Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Diabolical Plan

Listen up, ladies and gentlemen. Here is the straight story as I believe it to be. This article is about Babygate, Babygate, and nothing but the Babygate. The photo at right is of President George Bush, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty and three other guys in Washington DC on 2/25/08. Notice that seating cards are placed in front of them, so this seating arrangement was no accident. The event is one of several meetings of the Republican Governors held during the week of 2/22/08 through 2/28/08. These dates and events are covered in The Babygate Timeline in Paradigm Shift, as well as many key issues that occurred in the week prior and after this February week in Washington.This story is so convoluted and detailed, and there were so many individual details and decisions made in this crucial time of which we may never be fully aware, that I feel that I once again must state a review before proceeding further.

1. Anyone outside the creators of the plan who claim to KNOW are only kidding themselves.

2. I have lived in The South all my life and I am no spring chicken. I have had decades to observe exactly how the CINO's (Christians In Name Only) think and operate.

3. I simply do not buy the concept that the big Palin secret is that her teenage daughter had a baby out of wedlock. This is not The Fifties and these are not real Christians we are talking about. Even if the bad joke is that she lied to her supporters, she could have still fallen back on the supporting her daughter and sympathy meme no matter how it all went down.

4. This is why I have been sure from the beginning that the conceptualization of the Trig is Bristol's meme has been a scam or con utilized to baffle us all into accepting the bullshit.

5. Babygate nor The Palin Phenomenon nor The Palin Matrix could have happened at an earlier time. America had to dig itself deeply into this delusional economic hole before such a fraud could be successfully carried out. This is why, in order to explain the story in a truly complete manner, Paradigm Shift had to be so detailed and convoluted.

6. We know that Bristol began disappearing in late 2007. Although we know some of the details of these various no-shows, we do not know the complete origin or intent of this part of the story. We were never privy to the personal conversations that occurred within The Palin Family.

7. We know there were many machinations behind the scenes to prep Sarah for the VP slot. These have of course been detailed in the book. Some of the material I am including here was not included.

8. I have always felt that the Walk Around Juneau video shot on 2/13/08 has been disregarded by too many Babygators in deference to certain key still photos taken a little later in March. I think the way Sarah moves, as opposed to looks, is more important. I also think it is a truer psychological blind test for this video to have been shot before the Babygate plot had been officially unleashed.

9. Has it occurred to any of you how little has been done to stop the still photos from March 2008 from spreading all over the Internet? If the other side did not want these photos to be available, why was Palin's Deceptions left in place? This thought has haunted me for years.

10. Why was The Palinbrat Circus unleashed on us? I have always thought the concept of red herrings and deliberate cons and distractions was the answer.

There was an e-mail exchange on 2/20/08 that many of you have probably seen, but I did not discuss it in my book. (I would post the original document here now, but I do not have time to learn how to embed a PDF in a blog post.) The important point is that Governor Rick Perry, representing the RGA, extends a personal invitation to the governors to attend an affair presented by John McCain immediately prior to the RGA meeting and the Gala event with President Bush on 2/25/08, as shown above. Another photo taken that same day is shown below. As stated in the email message, John McCain was the special guest of the governors at the Statesman dinner on Saturday 2/23/08 and President Bush was the guest of honor at his final RGA dinner two days later. Keep in mind that Tim Pawlenty, and many political power brokers among the Republican establishment, thought at this time that Pawlenty was at the top of the list for the upcoming VP nomination. Note that Pawlenty is right next to Bush in the outside photo and Palin is on the front row (while at least one other pretty lady is not, in case you were thinking that was the reason). Note that Rick Perry is in the back.

In case some of you would like to see it, here is a cropped and blown up shot of SP from this lineup:

You can match the outfits worn by both Bush and Palin and see that these shots were obviously taken the same day. You can also see that the large posed photo included Democratic governors, while the affair pictured at the top included Republicans only. You can't miss Eliot Spitzer two shoulders left of Pawlenty. Sarah is wearing her usual uniform of all-black with a bright blue scarf. Make of that whatever you will, ladies.

