Sunday, May 3, 2009

New E-book Versions

The special sale prices of the Kindle versions of my four books ended Friday, so the regular price of $4.80 each is back in effect. The Last Horizon: Feminine Sexuality & The Class System and Timeline of America: Sound Bytes from the Consumer Culture have just been released at Smashwords. This means that these two books are now available in any digital book format. Horizon is priced at $2.99 and Timeline at $3.99.

has been restored to its original, pre-release format with line spacing between every year in the timelines. These spaces had been deleted in the original paperback version for the sole purpose of holding the page count and the cover price of the paperback as low as possible. (Amazon just recently reduced the price of the Timeline paperback from $21.95 to $19.75.) The 300 pages of the paperback version are very tightly packed with a Size 11 font and a word count well over 100,000. If the new electronic version was in printed form, it would be at least 400 pages, and possibly closer to 500. See what I meant by Godzilla stuffed into a briefcase? When the Kindle price was returned to $4.80, the new, more spacious version was uploaded, so all future buyers of the Kindle version, even from Amazon, will receive the easier to read edition.

My two earlier books, Plastic Ozone Daydream and Ker-Splash, will become available in all electronic formats at Smashwords soon.

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