Sunday, July 4, 2010

Interdependence Day

Palin Babygate was created to keep us all reminded of The Big Picture. Here on this Independence Day 2010, following the post yesterday that I know many of you may have thought to be my last, I want to wrap up a few loose ends and reiterate a few basic concepts. All of us are interdependent on each other in ways we often forget. Yes, if certain events had not occurred yesterday, this might well have been my last post to Palin Babygate. Just as I had postulated earlier, without further information coming my way, there was very little else to say about The Fraud of the Millennium that had not already been repeatedly said. While the clouds dumped rain on the holiday weekend outside yesterday, the silver lining appeared inside.

The poll offered practically no surprises, even after Palinoscope's poll was factored into the results. The readers of this poll, and probably that one, too, are imagining two babies nicknamed Ruffles and Round Ear playing on the national stage as Trig Palin. Most of the time he has no speaking, or even moving, parts because he is most likely out to lunch on downers of some sort. I would even go so far as to say that the concept of a third actor playing Trig came about because Batwing Trig was seen at a stop on the book tour interacting with his fans at a level that had become unexpected for Round Ear. Whether or not it was even Batwing that was so interactive, whichever actor it was just happened to be off his meds at that time. In my opinion, there probably were few other factors involved in the inspiration for the launch of the Third Trig Theories. Now if the poll results had been different, with more emphasis on the concept of three Trigs, then I would still be offering substantial support to this theory. As it is, I am letting Batwing take a swan dive off my radar screen. As always, anyone is welcome to discuss the Third Trig Theory all they wish in the comments here, because we do not work to shut up or disparage other voices at Palin Babygate, but I am no longer holding my breath that three babies other than Tripp are involved in this greatest of all frauds.

There have been many questions and discussions concerning the possibility of Ruffles having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This theory will not so easily be banished from my concerns, not because I am an expert on the symptoms or causes of FAS, but because the analysis of motive is a key element of Palin Babygate. There are many other bloggers who are chasing photos and documents as if they are The Holy Grail, but that is not our purpose here at Palin Babygate. Our purpose is to analyze every sector of the fraud, including the years of background events that led up to this ultimate deception, as well as all possible motives, key players, and the powerful puppeteers hiding behind that heavy black curtain of warlike, conservative Christianity. If I remember correctly, I found photos online of the Palin brats and their pals swilling alcohol and smoking dope even before I heard about Babygate! Many of those still photos, bragging teenager blurbs, and video clips have long been banished from the internet, but even the National Enquirer carried a few of them as cover stories. If I had not been watching college kids on spring break and other news stories of the past few decades, I might find it difficult to believe what young drinkers are doing to their minds and bodies these days. Binge drinking is a real issue, even in Wasilla AK.

Imagine a place where it is just too damn cold to go outside much of the year. Imagine a place that is about an hour's drive to the nearest city, even if you are old enough to have a driver's license, or know somebody who does. There isn't much to do in this town when it's frozen like a popsicle. You know somebody who has some first class weed and somebody else with some of that legendary Wasilla meth. It's easy to talk that older pal into raiding the liquor store for you. Hell, let's party! Before you think this is a personal insult to Wasilla, remember that this scenario is being played out all over the USA, even in places on the West Coast, where the sun is shining and the beaches are not oily. Kids all over America are doing this and I do not know much that we can do to stop it. What I do know is that if you think babies are not being born with FAS all over the USA, you need to watch more news.

No, I am not saying that I think FAS is involved in Babygate because of any one factor. I am not even saying that I think it is definitively involved, but I am saying that FAS would be a motive I could believe. As far as the Two Babies Theory goes, it is probably my favorite. Some people are postulating twins and others dolls, but I think the possibility of FAS is far higher than those two. If the babies are unrelated, and FAS is not involved, then what was the motive? This is the major reason that I am keeping FAS on the table until it has been proven otherwise. You can show me all the documents and photos you wish, but that is not what I mean by proof. You can swear on a gaggle of flags that twins or dolls are involved, and that is not what I mean, either. If certain people tell me that they know unequivocally that FAS is not involved, then I shall remove it from my palette of possible scenarios. The key word here is certain people; who you are, not what papers and pictures you have analyzed on your computer. I mean no disrespect to anyone who is certain that twins or dolls are involved. You are always welcome to voice your opinion at Palin Babygate.