The point I am trying to make, as I have presented from several other angles in my book and blog, is that the Repubs were undoubtedly grooming Sarah for the VP slot by the time of these photos and events, at the very latest! When exactly did the process begin? I do not know. When exactly was the plot hatched to involve Bristol? I do not know. Some of you might surmise that she was not yet aware of the Babygate plan when she walked around Juneau on 2/13/08, but here she is wearing her scarf on 2/25/08, so she must have begun the plot by the time of these photos. To make a long story short, I am a man and fashion bores me silly, so I don't care. That is a job I shall leave up to you ladies. Was the plan hatched by 2/25/08? I would say a definite maybe. Was John McCain her already established doorman to national politics? Absolutely. Was Rick Perry privy to some of this stuff? I would say that is a strong probability. Tim Pawlenty was simply clueless. As Geoffrey Dunn explains on Page 190 of The Lies of Sarah Palin, six months after the events detailed in this post, Tim Pawlenty would learn that he was not McCain's running mate from a Fox newscast. They didn't even have the decency to tell him in person! I have never felt more sympathy for Tim Pawlenty than I did when I read that passage. It would now be quite fitting if he becomes Mitt's choice.

As detailed as Paradigm Shift is, a number of issues were omitted just because I could never quite find enough verification. Some of these include the Bud Paxson and Vicki Iseman story and Sarah's attendance at a CNP meeting, most likely in 2007. The problem with the former is that although we know a lot of the public story, we have little verification that Paxson actually blackmailed McCain into selecting Palin. The problem with the CNP is of course the organization's relentless control and secrecy. We know that McCain addressed the Council for National Policy soon after his winning the nomination and we know that most of the CNP members were not happy with McCain's policies, even after he tried to sweet talk them with his speech. After McCain selected Palin, the CNP called a special meeting to discuss her future as the VP candidate and they were thrilled. One of the secrets is that this was far from the first time they had heard of Sarah Palin. As I have stated earlier, the presentation of McCain operatives searching the Internet in August 2008 in the movie Game Change may not have been a lie, but it certainly was not the whole truth and nothing but the truth! At some point after a guest list for a CNP meeting escaped its control, the CNP clamped down much tighter on its secretive, controlling behavior. Like the possibility that Rick Perry offered Sarah Palin the free use of his private jet at the RGA meeting in Grapevine TX on 4/17/08, the attendance of Sarah at a CNP meeting a year or more before most of us heard of her is also a strong, but undocumented possibility.

I believe that Babygate was a very complex scam. I believe that multiple babies were involved, although the precise number of individuals who know the details might be very small. I think there was so much sloppiness involved in the early stages, just because the procedure began in far-away, isolated Alaska, that Babygate began with a stumble and wound up being the biggest forced march in American political history. I think that at a key point in late August 2008, a very powerful Republican operative declared, "Fine... let 'em think that." Because Babygate had begun at least six months prior, they knew they would never be successful in silencing the story completely, so they decided to contain it. What better way to pull off this trick of the mind than to let the media think they had discovered a political secret, one that was too personal to be exploited? The media in this case refers to CNN down to the blogs. The big shots were easily controlled with promises of big salaries in the future, as detailed in "The Blockade" in Paradigm Shift. The little guys were more of a challenge, but what the hell, they were the little guys! And so the circus came to town, bringing Levi and Piper instead of elephants and clowns.

No one cares if you call Sarah Palin a stupid idiot or a compulsive liar. Just don't call her a cunning politician who wormed her way into The Southern Strategy and Tim LaHaye's monster profit machine called Left Behind. Let me close with a direct quote from Wikipedia on its CNP page: "(The CNP) was founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye as a forum for conservative Christians seeking to strengthen the political right in the United States." Sarah was never protecting Bristol, who is most likely not the mother of Trig, and Levi is probably not his dad, either. Neither the Republican nor the mainstream media have been protecting Sarah Palin. They have been protecting the CNP and their ultimate political takeover of the U.S. by the Christian Dominionists. The babies have been holding their little fingers in the dike, plugging the leak that could expose the biggest, darkest fraud ever perpetrated on the American citizenry purely for political gain.


