Friday, July 9, 2010

What Sort of Person Reads Palin Babygate?

Back in the good old days of the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties, Playboy Magazine ran a long series of self-promotional ads with the title What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? This was a very clever ad campaign, mentioning one or more elements prevalent in the fantasized Playboy lifestyle, usually with an attractive lady in soft focus in the background. The stuff in the foreground ranged from classic cars, sports cars, and motorcycles to elegant tuxedos and exquisitely styled stereo gear, or hi-fi as it was called in those days. Now if we know nothing else, we know the fantasy baseball player pictured here is not what sort of person reads Palin Babygate! I call this photo Tiny Bat, Giant Batty. Can you think of a better caption for it?

Most of the PB readers probably are women, or ladies, to be more precise. Many of them are most likely real nerds, not hillbillies trying to impersonate librarians. I would expect the education level and the IQ of most PB readers to be quite high, far above the norm, at least far beyond that of any cadre of Palinbots. Do these ladies represent The Cultural Elite? I certainly hope so! I want my readers to be as informed and literate as possible. I am sure some of the readers are baseball fans and some are football fans, but I doubt that any of them would be caught dead wearing fancy makeup or sporting manicured nails or flashy jewelry on a fishing trip. This is not meant to exclude the male readership in any way; I just think the whole Babygate phenomenon attracts more women than men with its outlandish Wild Ride and The Guiding Light of Wasilla.

The average PB reader may have discovered this blog from a link that I may have placed elsewhere on the net, but the return visitors most likely arrived on their own power. Few other blogs display the link to Palin Babygate in their blog lists. The better known the anti-Palin blog, the less likely a link to PB can be found there. Of course the silver lining of this is that few of the Palinbots ever find this little cultural elite hideout, either, so we have few spammers to delete or trolls to ignore. It's all sociocultural theory and all civil discourse here at Palin Babygate. There are no ads, no pleading for donations, no mugs or t-shirts hawked, and most of all, no unnecessary promotional brainwashing. No story is ever exclusive; nothing is ever provocative; and there are no video clip reruns from YouTube or elsewhere to clog up your downloads or assault your ears with the screech of The Skinny Northern She-Owl. You can read it with your own eyes here: it's just all Babygate all the time.

Why do the readers come here where there is no breaking news nor pages of secret documents exposed? I think, and I hope, they come here for the quality of the material, the openness of thought, the unexpected avenues to explore and ponder. The women and men who read Palin Babygate are probably a cut above even those masses who read the more popular blogs. These are ladies and gentlemen who instinctively know without being told to leave their snark, if they had any in the first place, at the door when they enter PB. This is the blog where we have only one agenda, to stop the madness that has enveloped our once intelligent nation. We used to be proud of our intelligence. Now a tacky woman with a small bat and a big ball has fed America's particular brand of psychosis like the invasion of a MRSA bug. The smart people do not want to just knock her out of the political ballpark or make a double play by naming her promiscuous daughter as a double mom. We want to stop the whole diabolical system of preplanned insanity and clean out the infection once and for all. The readers of PB are the deeply progressive thinkers of our time. If more Americans were seriously intelligent thinkers like the readers of Palin Babygate, we would not all be trapped on this cruise to oblivion with Gopher trying to take the helm away from Captain Stubing!


Ginger said...

It's not just about being smart, Floyd. I think some people are more intuitive than others. And, maybe they have had similar experiences.

I've noticed on some blogs, the people believe everything the bloggers say. They think they have inside information and their theory is the right one. However, they provide no evidence.

The only piece of evidence I've seen since researching this saga, is the MSNBC e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., dated May 21, 2008. I wish you had it listed on the left under e-mail.

No one I know wants to talk about babygate. Some like Sarah...some don't. Whenever anyone here brings up something sensitive, you ask us to send you an e-mail. How does that encourage others to contribute their thoughts?

You have a great blog here and I visit every day hoping to hear what other people think.

Thanks for your efforts!

Floyd M. Orr said...

The only reason I encourage readers to contact me privately is that Gryphen is right about a lot of the material being too sensitive to certain people. I never stop anyone from speaking their minds in the comments, but for the last time, Ginger, you are obsessed with a single piece of what you define as evidence. There are other blogs where you can obsess about single pieces of evidence all you wish, but here at PB, we consider everything within the context of The Big Picture.

littlebear said...

you sure don't like the PB fans very much...

Floyd M. Orr said...

I think you are confusing PB with PG, little bear.

Smurfboots said...

The biggest problem with the comments is probably that a glitch in Blogger allows one to get lost in the ozone occasionally.

heidi1 said...

Smurfboots - here's what I've been able to figure out about leaving comments here. I've lost plenty of posts before I found this method: Before you compose your post, SIGN IN down below, as if you're first setting up a Google account. Make sure the name showing is the one you want to appear on the screen when you post. I've also noticed that if you get "most" of Google's coded letters correct, you'll get in.

JoJo said...

Hello Palin Babygaters! My name is JoJo and I've been reading this blog for quite awhile now.

Being from the Wasilla/Anchorage area most of my life, I can testify that lifestyle described in the Mat-Su Valley in many blogs is very accurate.

You don't find many PhDs living in the great frontier. Okay, try high school graduates. Nerds and people of higher intelligence are not welcome. If you're not pregnant and unmarried by the time you're 16, dropped out of high school, or don't have a couple of DUIs under your belt, you're probably not going to make it there. You truly are a fish out of water.

Several of my family members know the Palins through their form of employment. Their stories are very interesting to me because I know very well how Sarah operates because well...I just know. Been there, done that.

What is very disturbing is Sarah's sociopathic personality in that, in her mind, she WILL be the next president. Watch the movie 'Idiocracy" and you will understand.

The lies, the fake pregnancies, the everything Sarah, is so familiar to me that what I don't understand is why so many people believe in her. Is our society really that dumbed-down? Must be.

Thanks for the blog Frank. You're doing great and are on the right track.