ominous source really is at the top. Now it is time for you to realize how deeply the secret is embedded at the lowest level.

A movie premiered recently, but it will not explain the secret. Two books have been released today that will also not explain the secret. You all are anxiously awaiting the release of a book that I also doubt will explain the secret, although it is likely to detail the low hanging fruit of the subject. You are all expecting a lot more from that book than you are going to see, particularly from a distribution and sales standpoint. Of course there will be a rabid level of preaching to the choir and every opportunity to utilize phrases such as investigative journalism, in-depth research, and proven facts will be displayed. That is not to say that that book will reveal much of anything we don't already know, and few who do not already know will actually give a rat's ass. The problem with that publication will be that it will only give you what you want, not what you need. You will revel in reading the very story you are so absolutely sure that you already know, but few outside the cults will care. Why will they not care? Simply because Cableland does not want them to care, and Cableland is God in this land of relentless greed, celebrity, and instant gratification. Cableland actually cares a lot about only one thing, that the masses of viewers and voters never learn the truth of Babygate.

There is only one book that tells you the whole truth, and it is yet another version of the best kept secret. This book was written not only for you Babygators, but for any and all Americans who are ready to open their eyes to the breadth of the madness. Do you want to slap-fight over the tacky details of bad behavior in a celebrity's past, or do you want to learn how our country got into this mess and how we can get out of it? Have you not yet figured out for yourself that even the lowest of the power-bloggers in this arena do not want you to read the information contained in this book? Cableland is not waiting for us to do their jobs for them for free. Cableland is waiting for us to give up and go away so the most important truth of all remains buried within the obsessive minds of a bunch of snarky bloggers and their cult followers. The motive for the scam must be exposed for all Americans to see. The problem seems to be that those who are not in it only for the money, are in it for the celebrity, and that is a shame our whole nation will eventually bear.


nancydrewed said...

Oh. Funny. Your kitty is posting at Laura Novak. It's really hard keeping time. :-)

Floyd, I wish you'd once again point people to the Juneau "sprint" video. Who can possibly swallow the PG story after seeing it? No person on the face of the planet who has ever been anywhere near pregnancy. Even pregnancy fueled by lattes and Red Bull. 

77TA66 said...

Very clever. You caught my wife playing games with our cat's name. She likes to toot her horn for me sometimes, and I am often a bit embarrassed by it! As for the Juneau video, the problem is that Lidia17, who made the wonderful tight edit for me, poo-poos the power of that clip! I think many women fighting for this issue feel as if they must own the concept. They have trouble letting men in on the secret, and this is precisely what that video does. It opens the eyes of men. I so totally agree with you as to the power of the Juneau Trot! I just wish some women would just get over it and try to spread the story to both sexes. Men vote, too.

Anonymous said...

Floyd, just a general post to say how much I've appreciated your blog, and your wisdom and insights on other blogs.  We are both Southerners of a certain age who "get" the bigger picture in a way no Yankee or younger generations will ever experience it.

What frightens me about the revelations we are currently getting is the "modified limited hang-out" that Nixon and co. (some of the same cast is still with us today) tried to pull in Watergate, and I'm still not at all sure that we know the deeper truths of that episode.

Although the ultimate motivations behind all of this is money and power, many intermediate motivations ("religious" fervor, racism) are mobilized in foreground.  I would like to know who the prime movers are and I have the usual suspects in mind (Murdoch, Koch(s), etc.) but then we need to look at the interests behind them and the intermediaries (Paxson, Graham, etc.).  Who are the lowest of the low and the highest of the high?

This is not just a Palin family drama; and it is a saga that we ignore at our national peril.  I'm going to post as anonymous this time.

nancydrewed said...

Floyd--please direct all the bright folks everywhere to the video clip once again. As my hubby does with his students, "tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them." That's how people learn and retain.

Love your wife -- every family needs its cheering section. You've done well. (And I'm pretty sure I know who Fred is. If I'm right, woo-hoo.)

77TA66 said...

Send me a private e-mail with who you think Fred is and I shall respond.

ThanksABunchJohn said...

Floyd, wow, what a tantalizing post.  I just bookmarked your blog after reading this post!  I wanted to come in and tell you I bought your book, Paradigm Shift, today on Kindle, and I am blown away already with your brilliant timeline!  I haven't even delved into the meat of the book, and I'm staying up too late..  Who would have thought a timeline would grip me like a knuckle-biting suspense novel, especially when I thought I already knew the plot?  The patterns are fascinating when laid out as you have done.  My only regret tonight is the need for sleep.  Kudos to you, I will spread the word!

77TA66 said...

Thank you so much for the kind words!