Bobcat Logic said...

I'm with you Floyd.

What kind of evidence would help you with the Paxson, Iseman, McCain story?  There is a lot out there.

Strong circumstantial evidence, as with Babygate, but still compelling.  Have you looked into Paxson's previous black-ops missions for the GOP?

77TA66 said...

I'm with you, Bobcat. The problem with this issue is not knowing that McCain was actually blackmailed by Paxson. In a similar fashion, I suspect that one of the powerful CNP members likely put the bug into Palin's ear that if she were to birth a DS child, then the CNP would get 100% behind her. This could have been done with a nod and a wink, like we know how to find one for you, or it could have been that the CNP thought Trig was actually hers, at least in the beginning. There is so much of this that we shall never be able to definitively prove.

Bobcat Logic said...


I must say it disappoints me that no one else seems willing or able to comment on this  post. 

I think that when Palin indicated (according to Meagain over at IM) that you, Floyd, were closer to the reality of the Trig hoax than anyone else, that the Diabolical Plan by the GOP/CNP,  described above, was what she had in mind.  But no one else seems to want to touch this aspect of the story.

77TA66 said...

 I could not agree more, Bobcat!

Bobcat Logic said...

Just like to offer a few links from the past that may help get people interested.

McCain Lobbyist's Plane Flew Saudi Royals After 9/ 27, 2008 – The Saudi Royal party made good their escape from Las Vegas on an .... Saudi Royals actually belonged to Vicki's boss, Lowell “Bud” Paxson, ...John McCain's Sweet Ride: Lobbyist's Plane Flew Saudi Royals ...Feb 27, 2008 – The 727 that ferried both John McCain and Saudi Royals actually be- longed to Vicki's boss, Lowell “Bud” Paxson, whose Paxson Communica- ...Comments on: Judge Green Lights Gitmo War Crime Trials - CBS 727 that ferried both John McCain and Saudi Royals actually belonged to Vicki%u2019s boss, Lowell %u201CBud%u201D Paxson, whose Paxson ...John McCain sweet ride: Lobbyist's plane flew Saudi Royals after 3, 2008 – John McCain sweet ride: Lobbyist's plane flew Saudi Royals after 9-11. ... turning to Paxson Communications, a “Christian broadcaster” which ...J.McCain's sweet ride:lobbyist's plane flew Saudi royals after posts - 1 author - Mar 1, 2008J.McCain's sweet ride:lobbyist's plane flew Saudi royals after 9-11, Topic ... Inc., turning to Paxson Communications, a “Christian broadcaster” ...- Lobbyist's Plane Flew Saudi Royals after‎ - Feb 28, 2008TheNeuschwabenlandTimes : Message: -<Return of SHEIKS on ...‎ - Aug 1, 2007More results from »J.McCain's sweet ride:lobbyist's plane flew Saudi royals ... - 1, 2008 – J.McCain's sweet ride:lobbyist's plane flew Saudi royals after 9-11, Topic ... turning to Paxson Communications, a “Christian broadcaster” which ...McCain's Lobbyist flew the Saudis out the country after 911- Paxon › Discuss16 posts - 15 authors - Jan 16McCain's Lobbyist flew the Saudis out the country after 911- Paxon ... during his Presidential run in 2000 also flew Saudi Royals out of the U.S. ...The Double-Talk Express! Broadcaster Paxson Says McCain ...‎ - Feb 23, 2012Why did christian broadcaster (Paxson Com. aka ION) charter ...‎ - Feb 29, 2008More results from »The DIRT on John McCain - the Gook Hunter [Archive] - Vanguard › ... › News & Discussion › General DiscussionMar 5, 2008 – The Saudi Royal party made good their escape from Las Vegas on an airliner ... Royals actually belonged to Vicki's boss, Lowell “Bud” Paxson, ...

Bobcat Logic said...