Interdependence is always present. It's like motives and opportunities, bribery and blackmail, FAS and Downs. Why, people, why? Why did an aggressive politician want to present herself as a new mother just as she stepped onto the national stage? We do not actually know whose idea the fake pregnancy was, do we? Of course the dingbat idea most likely sprouted from the dingbat's own brain, but we do not know this for a fact, do we? Exactly how far back do the strings of the puppeteers reach? Babygate in one way or another is just a continuation of the relationships with the witch doctor and Mark Chryson. It is an event that would be created decades after Curtis Menard, Jr., lived next door, and years after the Piper surprise. Babygate, for all time and all future seasons, will be the core value of Sarah Palin.

The cat picture above is one I have been waiting a year to use, because I think of the Wasilla Hillbillies every time I look at it. As I mentioned in the poll analysis, I really don't think any sort of despicable behavior commonly associated with hillbillies in the minds of many urban Americans is at the root of Babygate. I would love it if it is, but I am not holding my breath. You will not read any disparaging remarks about certain members of The Johnston Family here, either. They are just victims like the rest of us, only a lot closer to the sceechy sonic attack. Remember interdependence because there is a lot of it involved in Babygate. I try to keep the rocks out of my yard when I live in a glass house. Who else do you know in this Babygate Blogosphere who is without a speck of anonymity? Do you hear me, Sadie? Let's talk, curmudgeon grandfather to teenager.

Links to all the articles at Nonfiction in a Fictional Style (NIAFS) that are pertinent to Palin Babygate are now linked from this site in the left column. These were all published prior to the existence of Palin Babygate, in case you were wondering why they are at NIAFS instead of PB. If you visit one of these, just remember to hit the back button if you want to return to Palin Babygate; otherwise you will be roaming throughout the vast ozone of my main blog. By all means, feel free to browse while you're over there, just understand that the subject matter is quite a bit wider than it is here. The navigation down the left column works exactly the same as it does here at Palin Babygate.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You want to know if this blog is going to continue past this post. After a few unexpected contacts made yesterday, yes it is. I still do not have a cache of decently interesting new information to share about the Babygate fraud, but hope has definitely appeared out of the overcast skies from a distant, delicately orange horizon. I was about to think the madness was all in my head and the new dawn was never going to come. I have hope now, and the more of you that contact me, the more hope I shall have. We are all interdependent.


Clarissa said...

I dislike Palin profoundly (as you can find out from my blog) but from all the mass of information that I read I don't see an ounce of proof that Trig is not her baby. I mean, I'd love to see that proof but I simply don't. So she fibbed in her story about a heroic transcontinental flight while dripping amniotic fluid down her legs. All it means is that her waters didn't break in Texas but much later. So what?

So somebody called Mercedes posted some pictures of some baby and claimed it was Trig. So what? I can post pictures of my cat and claim it's Trig, you are going to believe those too? Who's to say this Mercedes (who evidently is no stranger to alcohol) wasn't drunk or stoned out of her head when she posted those pictures?

So Palin didn't look pregnant in her 7 month. So? That is extremely common (especially among thin women and especially as they get older). I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

Where is the proof, people?

Sally said...

Yes, where is the proof that Palin DID give birth to Trig? With all the lies and distortions that Palin has told, there is no way to believe that she did in fact give birth to Trig. Where's the proof that she did give birth?

Miz Linda said...

This is so disturbing. The "mass of information" irrefutably proves that the sociopath, Sarah Palin, did not have Trig.

It never fails to astonish me when mountains of data fail to convince people of the truth. Obviously, some just don't understand the importance of ferreting out sociopathic behavior and exposing it.

I commented elsewhere that if Hillary Clinton suddenly said she was seven months pregnant, everyone would KNOW that she had lost her mind. That's important news. I'm a fan of Hillary's, but I would KNOW that she wouldn't be fit for office if she tried to float that kind of absurdity/insanity/hoax. Therefore, it's not really about the baby. It's about Sarah Palin being a Sociopath with power. Now, where have we read about that before?!

And, as far as proof that she did give birth to Trig, we just can't ask someone to prove something they want to lie about. It's crazy talk. The shift from "innocent until proven guilty" is anathema to our democracy and our laws.

Those who make accusations have the duty to prove them. The accused, in this case Palin, doesn't have to do anything other than what she continues to do--obfuscate, spin more plates, wave shiny things before the mob and wink a lot.

Oh, and one more thing. Try hiding a 6lb bowling ball in your pants when you only weigh 120lbs. Ha. Absolutely not possible.

Sally said...

Yes, where is the proof that Palin DID give birth to Trig? With all the lies and distortions that Palin has told, there is no way to believe that she did in fact give birth to Trig. Where's the proof that she did give birth?