Sorry that last comment with the links got so chopped up and illegible.  But it still contains good info, for those willing to do some work.

nancydrewed said...

Not to be paranoid, but all of those links are broken or removed. Hmm.

Bobcat Logic said...

Do a Google search using the terms "Paxson jet and the Saudis" and most of the links will come up (I just tried it).

Then do a search using the terms Paxson, Iseman, McCain"  Then add the term Paxson's jet again.  It's all there. 

Bobcat Logic said...

And to continue...


1. Paxson and swift-boating of John Kerry

2. Paxson and Bush's primary battle against McCain

3. Paxson contradicts McCain's testimony

As far as I can tell, Paxson is not listed as a member of CNP, but his religious inclinations are certainly with them.

Also, Paxson has a long and major history of jerking John McCain around.

nancydrewed said...

Thanks. Yes, the whole story can be pieced together. 

Disgustingly cynical, all of it. And it's definitely way past time to disallow use of the phrase 'conservative Christian' which gives cover to the whole shabby enterprise. It's neither conservative, nor Christian. It's about wealth and power accumulation, nothing more. Also smacking the DFH sixties around one last time. 

Bobcat Logic said...

Agreed!  These people have "weaponized" religion.

77TA66 said...

They have "weaponized" religion. That is an excellent way to say it, Bobcat! I shall have to remember that. The degree to which this post has been ignored is beginning to make me think you have been right all along with the concept that Me Again was speaking of the CNP. I had been accepting the simpler explanation, that it was the discussion of multiple babies that made Sarah nervous. Of course my point has always been that one concept actually led to the other, but someone certainly seems to not want us to publicly discuss Babygate in this context.

Leah Burton said...

We may never know the truth behind babygate and honestly....the further Palin fades into our rear-view mirrors the less likely anyone will care. Having said that, your points about the CNP involvement are as important today as they were with the machinations behind choosing Palin as McCain's VP. 

The CNP is a "think-tank" club of Christian Dominionists and the membership list is quite extensive. This link offers us the best look at who is involved in this exclusive secret club.

Curiouser said...

Floyd, Could you please point me to the source for how "we know that Bristol began disappearing in late 2007".  


77TA66 said...

Unfortunately at this point in time, I cannot give you what you want. Some of these changes of location for Bristol are listed in The Babygate Timeline in the book on Page 86. I am in the process of changing my computer system from XP with an older version of Firefox to the new 64-bit Windows 7 and a newer version of Firefox. I currently have some older bookmarks on the subject of Babygate in my old hard drive that I have as yet been able to coax into reloading into my new system.

Back in 2008, I read many online articles, blog posts, and other timelines concerning this particular subject. Some included photos of Bristol supposedly in one location or another. Most of the questionable locations involved whether or not she was in Anchorage, Wasilla, Juneau, or certain other Alaskan locales on particular dates, and where and when exactly she was attending school during the late-2007 and early-2008 time frame. My reference in #6 above is meant to convey the point that there are several questionable issues involved. The only thing we know for certain is that she left the Juneau school system prematurely, but the reasons published have varied with the sources quoted.

Curiouser said...

Thanks for responding and for including the Palin's Deception link.  I
suspect you meant to say Bristol left the Anchorage school system
early.  It appears that way but I'd shy away from using the word
'certainty' without definitive documentation. 

There's some newer, related information that may not have made it into your timeline:

Sept 27  '07 email from Sarah to Ivy Frye (#18897): "Ps.  Try to talk
Bree into coming with me to Juneau at semester.  She can get a job
there, right?  She wants $  i want her in Juneau,  she can get tips
somewhere serving coffee, right?" 

Feb. 2 '08 email from Anchorage West High principal Rick Stone (#11803)
thanking Sarah for attending the school 're-opening' function and hoping
Bristol was enjoying the school. 

A photo of Bristol at the Feb. 15 '08 Go Red luncheon discovered by Palinoia a few months ago.

77TA66 said...

A little footnote: I have little doubt that Bristol and Levi produced a baby together long before 4/18/08. I just do not think that baby is the same baby the world knows as Trig.